4902.0 - Australian Culture and Leisure Classifications, 2001  
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Contents >> Chapter 2. The Industry Classification >> Alphabetic Index of Primary Activities

Alphabetic List of Primary Activities

ClassPrimary Activity

252Advertising agency service
252Advertising campaign production
252Advertising copy writing
263Advertising film production
279Advertising music and jingle recording
252Advertising script writing
252Advertising strategy planning
442Aerial cable car operation (sightseeing)
451Agricultural fair, show or field day operation
431Alcoholic beverage sales - for consumption on premises
471Amusement arcade construction
422Amusement arcade operation
422Amusement centre operation
481Amusement machines maintenance and repair
481Amusement machines manufacturing
422Amusement machines or rides concession operation
482Amusement machines wholesaling
421Amusement park operation
451Animal breeding and showing association or club operation
334Animal breeding services, mainly related to sports or physical recreation
122Animal park operation
263Animated film production and post-production
113Antique art retailing
113Antique book retailing
113Antique centre operation
113Antique musical instrument retailing
113Antique shop operation
113Appraisal of antiques
122Aquarium operation
123Arboretum operation
251Architecture design service
251Architecture service
132Archive or archival service
252Art direction of advertising material (design of advertisements, illustrations, posters etc)
243Art gallery operation - retail
111Art museum operation
241Art photography
272Art school operation
279Art space operation
241Art work creation
483Artists' supplies retailing
265Arts festival operation - film or video
279Arts festival operation - other arts
279Arts festival operation - performing arts
464Association operation - promotion of employee interests in the culture/leisure sector
464Association operation - promotion of employer interests in the culture/leisure sector
322Athletics stadium or field operation
113Auction service, predominantly dealing in antiques
243Auction service, predominantly dealing in contemporary art
279Audio post-production for film or video
272Audio school operation
274Audio/recorded book and periodical reproduction
122Aviary operation

223Ballet company operation
272Ballet school operation
272Ballet teaching
221Band operation
431Bar operation (mainly drinking place)
332Basketball or netball club operation
322Basketball or netball court or stadium operation
419Betting shop operation
452Bible society operation
322Billiard saloon operation
322Billiard parlour operation
419Bingo hall operation
481Blank audio media manufacturing
483Blank audio media retailing
482Blank audio media wholesaling
481Blank video media manufacturing
483Blank video media retailing
482Blank video media wholesaling
451Board game club operation
481Board game printing
341Boat building and repairing
343Boat dealing
343Boat fittings retailing
343Boat hiring
334Boat ramp operation
343Boat trailers retailing
451Book club operation
215Book printing
214Book publishing
217Book retailing
216Book wholesaling
419Bookmaker operation
123Botanic garden operation
471Bowling alley construction
221Brass band operation
451Bridge club operation
442Bus tour operation (sightseeing)
332Bushwalking club operation
333Bushwalking operation with guide
122Butterfly house operation

225Cabaret act operation
471Cafe construction
432Cafe operation
226Cafe operation - provision of a performance venue the primary activity
481Cameras, photographic manufacturing
483Cameras, photographic retailing
482Cameras, photographic wholesaling
341Camping goods manufacturing
343Camping goods retailing
342Camping goods wholesaling
441Camping ground operation
332Car club operation - mainly involved in racing
451Car club operation - mainly not involved in racing
481Caravan manufacturing
441Caravan park operation
483Caravan retailing
482Caravan wholesaling
451Card game club operation
422Carnival operation, including travelling carnivals
241Cartoon drawing
471Casino construction
411Casino operation
279Casting agency operation
241Ceramics creation
221Chamber group operation
451Chess club operation
422Children's fun centre operation
221Choir operation
221Choral group operation
471Church construction
452Church operation
471Cinema construction
265Cinema or motion picture theatre operation
225Circus company operation
223Classical dance company operation
341Clothing manufacturing - for use in sports and physical recreation
343Clothing retailing - for use in sports and physical recreation
342Clothing wholesaling - for use in sports and physical recreation
451Club (common interest) operation
334Coaching and education services for sports or physical recreation
113Collectables retailing
451Collectors' club operation
222Comedy company operation
224Comic opera company operation
253Commercial art design service
243Commercial art gallery operation
242Commercial photography service
451Community festival operation
451Community service club operation
222Community theatre company operation
231Composing music
471Concert hall construction
226Concert hall operation
251Conservation architecture design service
471Construction of cultural or sporting facilities
243Contemporary arts and crafts retailing
279Contemporary art space operation
223Contemporary dance company operation
452Convent operation
273Copyright collection agency operation
279Costume design, making or hire service
451Craft club operation
243Craft gallery operation - retail
243Craft shop operation
483Craft supplies retailing
482Craft supplies wholesaling
241Craft work creation
332Cricket club operation
442Cruise operation (sightseeing)

