1001.0 - Annual Report - ABS Annual Report, 2000-01  
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Contents >> Section 3 - Performance Information >> Chapter 5 - Performance Information

This Chapter outlines the performance of the ABS in 2000-01, in terms of its outcomes and outputs as specified in the 2000-01 Portfolio Budget Statements as presented to Parliament in May 2000.


Informed decision-making, research and discussion within governments and the community based on the provision of a high quality, objective and responsive national statistical service.


1: Relevance of ABS output

Performance Measure 1.1: Statistical output which meets the needs of key users of economic and social data in terms of:

Performance Indicator 1.1.1: Coverage
Performance Indicator 1.1.2: Delivery method
Performance Indicator 1.1.3: Demonstrated by a high level of use

Performance Measure 1.2: Effectiveness of the planning process, as demonstrated by:

Performance Indicator 1.2.1: Extensive client contact
Performance Indicator 1.2.2: Benchmarking ABS outputs against other agencies

2: Integrity in statistical operations

Performance Measure 2.1: An objective statistical service, as demonstrated by:

Performance Indicator 2.1.1: Release of reliable/accurate statistics based on sound professional statistical principles/methods
Performance Indicator 2.1.2: Openness of the statistical process
Performance Indicator 2.1.3: Adherence to the secrecy provisions of the Census and Statistics Act 1905

3: Appropriate use of statistical standards, frameworks and methodologies

Performance Measure 3.1: Lead the development of national statistical standards, frameworks and methodologies, and their implementation within the broader Australian statistical system

Performance Measure 3.2: Contribute to the development of key international statistical standards, frameworks and methodologies, and implement them as appropriate

4: Improving coordination of the collection, compilation and dissemination of statistics produced by other official bodies

Performance Measure 4.1: Statistical Clearing House (SCH) activity

Performance Measure 4.2: Assisting other official bodies with integration of administrative and statistical data, including outposting ABS officers and the provision of relevant training

Performance Measure 4.3: Identifying, storing, and disseminating statistics from other official bodies


5: Increase the quantity of output, including improving client access to ABS and other statistical information by improving dissemination methods

Performance Measure 5.1: Increase the range of statistics disseminated.

Performance Measure 5.2: Develop new products and services

Performance Measure 5.3: Ensure public accessibility through libraries, the media, etc.

Performance Measure 5.4: Enhance delivery options using new technology to improve accessibility

6: Improve the quality of outputs
Performance Measure 6.1: Achieve or exceed timeliness, statistical reliability, response rate and accuracy objectives

Performance Indicator 6.1.1: Timeliness
Performance Indicator 6.1.2: Statistical reliability
Performance Indicator 6.1.3: Response rates
Performance Indicator 6.1.4: Accuracy

Performance Measure 6.2: Conduct quality reviews, and implement their recommendations

Performance Indicator 6.2.1: Outline of ABS statistical reviews
Performance Indicator 6.2.2: Innovative practices - improvements to existing collections as a result of research and development

7: Achievement of cost effective outputs

Performance Measure 7.1: Conduct efficiency reviews and audits, and implement their recommendations

Performance Measure 7.2: Test operating efficiencies of statistical activities by benchmarking internally and externally

Performance Measure 7.3: Market test a number of non-statistical activities to identify possible outsourcing opportunities

Performance Measure 7.4: Continual reductions in the aggregate load placed on businesses

This section contains the following subsection :
        Outcome Measures
        Output Measures

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