4906.0.55.002 - Technical Manual: Personal Safety Survey, Expanded CURF, Australia, 2005  
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The Expanded CURF is being released in accordance with a Ministerial Determination (Clause 7, Statutory Rules 1983, No. 19) in pursuance of Section 13 of the Census and Statistics Act 1905. As required by the Determination, the CURF has been designed so that the information on the files is not likely to enable the identification of a particular person or organisation to which it relates.

All CURF users are required to read and abide by the Responsible Access to CURFs Training Manual, Sep 2009 (cat. no. 1406.0.55.003), available from the ABS website. Use of the data for unauthorised purposes may render the purchaser liable to severe penalties. Advice on the propriety of any intended use of the data is available from the:

ABS Microdata Access Strategies Section

T: (02) 6252 7714

F: (02) 6252 8132

E: microdata.access@abs.gov.au

Deed of Undertaking

The Australian Statistician's approval is required for each CURF release. The ABS also requires all organisations, and individuals within organisations, who purchase or are seeking to use a CURF to sign and submit a Deed of Undertaking. The Deed legally binds the applicant to comply with ABS terms and conditions of CURF access. The undertaking requires that CURF users will:

  • use the information only for the statistical purposes approved by the ABS (as specified in the Request for Access to a CURF form);
  • not attempt to identify particular persons or organisations;
  • not attempt to match, with or without using identifiers, the CURF information with any other list of persons or organisations;
  • never use, in any one output from a CURF, more than one geography (including SEIFA categories) in association with State/Territory and more than one other data item;
  • not disclose, either directly or indirectly, any CURF microdata to any other person or organisation who has not been approved by the ABS to have access to that CURF;
  • not attempt to access the information after the term of their authorisation expires, or after their authorisation is rescinded by the organisation which provided it, or after they cease to be a member of that organisation; and
  • comply with any other direction or requirement specified in the Responsible Access to CURFs Training Manual, Sep 2009 (cat. no. 1406.0.55.003), and the CURF Undertaking.

Use of data for statistical purposes

Use of the data for statistical purposes means that the CURF data is used to produce information of a statistical nature. Examples of statistical purposes are:
  • manipulation of the data to produce means, correlations or other descriptive or summary measures;
  • estimation of population characteristics;
  • use of data as input to mathematical models or for other types of analysis (eg factor analysis); and
  • providing graphical or pictorial representations of the characteristics of the population or subsets of the population.


All ABS products and services are provided subject to the ABS Conditions of Sale. A copy of the conditions is available from the ABS website (see About Us> ABS Conditions of Sale). Queries regarding these conditions should be referred to:

National Client services

T: 1300 135 070

E: client.services@abs.gov,au


CURF access is priced according to ABS Pricing Policy and Commonwealth Cost Recovery Guidelines.

From 1 January 2009 the recommended retail price for accessing an Expanded CURF is $1,430 (including GST).

For more information on pricing and payment refer to the ABS website (see Services> CURF Microdata).


Due to the level of detail provided, the CURF will only be available via the ABS Remote Access Data Laboratory (RADL).

Further information on accessing the CURF is available from the ABS website, see How to Apply for Microdata .

Australian universities

The CURF can be accessed by universities participating in the ABS/Universities Australia Agreement for research and teaching purposes. University staff and students should refer to the ABS website for more information (see Services> CURF Microdata> ABS/Universities Australia Agreement).