223Dance-in-education company operation
223Dance company operation
223Dance performance
226Dance rehearsal studio operation
272Dance school operation
332Dart club operation
241Digital art work creation
452Diocesan registry operation
471Discotheque construction
431Discotheque operation
333Dive boat operation with guide
311Dog race course or track operation
311Dog racing administration
311Dog training for racing
222Drama company operation
222Drama performance
272Drama school operation
265Drive-in theatre operation
334Drug analysis laboratories, mainly for sports person or sports animal testing
334Drug testing agencies, mainly for sports person or sports animal testing

481Electronic game consoles manufacturing
483Electronic game consoles retailing
482Electronic game consoles wholesaling
268Email shop operation
462Entertainer/celebrity management or agency service
226Entertainment centre operation
463Event presentation or promotion
463Event production
461Events booking agent
254Exhibition and display design service

469Facilities management services to the culture or leisure sectors
334Farrier services, mainly related to sports or physical recreation
254Fashion design service
122Fauna park operation
121Fauna reserve operation
451Festival operation - community
265Festival operation - film or video
279Festival operation - other arts
279Festival operation - performing arts
264Film and video library services (commercial)
132Film archive service
264Film distribution or leasing
265Film festival operation
279Film or theatre set design and construction service
263Film production
263Film production for advertising
272Film school operation.
481Film, photographic manufacturing
483Film, photographic retailing
482Film, photographic wholesaling
333Fishing charter operation
321Fitness centre operation
121Flora reserve operation
332Football club operation
322Football stadium operation
341Footwear manufacturing - for use in sports and physical recreation
343Footwear retailing - for use in sports and physical recreation
342Footwear wholesaling - for use in sports and physical recreation
333Four wheel drive guiding operation, where participants follow in their own vehicle
442Four wheel drive tour operation - driver provided by the tour operator
122Free range zoo operation
451Friends group operation
222Fringe theatre company

419Gambling (other than at Casinos)
333Game fishing charter operation
469Gaming machine monitoring services
481Gaming machines maintenance and repair
481Gaming machines manufacturing
482Gaming machines wholesaling
422Go-kart centre operation
471Golf course construction
322Golf course operation
322Golf driving or practice range operation
469Government agencies administering or supporting leisure activities involving both the arts and sports and physical recreation
469Government agencies administering or supporting leisure activities involving neither the arts nor sports and physical recreation
334Government agencies administering or supporting sport and physical recreation
279Government agencies administering or supporting the arts
253Graphic design service
311Greyhound training for racing
471Gymnasium construction
321Gymnasium operation

442Harbour cruise operation (sightseeing)
321Health club operation
123Herbarium operation
251Heritage architecture design service
112Heritage theme park operation (consisting of original buildings or where a collection of original artefacts is maintained)
421Heritage theme park operation (not consisting of original buildings or the maintenance of a collection of original artefacts)
469Hire services of equipment for parties, functions and events
343Hiring of marine pleasure craft
266Hiring of prerecorded video material for personal use
343Hiring of sport and recreation equipment
112Historic place, site or house operation
112Historic railway or tramway operation
112Historical society operation - managing museum or collection
451Historical society operation - not managing museum or collection
332Hockey club operation
333Holiday camp operation - mainly outdoor adventure activities
481Home entertainment equipment manufacturing
483Home entertainment equipment retailing
482Home entertainment equipment wholesaling
442Horse-drawn carriage operation (sightseeing)
334Horse-riding school
311Horse and dog racing administration (including government)
311Horse race course or track operation
311Horse training for racing
334Horse transport services, mainly related to sports or physical recreation
471Hospitality club construction
433Hospitality club operation
442Hot air balloon operation (sightseeing)
431Hotel operation (mainly drinking place)
471Hotel (mainly drinking place) construction
332Hunting club operation

322Ice skating or roller skating rink operation
111Indigenous art gallery operation
223Indigenous dance company operation
112Indigenous keeping place operation
222Indigenous theatre company operation
422Indoor play area operation
464Industrial union operation (culture/leisure sector)
222Innovative theatre company
241Installation (art) creation
267Interactive content design and development
267Interactive film production or post-production
267Interactive games design and development service
254Interior design service
234Internet-based recorded music retailing
268Internet access provision
419Internet betting or gambling operation, not operated by a casino
268Internet booth or Internet lounge operation
268Internet cafe operation - mainly providing Internet access
432Internet cafe operation - mainly providing meals or beverages
261Internet radio service
268Internet service provision
262Internet television service
469Interpretation services
232Investing in copyrights for music

