7215.0.55.002 - Information Paper: Changes to AusStats Tables for Livestock Products, Australia, Aug 2005  
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 12/08/2005   
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This information paper advises users of proposed changes to the AusStats tables associated with the publication Livestock Products, Australia (cat. no. 7215.0).

A concordance between the current AusStats tables (Lotus 1-2-3 .wks format) and the proposed new tables (in .xls format) is included below.

Also attached below are links to the new tables providing a view of the proposed new format for these tables.

These changes come into effect with the September Quarter 2005 issue of 7215.0 which will be released on 14 November 2005.

The new product provides a range of benefits for time series clients including:

  • longer time series - we can now provide more than 255 observations in a single series
  • series are presented in columns in accordance with Time Series analysis conventions
  • consistent and complete series metadata is provided for every series displayed
  • a readily recognised file format (Excel) that will 'auto launch' in most business IT environments
  • built in features on which clients can base reliable processing systems.

The new format files can be opened, read and manipulated using Excel 5.0/95 (or equivalent), however, some features will not be available unless you have Excel 97 (or better).


For further information or if you have any queries about the change or related statistics, contact Jenny Spencer on (03) 6222 5974.



Below is a concordance between the current AusStats tables and the proposed Excel tables.



TABLE 1ALivestock Slaughtered - Australia (Excluding Chickens): All Series ('000)7215001A.xls
TABLE 1BLivestock Slaughtered - Australia (Chickens): All Series ('000)7215001B.xls
TABLE 2ALivestock Products, Australia - Red Meat: All Series (Tonnes)7215002A.xls
TABLE 2BLivestock Products, Australia - Chicken Meat: All Series (Tonnes)7215002B.xls
TABLE 2CLivestock Products, Australia - Whole Milk Intake by Factories: All Series (ML)7215002C.xls
TABLE 2DLivestock Products, Australia - Brokers and Dealers Receivals of Taxable Wool (Tonnes)7215002D.xls
TABLE 3Number of Livestock Slaughtered, Bulls, Bullocks and Steers: All Series ('000)7215003.xls
TABLE 4Number of Livestock Slaughtered, Cows and Heifers: All Series ('000)7215004.xls
TABLE 5Number of Livestock Slaughtered, Total Cattle (excluding Calves): All Series ('000)7215005.xls
TABLE 6Number of Livestock Slaughtered, Calves: All Series ('000)7215006.xls
TABLE 7Number of Livestock slaughtered, Sheep: All Series ('0007215007.xls
TABLE 8Number of Livestock Slaughtered, Lambs: All Series ('000)7215008.xls
TABLE 9Number of Livestock Slaughtered, Pigs: All Series ('0007215009.xls
TABLE 10Number of Chickens Slaughtered: All Series ('000)7215010.xls
TABLE 11ANumber of Livestock Slaughtered (excluding Chickens): Original ('000)7215011A.xls
TABLE 11BNumber of Livestock Slaughtered (Chickens): Original ('000)7215011B.xls
TABLE 12Red Meat Produced, Beef: All Series (Tonnes)7215012.xls
TABLE 13Red Meat Produced, Veal: All Series (Tonnes)7215013.xls
TABLE 14Red Meat Produced, Mutton: All Series (Tonnes)7215014.xls
TABLE 15Red Meat Produced, Lamb: All Series (Tonnes)7215015.xls
TABLE 16Red Meat Produced, Pig Meat: All Series (Tonnes)7215016.xls
TABLE 17Total Red Meat Produced: All Series (Tonnes)7215017.xls
TABLE 18Chicken Meat Produced: All Series (Tonnes)7215018.xls
TABLE 19ARed Meat Produced: Original (Tonnes)7215019A.xls
TABLE 19BChicken Meat Produced: Original (Tonnes)7215019B.xls
TABLE 21Exports of fresh, frozen and processed meat, Australia: Original (Tonnes)7215020.xls
TABLE 22Exports of Live Sheep and Cattle, Australia: Original7215021.xls
TABLE 23Whole Milk Intake, By Factories: All Series (ML)7215022.xls
TABLE 24Market Milk Sales, By Factories: All Series (ML)7215023.xls
TABLE 25Brokers and Dealers Receivals of Taxable Wool: All Series (Tonnes)7215024.xls
TABLE 26ALivestock Products - Whole Milk Intake by Factories: Original (ML)7215025A.xls
TABLE 26BLivestock Products - Market Milk Sales by Factories: Original (ML)7215025B.xls
TABLE 26CLivestock Products - Brokers and Dealers Receivals of Taxable Wool: Original (Tonnes)7215025C.xls