1001.0 - Annual Report - ABS Annual Report, 2001-02  
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 16/10/2002   
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Contents >> Section 2 - Special Articles >> Special Articles in Earlier Annual Reports

Special articles have been included in most ABS annual reports to present information and views on important longer-term or broad issues affecting the national statistical service. A list of the articles in earlier annual reports is given below. The year of the annual report in which the article appeared and the part of the report where it can be found, are shown in brackets.

What the ABS Does (1975-76, Section 2)

The Collection of Information (1976-77, Section 2)

Forward Planning in the ABS (1977-78, Section 2)

Preparations for the 1981 Census of Population and Housing (1978-79, Section 2)

The Accuracy and Reliability of Estimates of National Income and Expenditure (1979-80, Section 2)

Minimising Reporting Burden (1980-81, Section 2)

A Decade’s Work Program (1981-82, Section 2)

The ABS Program of Population Surveys (1983-84, pages 7 to 11, supplemented by Appendix 5)

The ABS Program of Industry Collections (1984-85, pages 8 to 13, supplemented by Appendix 5)

Dissemination of Statistics by the ABS (1985-86, pages 9 to 14)

ABS Corporate Plan (1986-87, Chapter 2)

Health Statistics and the Report of the Better Health Commission (1986-87, Chapter 3)

The Role of a National Statistical Office (1986-87, Appendix 10)

Statistics and Privacy (1987-88, Chapter 3)

Media Liaison for ABS Health Survey (1987-88, Appendix 12)

A Quart out of a Pint Pot (1988-89, Chapter 2). This article examines how the ABS increased significantly the range, timeliness and quality of its statistical products and services over the preceding 13 years, with a static level of resources.

Household Expenditure Surveys in Australia: A Chronology (1988-89, Appendix 15)

Complaints to the Australian Press Council (1988-89, Appendix 16)

The ABS in the Marketplace (1989-90, Chapter 2)

The 1991 Census of Population and Housing (1990-91, Chapter 2, Population Census)

Security of ABS Data Holdings (1992-93, Chapter 3)

Reducing Respondent Load (1992-93, Chapter 2)

The 1996 Census of Population and Housing (1993-94, Chapter 2)

Retirement of Mr Ian Castles, AO, Australian Statistician, 1986–1994 (1994-95, Chapter 1)

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Survey (1994-95, Chapter 2)

Developments in the Australian National Accounts (1995-96, Chapter 2)

The Destruction of Census Forms (1995-96, Chapter 3)

The Pint Pot Revisited (1996-97, Chapter 2)

The 1996 Census of Population and Housing (1996-97, Chapter 3)

The Destruction of Census Forms (1997-98, Chapter 2)

Recent Developments in Price and Labour Cost Indexes (1997-98, Chapter 3)

Review of the ABS Household Survey Program (1998-99, Chapter 2)

ABS Experience in Workplace Relations (1998-99, Chapter 3)

Retirement of Mr Bill McLennan CBE, AM, Australian Statistician, 1995-2000 (1999-2000, Chapter 2)

Servicing Regional Data Requirements (1999-2000, Chapter 3)

Statistical Benchmarking as a Means of Improving Performance (1999-2000, Chapter 4)

Research and Analysis in the ABS (2000-01, Chapter 3)

The 2001 Census of Population and Housing (2000-01, Chapter 4)

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