1316.3 - Statistical Update Queensland (Newsletter), Mar 2006  
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 09/03/2006   
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Statistical Developments
All Data on the ABS Web Site Now Free
The ABS Web Site Has Been Redesigned
Queensland Regional Profiles 2005
Rural and Regional Statistics IDP Now Available

Indigenous Statistics
State Indigenous Manager for Census 2006
Census Analysis Conference 2006
Faster than a Speeding Bullet - eCensus 2006
Census Recruitment

Selected Recent and Expected Releases (January to March 2006)
Data Smart for Queenslanders
ABS Qld Contact Points

Statistical Developments

All Data on the ABS Web Site Now Free

All ABS data on the ABS web site may now be downloaded free of charge.

ABS publications may be available in .HTML or .PDF form. Data cubes in Excel and SuperTable are also free. When you open the Details tab of a product there will be an Adobe (.PDF) file and/or an Excel or SuperTable file with a link ‘Download now’. Clicking on this will immediately download the file to your computer.

If you need assistance to find material on the web site, the National Information and Referral Service (NIRS) of the ABS, which can be contacted on 1300 135 070, can help you.

Subscriptions for both hard copy and email-delivered publications ceased on 1 July 2005. Existing subscriptions for hard copy are being allowed to run their course, but no new subscriptions or renewals are being accepted. Clients with existing hard copy subscriptions can choose to cancel them, for a full refund of the unused portion, if they would prefer to download the publications for free from the ABS web site.

Clients who want hard copy publications can still obtain them from the ABS by ordering them on line using a credit card.

More detailed information than that published on the ABS web site will continue to be charged under the pricing policy of the ABS. Services such as customised information consultancies and training also will still continue to be charged.

The ABS free email notification service is the only remaining subscription service for standard ABS publications. This service notifies you by email when your nominated publications are released, and you will receive links to our web site so that you can download them, for free, on their day of release. You can alter your subscription details, or unsubscribe to the service, at any time.

You can subscribe to the email notification service by following the prompts from the ABS home page, or by using the URL www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/notifications.nsf.

For further information, please contact the ABS National Information and Referral Service (NIRS) on 1300 135 070 or email client.services@abs.gov.au.

The ABS Web Site Has Been Redesigned

In January 2006 the ABS released a new look web site which enhances accessibility and usage.

In the new web site design, statistical products can now be viewed by catalogue number, release date, topic (such as economy, labour force) or title. All the release components have been brought together into a series of tabs representing different types of information about the release. The interface consists of five tabbed pages as shown below.

Summary Tab
Contains a short description of the data, comments and analysis of the statistical data, and any media releases or feature articles.
Details Tab
Contains access to the Publication, Time Series Spreadsheets and Data Cubes.
Explanatory Notes Tab
Contains supporting information such as Abbreviations, the Glossary, the Explanatory Notes and Technical Notes.
Related Information Tab
Contains a list of links to similar statistical data.
Past & Future Releases Tab
Contains details about when the data will be published in the future, a list of previous publication dates and when the data was first published.

A ‘Latest National Statistics Headlines’ box has been added to the ABS web site home page. This box displays headlines mainly about Main Economic Indicators (MEI) and some non-economic figures such as population.

Development of capabilities for interactive data manipulation of 2006 Census data is progressing well. The ABS plans to have Census 2001 data available through these tools in the first quarter of 2007.

The ABS web site currently provides a news feed and an email notification service to notify users of statistical releases. Developments are currently under way to expand the information available through these channels and allow users greater choice of the information received.

For further information contact our National Information and Referral Service on 1300 135 070 or client.services@abs.gov.au.

Queensland Regional Profiles 2005

The Queensland Regional Profiles 2005 (QRP 2005) were released on the ABS website on 1 December 2005. These profiles replace the annual Regional Statistics, Queensland (cat. no. 1362.3) product, which has been published by the ABS since 1999. To locate the profiles on the ABS web site, select Themes / Queensland / Queensland Regional Profiles 2005.

Like the Regional Statistics, Queensland publications, the QRP 2005 compares Queensland local government areas (LGAs) within their respective statistical divisions (SDs). They are designed to provide a regional, rather than time-based (as in the 2005 NRP) comparison of the data.

The profiles were produced using the most recently available ABS and non-ABS data collections and illustrate the wide diversity of regional Queensland. Topics include: demography, labour force, income and income support, building approvals, new motor vehicle sales, agricultural production, local government finances, tourism, single location businesses, schools and students, housing and motor vehicle census.

For further information contact Richard Parker on 07 3222 6247 or richard.parker@abs.gov.au.

Rural and Regional Statistics IDP Now Available

An Information Development Plan for Rural and Regional Statistics - Information Paper: Regional Research in Australia - the Statistical Dimension: an Information Development Plan for Rural and Regional Statistics (cat. no. 1362.0) - was released by the ABS on 11 January 2006.

The plan was developed by identifying user information needs for the purposes of regional research and policy analysis and presents recommendations on areas requiring additional statistical information.

