1392.0 - Statistical News SA, Sep 2008  
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Economic Releases
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Local Government Purpose Classification, 2008 (First Issue) (cat. no. 5514.0.55.002)
The Local Government Purpose Classification (LGPC) provides a framework for classifying financial transactions made by local government authorities for the purposes of general public services, public order, safety, economic affairs, environmental protection, housing, community amenities, health, recreation, culture, religion, education and social protection. The LGPC aligns with international standards such as the Classification of Functions of Government (COFOG) and is based on the Australian Government Finance Statistics (GFS) framework.

Analytical Living Cost Indexes for Selected Australian Household Types, Jun 2008 (cat. no. 6463.0)
This publication presents analytical living cost indexes for selected Australian household types. These price indexes are designed specifically to measure the impact of changes in prices on the out-of-pocket living costs experienced by four household types: Employee households; Age pensioner households; Other government transfer recipient households; Self-funded retiree households.

Value of Agricultural Commodities Produced, Australia, 2006-07 (cat. no. 7503.0)
This publication contains final estimates of gross and local values of production of major agricultural commodities for all states, territories and Australia for the year ended 30 June 2007. This issue also provides Chain Volume Indexes from 2001-02 to 2006-07.

Not-for-profit Organisations, Australia, 2006-07 (First Issue) (cat. no. 8106.0)
Contains information about not-for-profit organisations in Australia. Data includes number of organisations, employment, volunteers, income, expenses, operating surplus before tax and industry value added, with breakdowns by type of not-for-profit organisation.

Research and Experimental Development, Government and Private Non-Profit Organisations, Australia, 2006-07 (cat. no. 8109.0)
This release presents summary statistics on Research and Experimental Development (R&D) undertaken by Australian government and private non-profit organisations. Data are classified by socioeconomic objective, field of research, type of expenditure, type of activity, source of funds, type of employee and location of expenditure. Most data are expressed in current prices but key aggregates are also expressed in volume terms.

Australian Small Business Operators - Findings from the 2005 and 2006 Characteristics of Small Business Surveys, 2005-06 (cat. no. 8127.0)
This product presents small business operator counts and proportions (excluding operators of Agricultural businesses). These data are sourced from the 2005 and 2006 Characteristics of Small Business survey (cat. no. 8127.0). Topics covered include: sex of operators; age of operators; (usual) hours worked by operators, per week; birthplace (Australian born or born overseas); and number of business operations conducted.

Summary of IT Use and Innovation in Australian Business, 2006-07 (cat. no. 8166.0)
This electronic release contains selected summary data from the annual Business Characteristics Survey (BCS). Included in this release are basic outputs (including some by employment size and industry) for Business Use of IT and Innovation in Australian Business. More detailed and final estimates will be released later in 2008 via Innovation in Australian Business (cat. no. 8158.0) and Selected Characteristics of Australian Business (cat. no. 8167.0).

Manufacturing Industry, Australia, 2006-07 (cat. no. 8221.0)
Presents results from the Manufacturing component of the Economic Activity Survey. Shows details of employment, wages and salaries, sales and service income, and industry value added (IVA) classified by industry class. Also includes, at the industry subdivision level, estimates of profitability, industry performance measures, export activity, components of IVA, acquisition and disposal of assets, and selected labour costs. Most estimates include non-employing businesses and use a combination of data from the Manufacturing Survey and business income tax data provided to the Australian Taxation Office.

Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services, Australia, 2006-07 (cat. no. 8226.0)
Presents national estimates, for each of these industries, of employment at 30 June 2007 and major economic and financial aggregates: income and expenditure; various profit measures; industry value added; capital expenditure; and components of these; as well as performance measures (ratios) derived from them.

Mining Operations, Australia, 2006-07 (cat. no. 8415.0)
Presents national estimates, for the mining industry, of employment at 30 June 2007 and major economic and financial aggregates: income and expenditure; various profit measures; industry value added; capital expenditure, and components of these, as well as performance measures (ratios) derived from them. State and territory estimates of major variables (for the industry excluding services to mining) are included. Detailed estimates of the quantity and value of mineral production, by state and for the Northern Territory, will be available on spreadsheets to be released subsequently.

Television, Film and Video Production and Post-Production Services, Australia, 2006-07 (cat. no. 8679.0)
Contains information about television broadcasting, film and video production and post-production businesses. The data include: number of businesses, major sources of income and components of expenditure, characteristics of employment and state comparisons. Also includes selected information by employment size for film and video production and post-production businesses, and details of production activity undertaken by television broadcasting, film and video production and post-production businesses and subscription television channel providers.

Survey of Motor Vehicle Use, Australia, 12 months ended 31 Oct 2007 (cat. no. 9208.0)
Comprises estimates for private and commercial vehicles registered for road use with a motor vehicle registration authority; by state/territory of registration, area of operation, number of vehicles, total and average kilometres travelled, vehicle usage, fuel consumption and load carried. Bus statistics include kilometres travelled by main type of service.

