4602.0.55.003 - Environmental Issues: Water use and Conservation, Mar 2010 Quality Declaration 
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 19/11/2010  First Issue
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Above ground drip system

A watering system located above the ground, where the water drips or trickles slowly from outlets in a pipe or hose located above ground.

Any Responsible Adult

The Any Responsible Adult (ARA) method of interviewing involves obtaining information about the in scope household in a selected dwelling from the first responsible adult with whom the interviewer makes contact. In this survey, the ARA provides information on behalf of the household.


Includes shower/bathtub combinations and indoor spas/hot tubs.

Bore / well

Water sourced from an artesian bore. Ground-water that is under sufficient pressure to rise above the level at which it encounters a well, but which does not necessarily rise to or above the surface of the ground.

Bottled drinking water

Water purchased as drinking water for consumption within the household.


Two people in a registered or de facto marriage, who usually live in the same household.

Cost of water

Includes water consumption costs, excess water consumption costs, water taxes, cost of water licence, cost of electricity to pump water to dwelling, and the delivery cost of water.

Dual flush toilet

A toilet that enables the user to control the amount of water used to flush. It has two settings: full flush and half-flush.


A suite of rooms contained within a building which are self-contained and intended for long-term residential use. To be self-contained, the suite of rooms must possess cooking and bathing facilities as building fixtures.


Two or more people, one of whom is at least 15 years of age, who are related by blood, marriage (registered or de facto), adoption, step or fostering, and who usually live in the same household. A separate family is formed for each married couple, or for each set of parent-child relationships where only one parent is present.

Fixed sprinkler system

A grid or series of sprinklers installed in a lawn or garden to provide coverage of an area without any need to move the sprinklers.

Fluctuating pressure

Where water pressure changes throughout the day (e.g. strong water pressure at certain times but weak water pressure at other times).


A planned space, usually outdoors, set aside for the display, cultivation, and enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature. Excluded from this are balcony gardens, pot plants, any indoor plants and gardens/lawns on council verge areas.

Government rebate / incentive

State or Federal Government incentives in the form of a monetary refund or free give away to encourage the purchase/use of a water saving product or appliance. A government rebate requires completion of an application form for receipt of a rebate.

Grey water

Water that is collected or saved after being used in the household, so that it can be reused in another way.

Group household

A household consisting of two or more unrelated people where all people are aged 15 years and over. There are no reported couple relationships, parent-child relationships or other blood relationships in these households.


A group of residents of a dwelling who share common facilities and meals or who consider themselves to be a household. It is possible for a dwelling to contain more than one household, for example, where regular provision is made for groups to take meals separately and where persons consider their households to be separate.

Inadequate or low pressure

Where the flow of water from the taps is weaker or slower than what would normally be expected.

Installed water saving modification

The installation of a flow restrictor or water efficient taps to reduce the flow rate of water from that tap.

Lone person household

A household consisting of a person living alone.

Mains / town water

Water that is supplied to the dwelling through underground pipes.

Micro spray / mini sprinkler

A sprinkler or spray system permanently installed in the garden. They have small sprinkler heads or sprays with a narrow range.

Moveable sprinkler

Usually attached to the end of a hose and can be easily moved around. Also known as hose-end sprinklers.

Multiple family household

A household containing two or more families. Unrelated individuals may also be present.

Non-family household

Consists of unrelated people only. A non-family household can be either a person living alone or a group household.

One family household

A household containing only one family. Unrelated individuals may also be present.

One parent, one family household

A one family household comprising a lone parent with at least one dependent or non-dependent child. The household may also include other relatives and unrelated individuals.

Rainwater collected in other container

The use of bins, wine barrels, buckets etc. to collect rainwater, by either leaving the container out in the rain, or by placing container under the down pipes of the house.

Rainwater tank

A closed container made of corrugated or galvanised iron, plastic, or concrete, for storing rainwater.

Reduced flush volume with water displacement device / adjustment float

Any action taken by the respondent to reduce the amount of water in the cistern available for flushing.

Private dwelling

A dwelling that is intended to have people live in it (e.g. house, flat, unit, caravan etc.).

Single flush toilet

A 'normal' toilet, that is not equipped with a dual-flush mechanism.

Sufficient supply

Enough water in the rainwater tank to meet the specific needs of the household. For example, If the rainwater tank is installed to supply all the households water requirements and there is enough water to meets the needs of the household.

Usual residents

Persons who usually live in a particular private dwelling and regard it as their own or main home. Excludes usual residents who were away from the dwelling for more than six weeks altogether and visitors to the dwelling who do not usually live there, do not regard it as their own or main home, but are temporarily staying there.

Underground drip irrigation

A watering system where the water drips or trickles slowly from outlets in underground pipes.

Water efficient or low flow shower head

A shower head designed to deliver less water but with pressure comparable to a normal shower head.

Water filter

Any sort of device used to 'purify' or remove certain chemicals or minerals from drinking water, or to improve its appearance and taste.

Water restrictions on mains water

A set of mandatory restrictions imposed by state or local governments governing the use of mains water (e.g. restrictions on the use of a hose for water).