The recommendations cover both economic and social issues. They have been endorsed by the Advisory Group to the ABS Rural and Regional Statistics National Centre and will guide the future work of the ABS Regional Statistics program over the next three years. The plan clearly establishes where the ABS and other major suppliers of data can, in collaboration, make inroads into improved availability of regional statistics.

For further information contact Andrea Woods on 08 8237 7368 or andrea.woods@abs.gov.au.


The 2006 Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC 2006) was jointly developed by the ABS and Statistics New Zealand to improve the comparability of industry statistics between the two countries and with the rest of the world.

It reflects the outcome of a substantial review of the 1993 edition of the classification, which included extensive consultation with internal and external users and alignment with the upcoming revision of the International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC, Revision 4). Consequently it provides a more contemporary and internationally comparable industrial classification system.

ANZSIC 2006 is available on the ABS web site. Support tools such as the class change table, index of primary activities, hierarchical structure and correspondences are also available on the ABS Web site. A new feature of ANZSIC 2006 is the availability of a search function on the ABS web site. Users can now type in keywords and a list of possible ANZSIC codes with activity description will be displayed.

For more information, contact the National Information and Referral Service (NIRS) on 1300 135 070 or email client.services@abs.gov.au.

Indigenous Statistics

State Indigenous Manager for Census 2006

The ABS is working hard to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are not missed out in the Census count on 8 August 2006. To help ensure these groups are properly counted, each state and territory will have a State Indigenous Manager (SIM) located in their Census Management Unit. These people will devise special strategies to ensure a full and accurate Indigenous count is achieved.

In Queensland, Dena Dodd-Ugle has been appointed as the SIM, and she will work with eight regional Indigenous Census Field Officers (CFOs) to improve the response and quality of data collected as part of the Census.

The CFOs will build and maintain networks in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations to ensure Indigenous people are prepared and ready to participate in the Census.

The SIMs and CFOs have busy times ahead, with 2001 Census data revealing 112,772 people in Queensland identified themselves as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

For further information contact Dena Dodd-Ugle on 07 3222 6406 or dena.dodd-ugle@abs.gov.au.

Census Analysis Conference 2006

Call for Interest: Research Papers and Attendees

On 18 and 19 July 2006 the Australian Bureau of Statistics will hold a Census Analysis Conference. Researchers interested in presenting papers or people wishing to attend the conference are invited to register their interest.

The conference is primarily designed to raise awareness of the analytical and research capabilities of Census data while at the same time informing users about the 2006 Census. It will also influence the ABS Census output program, particularly those components which support research use.

The broad topics for this year’s conference are Demographic, Social, Labour, and Economic statistics, and the ABS is calling on experienced researchers and analysts to speak about their research and experience with Census data within these topics. Papers do not necessarily need to be original or unpublished, just relevant research using Census data. A number of invited guest speakers will also present papers.

All papers will be published on the ABS web site and will be compiled on a CD for attendees.

Conference Details

Date/Time: Monday 17 July, Cocktail party and Registration - 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Tuesday 18 to Wednesday 19 July, Conference - 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Tuesday 18 July, Conference dinner - 7:00 p.m.

Venue: Rydges Lakeside Hotel, Canberra City.

Cost: There is no cost to attend the conference, with morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch being provided. The dinner on the Tuesday night is at a cost of $50 per person (does not include drinks).

Maximum number of attendees: 200

The conference is still in the planning stage but if you are interested in presenting a paper or attending the conference please register your interest with Victoria Allen on 02 6252 5200 or victoria.allen@abs.gov.au who will then keep you updated as information is available.

Faster than a Speeding Bullet - eCensus 2006

Census 2006 will see the launch of eCensus - an interactive web-based version of the Census form. This is a first for Australia and one of the first of its kind in the world. The eCensus allows people to complete their Census form via the internet. It will be extremely beneficial for those living in remote or difficult to access areas.

The eCensus forms are similar to the paper version of the Census and contain the same questions, answer options, and examples found in the original forms. The eCensus can be accessed via the Internet on most commonly used computer systems.

The eCensus is very secure. The level of security for the eCensus is similar to that for internet banking and the e-Tax program which is used by half a million Australians each year. The eCensus form uses the strongest encryption technology that a standard browser will support. Data provided via the eCensus is treated with the same degree of confidentiality that is given to paper Census forms and will be processed then destroyed in the same way.

People who provide information via the eCensus will not be required to fill out paper forms. Upon submission of an eCensus form, the eRegister will be updated to show that an online submission has been made, by recording the Census Form Number and the date of submission. The Collecter will then receive an SMS or a voicemail message advising that an Internet return has been received, removing the need to return to collect the paper form.

It is anticipated that around 10% of the population will choose to use an eCensus form. Anyone experiencing difficulties can select an online help option or call the eCensus help line.

For further information contact the Queensland Census Management Unit on 1800 159 205.