241Jewellery design
442Joy flight operation
332Judo club operation

332Karate club operation
419Keno operation

464Labour association or union operation in the culture/leisure sector
442Lake cruise operation (sightseeing)
251Landscape architecture design service
265Large format theatre operation
264Leasing or wholesaling of films, videos and other video media
131Lending library service
471Library construction
131Library service
231Libretto writing
433Licensed club operation
232Licensing production or library music
332Life saving club operation
224Light opera or operetta company operation
279Lighting services for arts
112Local or regional museum operation
419Lottery agency operation
419Lottery operation
231Lyric writing

213Magazine publishing
217Magazine retailing
216Magazine wholesaling
234Mail order recorded music retailing (including record clubs)
471Marina (for pleasure craft) construction
334Marina operation (for pleasure craft)
121Marine park operation, where the animals are not actively managed
332Martial arts club operation
322Martial arts training facility
422Mechanical ride concession operation
334Medical and health sciences research and development services for sport
422Mini-golf centre operation
452Missionary society operation
223Modern dance company operation
452Monastery operation
452Mosque operation
263Motion picture editing
279Motion picture film print manufacturing or reproduction
263Motion picture production or post-production
264Motion picture, movie or video library operation (not hire to the public)
272Multimedia school operation
322Multipurpose sports facility operation
471Museum construction
112Museum operation
462Music group management or agency service
221Music performance
232Music publishing
272Music school operation
272Music teaching
224Music theatre company operation
224Music theatre performance
263Music video production
234Music video retailing
224Musical comedy company operation
279Musical instrument and musical instrument strings manufacture
279Musical instrument repair, restoration and tuning
271Musical instrument retailing - new or second hand

132National and State/Territory archive service
111National and State/Territory art gallery operation
131National and State/Territory library service
112National museum operation
121National park operation
331National sporting association or league
112National Trust museum or collection operation
332Netball club operation
322Netball court or stadium operation
211News collection
217Newsagent operation
212Newspaper printing
212Newspaper publishing
217Newspaper retailing
216Newspaper wholesaling
471Nightclub construction
431Nightclub operation

442Ocean cruise service (sightseeing)
113Online auction service operation, predominantly dealing in antiques
214Online book publishing
213Online magazine publishing
212Online newspaper publishing
122Open range zoo operation
224Opera company operation
226Opera house operation
224Opera performance
221Orchestra operation
332Orienteering club operation
233Originating and releasing (i.e. publishing) musical and other audio recordings
333Outdoor adventure experience provision
333Outdoor education operation
333Outdoor recreation facility operation

241Painting (art)
264Pay television channel provider operation
262Pay television operation
279Performing arts festival operation
462Performing arts management or agency service
226Performing arts venue operation
221Performing music
215Periodical printing
213Periodical publishing
217Periodical retailing
216Periodical wholesaling
334Personal fitness training services
483Pet supplies retailing
483Pets retailing
242Photo journalism service
132Photographic archive service
243Photographic gallery, retail, operation
279Photographic library operation selling rights to photographs, etc.
242Photographic studio
242Photography service
242Photography service for advertising
321Physical fitness centre operation
341Physical recreation equipment manufacturing
343Physical recreation equipment retailing
342Physical recreation equipment wholesaling
322Picnic ground operation
279Picture framing service
422Pinball arcade operation
481Playground equipment manufacturing
483Playground equipment retailing
482Playground equipment wholesaling
226Playhouse or theatre operation
481Playing card printing
332Playing sport professionally
469Poker machine monitoring services
419Poker/gaming machine operating service
322Pony club grounds operation
322Pool hall operation
242Portrait photography service
241Pottery creation
274Prerecorded audio media manufacturing
481Printing - board games and other printed games
215Printing - books, periodicals, sheet music
233Production of retrospective and compilation music albums from existing catalogues
267Production or post-production of multipath films
464Professional association operation in the culture/leisure sector
431Pub operation (mainly drinking place)
111Public art gallery operation
111Public art museum operation
232Publishing music
232Publishing sheet music
225Puppet show operation
222Puppet theatre company operation

311Race horse training
311Race riding or driving
311Racing club operation (thoroughbred, harness or greyhound)
311Racing stables or kennels operation
225Radio announcing
261Radio broadcasting
261Radio program syndication
261Radio programs recording or production
272Radio school operation.
261Radio service operation
261Radio station operation
234Record club operation (retail)
233Record company operation
233Recorded audio media distribution
274Recorded audio media manufacturing
274Recorded books and periodicals reproduction
274Recorded media containing computer games or other electronic game software, manufacturing
279Recorded media containing computer games or other electronic game software, retailing
279Recorded media containing computer games or other electronic game software, wholesaling
274Recorded media manufacturing
234Recorded music and other audio and video product retailing
233Recorded music and other audio product distribution
264Recorded video media distribution
274Recorded video media manufacturing
274Recorded video reproduction
279Recording advertising music and jingles
322Recreation grounds operation
442Reef viewing tour operation
111Regional or local art gallery operation
251Regional planning design service
331Regional/District sporting association or league
226Rehearsal space, venue or studio operation
471Religious building construction
452Religious organisation operation
464Representing groups or individuals in the culture and leisure sectors through a business, professional or labour association
122Reptile park operation
121Reserve operation
471Restaurant construction
432Restaurant operation
113Restoration of antiques and collectibles
271Retailing new or second hand musical instruments
271Retailing sheet music
332Rifle club operation
442River cruise operation (sightseeing)
322Rock climbing operation (indoor)
333Rock climbing operation (outdoor)

