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Balance of Payments

    Name of Collection
    Balance of Payments

    Assistant Director
    Balance of Payments Section
    Australian Bureau of Statistics
    PO Box 10

    Telephone: Canberra 02 6252 5336
    Facsimile: Canberra 02 6252 7219
    Email: client.services@abs.gov.au
    Internet: www.abs.gov.au

    To provide a systematic record of Australia's transactions with the rest of the world, including international transactions in transportation and travel services.

    The collection provides estimates of Australia's balance of payments, including significant detail for its constituent transactions.

    The ABS conducts a number of surveys of businesses, individuals and organisations with international transactions and uses a variety of administrative by-product records in the compilation of the balance of payments.

    The ABS and other collections that are used in estimating the transport-related components of the balance of payments include:
  • Survey of International Trade in Services which collects data on a wide range of services including transportation and travel;
  • International trade statistics which provide data on the export and import of vessels and aircraft; the freight and insurance paid on imports of goods to both resident and non-resident international transport operators, cross-classified by mode of transport; and the expenditure in Australian ports by foreign carriers on bunkers, aviation fuel and on-board catering supplies;
  • The International Visitor Survey conducted by the Bureau of Tourism Research and which measures domestic and international airline tickets purchased in Australia by international visitors; and
  • The Survey of Returned Australian Travellers which measures international airline tickets purchased abroad by Australian travellers.

    Data Detail
  • Balance of payments summary;
  • Current account;
  • Seasonally adjusted and trend estimates for current account aggregates;
  • Capital account;
  • Financial account (includes Official reserve assets); and
  • Exchange rates.

    Data are available on current account credits and debits for transportation services.

    The main transport related components include the earnings and expenditure abroad of Australian resident transport operators, and the earnings and expenditure in Australia of non-resident transport operators. (Credits include freight and insurance on exports earned by residents, charter and leasing, goods procured in ports by non-residents and other transportation credits. Debits include freight and insurance on imports by non-residents, passenger services earned by non-residents, charter and leasing, goods procured in ports by residents and other transportation debits.)

    Data are available by trading partner.

    Geographic Coverage

    Frequency of Data Availability
    Released monthly for goods and summary services data only. The balance of payments is available quarterly and annually for comprehensive and more detailed data.

    Historical Data
    Data are available from September quarter 1959; monthly data are available from July 1971.

    Products and Services
    International Trade in Goods and Services, Australia (cat. no. 5368.0)
    Balance of Payments and International Investment Position, Australia (cat. no. 5302.0)
    Balance of Payments and International Investment Position, Australia (cat. no. 5363.0)
    Balance of Payments, Australia: Concepts, Sources and Methods (cat. no. 5331.0)
    Balance of Payments, Australia: Summary of Concepts, Sources and Methods (cat. no. 5351.0)
    Information Paper: Quality of Balance of Payments, Australia (cat. no. 5342.0)
    A Guide to Australian Balance of Payments Statistics (cat. no. 5362.0)
    PC AUSSTATS 02 6252 6017
    Dial-a-statistic 1900 986 400

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