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Mineral Deposits & Occurrences Database (OZMIN)

Project Leader, Minerals Databases
Senior Resource Geologist
Resources and Advice
Geoscience Australia
Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources
PO Box 378

Telephone: Canberra 02 6249 9111
Facsimile: Canberra 02 6249 9999
Email: greg.ewers@ga.gov.au or neal.evans@ga.gov.au
Web site: <http://www.ga.gov.au>

To provide comprehensive:

  • geological information on Australia’s major and most significant mineral deposits and mines;
  • resource information on all Australian mineral deposits and mines; and
  • locational attributes for Australia’s mineral occurrences.

OZMIN is an integrated database combining the Mineral Resources dataset known as MINRES, the Mineral Occurrence Locations dataset known as MINLOC and the existing National Mineral Deposits dataset.

OZMIN includes a national dataset with geological and resource/production information from the published literature for more than 1200 of Australia’s major and significant operating and historic mines and undeveloped deposits.

MINRES underpins Geoscience Australia’s (GA) resource assessment work and provides input to annual national assessments that are published in Australia's Identified Mineral Resources. MINRES data are acquired mainly from digital sources, company reports and technical literature, and through contacts in state and commonwealth organisations and industry. It contains information on over 1700 deposits and mines. Some records are strictly confidential and can only be made available when summarised at the state or national level.

MINLOC was derived mainly from digital sources, maps, field studies, technical literature, correspondence and contact with industry. It provides a single standardised national coverage for over 70,000 mineral occurrences.

Main data detail
National Mineral Deposits Dataset:

  • deposit name or names;
  • full location details - including geographic coordinates in decimal latitude and longitude, map sheet details, geological region, state etc.;
  • deposit characteristics - including name, operating status, age of mineralisation, and ore mineralogy, etc;
  • production and resource details for each commodity;
  • host rock characteristics - including stratigraphic details, lithology, and depositional or emplacement age, etc;
  • depositional environment - including details of major structures and igneous bodies that may be genetically related to the mineralisation and their proximity to the deposit; and
  • deposit references - a comprehensive listing of those references relevant to the deposit.

MINRES Dataset:
  • deposit name or names;
  • site description;
  • full location details - including geographic coordinates in decimal latitude and longitude, map sheet details, geological region, state etc;
  • comprehensive resource details for each commodity (tonnage & grade);
  • resource classification; and
  • full bibliographic reference.

MINLOC Dataset:
  • occurrence name or names;
  • full location details - including geographic coordinates in decimal latitude and longitude, map sheet details, state etc;
  • estimated positional accuracy;
  • commodities of economic interest; and
  • source/reference.

Geographic coverage

Frequency of data availability
OZMIN and MINLOC datasets are available for free download via the GA web site (www.ga.gov.au) or at the cost of transfer on CD-ROM. MINRES data may be provided in spreadsheet format for non-confidential entries for over 1,500 deposits.

Reference period

Historical data
The National Mineral Deposits dataset has been compiled from the published geological literature. For some deposits MINRES resource data are available for years prior to 1990. MINLOC has been compiled from various sources since 1989.

Products and services
The primary product for the MINRES dataset, from 2001, is the on-line publication of Australia's Identified Mineral Resources. The National Mineral Deposits and MINLOC datasets have been used to produce national maps depicting the distribution of Australia’s mineral endowment.

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