8166.0.80.001 - Summary of IT Use and Innovation in Selected Growth Sectors, Australia, 2013-14 Quality Declaration 
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 18/06/2015  First Issue
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The Food and agribusiness Growth Sector includes food-related production, food processing and the major inputs into these sectors, but not the wholesale or retail sale of these goods.


Over a quarter of all businesses in Food and agribusiness had introduced innovation as at 30 June 2014 (28%).

A third of all businesses in Food and agribusiness were innovation-active during the year ended 30 June 2014 (33%).

Summary of IT use and innovation for businesses within Food and agribusiness, key indicators, 2013-14

Food and agribusiness(a)(b)

Businesses that:
placed orders via the internet
received orders via the internet
Businesses that introduced any new or significantly improved:(c)
goods or services
operational processes
organisational/managerial processes
marketing methods
Businesses that introduced innovation (innovating businesses)
Businesses with innovative activity that was:(c)
still in development(d)
Businesses with any innovative activity (innovation-active businesses)

(a) The Growth Sectors ANZSIC definition provided in this publication reflects an update from the original definition used in the Australian Industry Report (Department of Industry, 2014). ANZSIC classes included in the definition were refined based on analysis of results from a survey of businesses, conducted by the ABS, and will be used in future analyses of the Growth Sectors.
(b) Proportions are of businesses defined as being in the Food and agribusiness Growth Sector.
(c) Businesses may be counted in more than one category.
(d) As at the end of the reference period 30 June 2014.

For the purpose of this survey, the Food and agribusiness Growth Sector is defined as employing Australian businesses classified within the following ANZSIC Classes:
      0121 Mushroom growing
      0122 Vegetable growing (under cover)
      0123 Vegetable growing (outdoors)
      0131 Grape growing
      0132 Kiwifruit growing
      0133 Berry fruit growing
      0134 Apple and pear growing
      0135 Stone fruit growing
      0136 Citrus fruit growing
      0137 Olive growing
      0139 Other fruit and tree nut growing
      0141 Sheep farming (specialised)
      0142 Beef cattle farming (specialised)
      0143 Beef cattle feedlots (specialised)
      0144 Sheep-beef cattle farming
      0145 Grain-sheep or grain-beef cattle farming
      0146 Rice growing
      0149 Other grain growing
      0151 Sugar cane growing
      0159 Other crop growing n.e.c.
      0160 Dairy cattle farming
      0171 Poultry farming (meat)
      0172 Poultry farming (eggs)
      0180 Deer farming
      0192 Pig farming
      0193 Beekeeping
      0199 Other livestock farming n.e.c.
      0201 Offshore longline and rack aquaculture
      0202 Offshore caged aquaculture
      0203 Onshore aquaculture
      0411 Rock lobster and crab potting
      0412 Prawn fishing
      0413 Line fishing
      0414 Fish trawling, seining and netting
      0419 Other fishing
      0529 Other agriculture and fishing support services
      1111 Meat processing
      1112 Poultry processing
      1113 Cured meat and smallgoods manufacturing
      1120 Seafood processing
      1131 Milk and cream processing
      1132 Ice cream manufacturing
      1133 Cheese and other dairy product manufacturing
      1140 Fruit and vegetable processing
      1150 Oil and fat manufacturing
      1161 Grain mill product manufacturing
      1162 Cereal, pasta and baking mix manufacturing
      1171 Bread manufacturing (factory based)
      1172 Cake and pastry manufacturing (factory based)
      1173 Biscuit manufacturing (factory based)
      1174 Bakery product manufacturing (non-factory based)
      1181 Sugar manufacturing
      1182 Confectionary manufacturing
      1191 Potato, corn chip and other crisp manufacturing
      1192 Prepared animal and bird feed manufacturing
      1199 Other food product manufacturing n.e.c.
      1211 Soft drink, cordial and syrup manufacturing
      1212 Beer manufacturing
      1213 Spirit manufacturing
      1214 Wine and other alcoholic beverage manufacturing
      2461 Agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing
      6620 Farm animal and bloodstock leasing