Data Availability - Crime 2002-2006

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Data Items

Crime data has been provided for regions in some states/territories:

New South Wales regions

Number of Recorded Criminal Incidents:
Homicide (no.)
Assault - Domestic violence related (no.)
Assault - Not domestic violence related (no.)
Sexual assault (no.)
Robbery - Without a weapon (no.)
Robbery - With a firearm (no.)
Robbery - With a weapon not a firearm (no.)
Break and enter - Dwelling (no.)
Break and enter - Non-dwelling (no.)
Motor vehicle theft (no.)
Steal from motor vehicle (no.)
Steal from retail store (no.)
Steal from dwelling (no.)
Steal from person (no.)
Driving offences (no.)
Fraud (no.)
Malicious damage to property (no.)
Drugs - Possession and/or use (no.)
Dealing, trafficking (no.)

Apprehended Violence Orders Issued:
Number - Domestic, Personal, Total (no.)
Rate per 100,000 population (ERP) - Domestic, Personal, Total (rate)

Victoria regions

Reported Crime Offences:

Number of Offences
Offences against the person (no.)
Offences against property (no.)
Drug offences (no.)
Other offences (no.)
All offences (no.)

Rate per 100,000 population
Offences against the person (rate)
Offences against property (rate)
Drug offences (rate)
Other offences (rate)
All offences (rate)

Western Australia regions

Offences reported
Assault (no.)
Robbery (no.)
Burglary (no.)
Theft (no.)
Motor Vehicle Theft (no.)
Property Damage (no.)
Graffiti (no.)
Drugs (no.)
Other (no.)
Total (no.)

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Availability by Year

New South Wales regions
2005, 2006

Victoria regions
2003, 2004, 2005, 2006

Western Australia regions
2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006
Availability by Region

New South Wales regions
Local Government Areas, State.

Victoria regions
Local Government Areas, State.

Western Australia regions
Local Government Areas, Statistical Local Areas, Statistical Subdivisions, Statistical Divisions, State.

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These data items are available in the Excel spreadsheets for regions in those states/territories (under the 'Population/People' topic heading), and in the SuperTABLE data cubes for those states/territories.

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