2007.0 - Census of Population and Housing: Consultation on Topics, 2021  
Latest ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 03/04/2018   
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Is there another way I can make a submission?

A downloadable Microsoft Word document of the submission form is available on the Overview page of the consultation. Responses can then be easily copied and pasted from your Microsoft Word document into the response boxes on the online submission form. Please note images cannot be copied. It is our preference that submissions are made through the online consultation hub, but if this isn’t possible the completed Microsoft Word submission form can be sent back by email to census.content@abs.gov.au or by mail to:

Census Topic Review
GPO Box 9817
Brisbane QLD 4001

Can I get an extension if I cannot meet the submission due date?

No, the submission closes on 30 June 2018 at 11.59pm AEST.

Can I send in a letter without addressing the assessment criteria?

Decisions relating to the 2021 Census Topics will be made based on responses to the assessment criteria. To ensure your suggested changes are carefully considered it is recommended that you address the criteria as completely as possible. You may send this in by mail if you prefer. You can also attach a covering letter endorsing your submission from your organisation’s leader if required.

Will the ABS be consulting on other changes to the Census?

The ABS is focused on collecting your view on Census topics at this time. As we work towards 2021, the ABS will share our approach to how people can participate in the Census, our approach to ensuring privacy and security of information and how we provide the final Census results. To get updates on the ABS and our Census planning follow us at @ABSstats or visit the Census home page.

How do I complete multiple submissions?

Complete a new submission for each. You will find a link back to the ABS Consultation Hub at the end of your submission.

I have multiple people that need to contribute to this submission. How can we all complete our parts?

Send the Microsoft Word submission form to multiple people, and have one person collate and complete your submission. You can copy and paste from Microsoft Word into the response boxes OR give the consultation return code URL (that you receive after pressing the 'Save your response and return later' button), to other contributors. However please note that this means that any responses already completed can be overwritten.

Am I able to make a submission on behalf of others?

Yes, we encourage you to complete joint submissions. There is a question in the submission form that asks for the names of organisations you have collaborated with. You should consider seeking their permission prior to giving consent to publish your submission.

Can I submit anonymously?

No, the contact details are required. These are used if we need to contact you during the submission process or while we are assessing the submissions. They will not be publicly released.


Can I make a submission for a topic that is not included in your selection list?

Yes, select other topic that relates to your areas of interest and then specify. You will still need to address the assessment criteria in your submission.

Will my submission be considered if I do not answer all questions?

Yes. While there are some required questions that need to be answered to progress through the form, it is not a requirement to answer all assessment criteria questions. Topics will not be assessed at an individual submission level, but rather assessed on the overall responses to the criteria.

How long should my responses be?

There are no word limits on your responses. Your responses should be comprehensive enough to address the criterion, but concise.

What do these buttons mean?

Save and come back later
If you would like to finish your response later, press and enter your email address. You will be sent an email containing a unique link that will let you return to edit and submit your response.

This takes you back to the first numbered page of the submission form. All responses you have entered will be saved.

This will save your responses and progress to the next page. You will not progress if you have not completed all responses marked ‘Required’.

Can I partially complete my submission and return to finish it later?

Yes, use the 'Save and come back later' button. This feature allows respondents to return to the consultation at a later date without losing the information they've already entered as part of their response. This feature is not available for responses that have already been completed and submitted.
Please note that the user must have cookies enabled in their web browser to use this feature.

Step 1: In order to use the 'Save and come back later' link, you will need to have completed any 'Required' answer fields on that page. At the bottom of the each page of survey questions, users can select the 'Save and come back later' button.
Step 2: You will then be asked to provide an email address on the following page. An email address entered here will not be stored for any longer than is necessary to attempt to send the email.
Step 3: Once the 'Save and Send Email' button is selected, you will be sent an email entitled 'Your consultation return code'. This contains a unique URL that will allow you to return to your partially completed response. This link will expire when the consultation closes.

Can I review my responses before I press the Submit Response button?

Yes. If you press the 'First' button at the bottom of the page, you will be directed to the first page of your submission so you can progress through the form and review your saved responses. We encourage you to do this to ensure that you’ve adequately answered every question.

Can I make changes to my submission once I have submitted it?

There is no way to access your submission once you have pressed the 'Submit Response' button. You can however, send an email regarding your changes to census.content@abs.gov.au before the consultation end date.

Can I receive a copy of my submission?

Yes. At the end of your submission you will be asked to enter an email address to be sent a link to a PDF copy of your submission. You are able to forward this link to share your submission with others.

Will I receive feedback on my submission?

No. You will not receive individual feedback on your submission. However, if you want to be notified when preliminary Census topic recommendations are published, please tick the box on the submit response page.

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