333School or youth camp operation, mainly providing outdoor adventure activities
112Science centre operation
419Scratch ticket sales
334Scuba diving school
333Sea kayaking operation
481Seating systems manufacturing
482Seating systems wholesaling
217Second hand books retailing
234Second hand records retailing
212Selling advertising space in own publication (newspapers)
213Selling advertising space in own publication (periodicals)
261Selling advertising time in own radio broadcasts
262Selling advertising time in own television broadcasts
451Senior citizens club operation
215Sheet music printing
232Sheet music publishing
271Sheet music retailing
232Sheet music wholesaling
422Side show concession operation
253Sign writing
332Soccer club operation
231Song writing
132Sound archive service
279Sound recording studio operation including location or mobile sound recording service
279Sound services for arts
112Specialist museum operation
461Spectator sports ticketing agency operation
322Spectator sports venue operation
322Speedway operation (motor racing)
322Sporting club or team operation (with facilities)
332Sporting club or team operation (without facilities)
341Sporting equipment manufacturing
471Sporting facility construction
343Sporting goods retailing
342Sporting goods wholesaling
341Sporting surface manufacturing
342Sporting surface wholesaling
322Sporting venue operation
322Sports grounds operation
462Sports player management or agency service
334Sports science services
471Sports stadium construction
322Squash centre operation
279Staging services for arts
481Staging systems manufacturing
482Staging systems wholesaling
331State/Territory sporting association or league
112State/Territory museum operation
442Steam train tour operation (sightseeing)
264Stock footage distribution
451Strategy game club operation
332Swimming club operation
471Swimming pool construction (in-ground)
341Swimming pool manufacturing (above-ground)
341Swimming pool manufacturing (pre-fabricated shells for in-ground)
322Swimming pool or waterslide operation
343Swimming pool retailing
342Swimming pool wholesaling
452Synagogue operation

471Tavern construction
431Tavern operation (mainly drinking place)
279Technical services for arts
225Television announcing
262Television broadcasting
263Television film or tape production or post-production, not for own use
264Television program distribution
262Television program production (for own use)
263Television program production (not for own use)
262Television program syndication
272Television school operation.
262Television service or television station operation
452Temple, religious, operation
332Tennis club operation (without facilities)
471Tennis court construction
322Tennis court operation
322Tenpin bowling alley operation
241Textile design
222Theatre-in-education company operation
461Theatre booking agency operation
222Theatre company operation
471Theatre construction
432Theatre restaurant operation (provision of a performance venue not the primary activity)
225Theatre sports company operation
461Theatre ticket agency operation
226Theatre/cabaret restaurant, where the provision of a performance venue is the primary activity
421Theme park operation (other)
112Theme park operation (with heritage theme, consisting of original buildings and/or maintaining a collection of original objects)
253Ticket writing
419Totalisator Agency Board (TAB) agency operation
419Totalisator Agency Board (TAB) operation
419Totalisator (on-course) operation
121Tourist cave operation
251Town planning design service
481Toys and games manufacturing
483Toys and games retailing
482Toys and games wholesaling
464Trade union operation (culture/leisure sector)
334Training services for sports or physical recreation
469Translation services
422Travelling carnival operation
332Triathlon club operation
481Turf protection systems manufacturing
482Turf protection systems wholesaling

251Urban planning design service

113Valuation of antiques
225Variety act operation
334Veterinary services, mainly related to sports or physical recreation
264Video - reselling ex-rental tapes
264Video distribution or leasing
265Video festival operation
422Video game arcade operation
266Video hire shop or video hire store operation
263Video production
264Video store stockist operation (wholesaling)
263Video transfer services (including telecine)

112War memorial (including collection) operation
421Water park operation
261Web radio service
268Web site and Web portal management
267Web site design and development service
262Web television service
442Whale watching tour operation
333White water rafting operation
264Wholesaling new videos
232Wholesaling sheet music
122Wildlife park operation, where the animals are actively managed
121Wildlife sanctuary operation, where the animals are not actively managed
431Wine bar operation (mainly drinking place)
112Working transport museum operation
231Writing librettos
231Writing lyrics
231Writing songs

332Yacht club operation
451Youth development group operation
222Youth theatre company operation

122Zoological garden operation
122Zoological park operation

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