Census Recruitment

The ABS advertising campaign for Census 2006 recruitment will target 191 rural and regional newspapers in order to obtain over 7,700 Census workers. More than 700 Area Supervisors, 5,000 General Collectors and 2,000 Special Collectors will be employed to help distribute and retrieve Census forms.

A recruitment drive for Area Supervisors began with newspaper advertisements appearing across Australia from 10 February 2006 and Internet advertisements appearing on www.seek.com.au on 11 February 2006. The Recruitment Call Centre started operation on 10 February at 8.30 a.m. The number is 1300 CENSUS (1300 236 787). Applicants are able to apply on-line or by telephoning the Recruitment Call Centre which will take the callers details. Applicants can request a paper application form from the call centre if required.

Internet application forms are available from the ABS web site www.abs.gov.au/recruitment. There are also links from the ABS home page and the Census page.

A second prong of the ABS advertising campaign - for Collector positions - will commence on 8 April 2006 with another nationwide advertising campaign. As for Area Supervisors, applicants will be able to apply on-line or by telephoning a call centre that will take the callers details. Applicants will be able to request a paper application form from the call centre if required.

For further information contact Belinda Zordan on 07 3222 6464 or belinda.zordan@abs.gov.au.


Selected Recent and Expected Releases (January to March 2006)

All ABS publications are free to download from the ABS web site. To inquire about release dates please contact the National Information and Referral Service on 1300 135 070 or email client.services@abs.gov.au.

General Publications
1211.0 NEWResearch Paper: Data Communication - Emerging International Trends and Practices of the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2006
1292.0Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC) 2006
1301.0Year Book Australia 2006
1352.0.55.070 NEWResearch Paper: Estimation Methodologies Using Taxation Data for ABS Business Surveys (Methodology Advisory Committee), June 2005
1352.0.55.072 NEWResearch Paper: A Review of Confidentiality Protections for Statistical Tables (Methodology Advisory Committee), June 2005
1362.0 NEWInformation Paper: Regional Research in Australia - the Statistical Dimension: an Information Development Plan for Rural and Regional Statistics 2005
1399.0 NEWDiscussion paper: ABS Pricing Policy Review Outcomes - Public Consultation 2006
2903.0How Australia Takes a Census 2006
4651.0Land Management: Fitzroy and Livingstone Shires Queensland 2004-2005
Social Publications
3107.0.55.003 NEWInformation Paper: Improved Methods for Estimating Net Overseas Migration 2006
3218.0Regional Population Growth, Australia 2004-05
3303.0Causes of Death, Australia 2004
3309.0.55.001Suicides: Recent Trends, Australia 1994 to 2004
3311.0.55.001 FINALDemography, Australia 2004 Final
3311.3.55.001 FINALDemography, Queensland 2004 Final
4221.0Schools, Australia 2005
4362.0 NEWNational Health Survey: Summary of Results; State Tables 2004-05
4364.0National Health Survey: Summary of Results 2004-05
4513.0Criminal Courts, Australia 2004-05
4715.0National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Survey 2004-05
4715.3.55.005National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Survey: Queensland 2004-05
6239.0 NEWBarriers and Incentives to Labour Force Participation, Australia Aug 2004 to Jun 2005
6287.0Labour Force Characteristics of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, Experimental Estimates from the Labour Force Survey 2002 to 2004
Economics Publications
5259.0 NEWAustralian National Accounts: Information and Communication Technology Satellite Account 2002-03
6540.0 NEWHousehold Expenditure Survey and Survey of Income and Housing - Confidentialised Unit Record Files 2003-04
6554.0 NEWHousehold Wealth and Wealth Distribution, Australia 2003-04
8163.0 NEWPatterns of Innovation in Australian Businesses 2003


The Queensland Office of Economic and Statistical Research (OESR) has a service called Data Smart which publicises the release of statistics produced by the ABS and other organisations.

The registration page allows you to subscribe to statistical newsletters and statistical events (specialist networks, professional development opportunities) which interest you.

Data Smart has been established by the OESR in Queensland Treasury to further promote high standards in data use and to develop partnerships that assist agencies and organisations share data, information and knowledge.

One of the newsletters, today@statistics is a daily email advice to inform you of scheduled statistical releases for the next two days, along with electronic links to recent releases (through the Data Hub for ABS releases or to other web sites).

The newsletter statistics@queensland is a weekly update, alert service and briefing on statistical information, events and releases compiled by the OESR, Queensland Treasury. Regular items in it include Statistic of the week, Statistical news, Conference alerts and Web site of the week.

For further information contact Paul Kennedy on 07 3225 1084 or paul.kennedy@treasury.qld.gov.au.

National Information and Referral Service

Telephone: 1300 135 070
TTY: 3222 6325

Consultants will assist with your statistical inquiries

Internet Site



Electronic copies of ABS publications as far back as 1998 are available free from the ABS web site. Hard copy will be produced for those who require it. Visit us on the 3rd floor at 639 Wickham Street Brisbane and browse. We are open 8.30 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.


The Library is situated alongside our bookshop and provides a complete range of ABS current and historical publications.
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