1218.0 - Standard Economic Sector Classifications of Australia (SESCA), 2002  
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 13/09/2002   
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    List of abbreviations
    Chapter 1: Introduction
      Sector classifications
      International sector classifications
      Purpose of this publication
      Structure of this publication
      Implementation of classifications in Australian Bureau of Statistics publications
    Chapter 2: The units that are classified
      Statistical units
      International standards for institutional units
      Legal and social entities
      Corporations and quasi-corporations
      Government units
      Nonprofit institutions
      Units in the Australian system
    Chapter 3: Standard Institutional Sector Classification of Australia
      Allocation of resident units to resident institutional sectors
      Standard Institutional Sector Classification of Australia sectors and subsectors
      Non-financial corporations sector
      Financial corporations sector
      General government sector
      Households sector
      Nonprofit institutions serving households sector
      Allocation of nonprofit institutions to sectors
      Distinction between financial and non-financial sectors
      Rest of the world sector
    Chapter 4: Associated classifications
      Public/private classification
      Level of government classification
      Juridiction classification
      Balance of payments sector classification
      Direct investment enterprise/other enterprise classification
      Direct investor/other investor classification
      Appendix 1: Classifications
      Appendix 2: Allocation of legal entities to institutional sectors
      Appendix 3: Public Sector Units classified by jurisdiction and level of Government
      Appendix 4: Use of SESCA in the Australian National Accounts
      Appendix 5: Use of SESCA in Government Finance Statistics
      Appendix 6: Use of SESCA in BOP and IIP statistics
      Appendix 7: Concordances
        Using the concordances: Introduction
        Concordance, 1987 SISCA to 1998 SISCA
        Concordance, 1998 SISCA to 1987 SISCA
        Concordance, 1993 SNA to 1998 SISCA
        Concordance, 1998 SISCA to 1993 SNA