Water Use on Australian Farms, 2006-07 (cat. no. 4618.0)
This publication presents estimates of agricultural water use, pastures and crops irrigated, sources of water for agricultural use, irrigation management and financial data relating to irrigation. Estimates are presented for Australia, state/territories and regions, as well as for the Murray-Darling Basin. The estimates are compiled from data collected as part of the Agricultural survey for the year ended 30 June 2007.

Natural Resource Management on Australian Farms, 2006-07 (cat. no. 4620.0)
Provides details on natural resource management issues, activities and costs on Australian farms. Includes data on weeds, pests, land and soil. Data is presented at the Australian, State and Regional (Natural Resource Management Region) levels.
Australian Historical Population Statistics, 2008 (cat. no. 3105.0.65.001)
An electronic product containing a wide range of historical demographic data going back as far, where possible, to the beginnings of European settlement. Data are presented in spreadsheets on the ABS web site. Explanatory notes, a glossary and introductory text are included.

Population by Age and Sex, Regions of Australia, 2007 (cat. no. 3235.0)
This product contains estimates of the resident population by age (in five-year age groups up to 85 and over) and sex as at 30 June 2007. The areas for which estimates are provided are Local Government Areas (LGAs), Statistical Local Areas (SLAs), Statistical Divisions (SDs) and Statistical Subdivisions (SSDs) and states and territories of Australia, based on the 2007 edition of the Australian Standard Geographical Classification (ASGC).

Divorces, Australia, 2007 (cat. no. 3307.0.55.001)
This electronic product provides valuable information for the analysis of family structure in Australia. It presents at the national and state level, registered divorces by age, duration of marriage at final separation and at date of dissolution, country of birth and number of children.

Perspectives on Migrants, 2008 (cat. no. 3416.0)
Issues and debates relating to migrants, ethnicity and migration programs are common place within the Australian political and media landscape. The 'Perspectives on Migrants' series attempts to provide informed commentary to assist those interested in these major issues. Recent articles include People born in China and India, People born in Africa and People born in the Middle East. These articles describe characteristics of migrants from these countries, including information on age, sex, income, labour force details, education and English proficiency.
People with a Need for Assistance - A Snapshot, 2006 (First Issue) (cat. no. 4445.0)
The 2006 Census was the first Census to include questions on a person's need for assistance in one of the three core activities of communication, self-care and body movement. This snapshot examines the age, sex, indigenous status, state/territory, remoteness index, living arrangements, proficiency in English, labour force participation and occupation of people with a need for assistance. It also contains a brief assessment of the comparability of the data with the core-activity limitation data from the 2003 Survey of Disability, Ageing and Carers. The snapshot also incorporates links to related information.

Personal Fraud, 2007 (cat. no. 4528.0)
Contains summary results of the Personal Fraud Survey. Topics covered in the survey are identity fraud, including: credit or bank card fraud and identity theft; and a selected range of scams: lotteries, pyramid schemes, phishing, financial advice, chain letters, advance fee fraud and other scams. The survey found that 453,100 Australians lost on average $2,160 as a result of personal fraud.

Selected Health Occupations: Australia, 2006 (First Issue) (cat. no. 4819.0)
This snapshot provides an overview of Australia's health workforce, covering four key occupational groups: General medical practitioners, Specialist medical practitioners, Dental practitioners, and Nurses and midwives. It examines their geographic distribution, their demographic characteristics, and their working arrangements. It also aims to provide information about current trends in key health occupations and their longer term sustainability.
Health of Mature Age Workers in Australia: A Snapshot, 2004-05 (First Issue) (cat. no. 4837.0.55.001)
This article provides a brief overview of the health of mature age workers in Australia (people aged 45-74 years). In the context of population ageing and labour shortages, chronic disease in this population group can impact on labour force participation and absenteeism. Information for this article is drawn from the ABS 2004-05 National Health Survey and other ABS collections.

Australian Culture and Leisure Classifications, 2008 (Second Edition) (cat. no. 4902.0)
The Australian Culture and Leisure Classifications (ACLC) are part of the commitment of the ABS to develop national standards for culture and leisure information. They comprise three separate classifications, covering culture and leisure related industries, products and occupations. These classifications are adopted by the ABS and organisations outside of the ABS for survey design, organising administrative data and disseminating culture and leisure information.

Agriculture in Focus: Farming Families, Australia, 2006 (First Issue) (cat. no. 7104.0.55.001)
This article contains information focussing on farming families. It draws on data from the 2001 and 2006 Censuses of Population and Housing and the 2006 Agricultural Census. This article is an update of Australian Social Trends 2003, Farming Families (cat. no. 4102.0).