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33. Vital statistics

3302.0.55.001Life expectancy improvements in Australia over the last 125 years (Feature Article), 2014-2016
3303.0.55.004COVID-19 Mortality (Feature Article), Jan-Mar 2020
3310.0Marriage and Divorce in Australia (1998) (Feature Article), 1998
3310.0Same-Sex Marriage in Australia - A 2018 Snapshot (Feature Article), 2017
3311.1Fertility in New South Wales (1999) (Feature Article), 1999
3311.1.55.001Fertility in New South Wales (Feature Article), 2004 Final
3311.1.55.001Young People and Migration in New South Wales (Feature Article), 2003
3311.4.55.001Deaths of South Australian Baby Boomers (Feature Article), 2002
3311.5Fertility and family in Western Australia (Feature Article), 2000
3311.5.55.001Fertility Trends in Western Australia (Feature Article), 2004 Final