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Contents >> Chapter 8 - Data Output and Dissemination


    Data availability


    Other standard releases

    Access to microdata

    Non-standard releases

    Other health and related publications


    Results from the 2001 NHS will be available in the form of:
    • publications and other releases of standard sets of tables
    • unidentifiable unit records
    • tables produced on request to meet specific information requirements from the survey.
      This section outlines the products and services currently available and those expected to be available over the coming months. The program of publications has not been finalised; prices quoted are subject to change.

      Selected results of the 2001 NHS(G) and 2001 NHS(I) are presented in the following publications:
      • National Health Survey: Summary of Results, Australia 2001 (cat. no. 4364.0)
        Released 25 October 2002 - $33.00
        This publication contains summary level statistics for most topics covered in the 2001 NHS(G). The publication primarily presents national results from the 2001 NHS(G), but some tables show results for States and the ACT, and some tables contain results from the 1989-90 and/or 1995 National Health Surveys for comparative purposes.
      • National Health Survey: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Results, Australia 2001 (cat. no. 4715.0)
        Released on 20 November 2002 - $30.00
        This publication presents summary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) results of the "total Indigenous sample" ie. all Indigenous persons surveyed, which is made up of the 2001 NHS(I) sample plus the 483 Indigenous persons selected as part of the 2001 NHS(G) sample. Corresponding information for the non-Indigenous population, together with selected results from the 1995 National Health Survey are shown for comparative purposes.

      In addition to these two summary publications, results from the 2001 NHS will be published in a variety of other publications including:
      • various compendium style publications such as the Australian Year Book (cat. no. 1301.0) and Australian Social Trends (cat. no.4102.0). Further analysis of the Indigenous results from the 2001 NHS is expected to be published in The Health and Welfare of Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, 2003 (cat. no. 4704.0) to be published in August 2003.
      • a series of thematic publications focussing on particular topics or topic areas covered by the survey. A program and timetable for these releases has not yet been finalised, but topics covered are expected to include Injuries, mental health and health risk factors. The content of each publication will be developed in consultation with major stakeholders to ensure that output and analyses are relevant to major policy and current issues.
      • a series of smaller web-based reports and media releases focussing on particular health issues. These are seen as a cost effective way of disseminating results as broadly as possible to the community. A program and timetable for these releases has not yet been finalised.


      Sets of 28 tables, selected from tables contained in National Health Survey: Summary of Results, Australia 2001 (cat. no. 4364.0), but compiled for individual states and the ACT are available in EXCEL spreadsheet format from this web site.

      Also available are 23 tables, based on published tables, compiled by broad categories from the ASGC Remoteness classification. A similar set of tables but compiled to categories from the Accessibility and Remoteness Index of Australia (ARIA) is available through ABS@ Health.

      A set of detailed tables presenting additional Indigenous results from the 2001 NHS(I) will be progressively made available via this web site.

      In considering the release of microdata, the ABS is governed by its legislative obligation not to release information in a manner that is likely to enable the identification of a particular person or organisation. Under this obligation, the ABS is concerned to protect against two main types of risk; spontaneous recognition and matching against other data sources. In order to ensure the confidentiality of respondents the ABS usually removes some items from the microdata it makes available, and reduces the level of detail shown for some other items. However in this process the ABS is conscious of the need to find an appropriate balance between ensuring confidentiality while maximising the usefulness of the data set to users of the data.

      In the past, ABS has released confidentialised data files on floppy disc or CD ROM. To better meet needs for access to microdata the ABS has introduced new arrangements whereby users of the data are granted monitored access to a confidentialised data file; access may be remote or on-site at ABS offices. This arrangement enables greater security around access to, and use of the file, and hence enables more detailed information to be made available than can be released on CD ROM.

      For the 2001 NHS, two confidentialised unit record files will be made available from late March 2003:
      • a national file, on CD ROM, and
      • a file containing State and Territory identifiers which will be available through a Remote Access Data Laboratory (RADL).

      These files contain all 26,863 records from the survey, but some data items have been removed, and the level of detail for some others has been reduced to protect the confidentiality of survey respondents. In addition to the inclusion of State and Territory identifiers, the RADL file contains more detailed information than the CD ROM file across a selection of demographic and health data items. For further details, including a full list of the data items they contain, see Information Paper: National Health Survey, 2001: Confidentialised Unit Record File, which is available from the ABS web site. The price of the files is $8,000.

      A more detailed 2001 NHS(G) file is under consideration for release through RADL mid-2003. Also under consideration for release is a RADL file containing confidentialised unit record information from the 2001 NHS(I). Further information concerning these releases will be posted on the ABS web site at the appropriate times.

      Release of all confidentialised unit record information is subject to the approval of the Australian Statistician, and is contingent upon purchasers of the files, and all persons using the files thereafter, signing undertakings to abide by the legislative restrictions on use and such other conditions of sale as may be determined by the Australian Statistician. These include use of the data for statistical purposes only, not attempting to identify particular persons or organisations and not attempting to match the information with any other unit level list of persons or organisations. Full details of the conditions of sale and use, together with application and undertaking forms, are contained in the Information Paper: National Health Survey, 2001: Confidentialised Unit Record File.

      In addition to products outlined above, a range of special data services are available on request, on a fee for service basis. Subject to sampling and confidentiality constraints, tables can be compiled to individual specifications, and other data and analytical services are available. For people wishing to request special tables, a list of all output data items available from the survey can be accessed through this web site. For further information, contact the Health Section of the ABS in Canberra.

      For clients interested in further information or special data services available from the 2001 NHS Indigenous data, please contact Client Services in the ABS Darwin Office on 1800 633 216. Clients should be aware that, given the relatively small sample size of the 2001 NHS "total Indigenous sample", the geographic breakdown of the Indigenous information is limited. Data are not available for States or Territories.

      Listed below is a selection of other ABS publications from 1994 onwards which may be of interest. Information about current ABS publications and products can be found in the Catalogue of Publications (cat. no. 1101.0), or on-line at www.abs.gov.au.

      TitleABS cat. no.
      National health and related surveys
      1995 National Health Survey
      Summary of Results, Australia4364.0
      Summary of Results, States and Territories4368.0
      Users' Guide4363.0
      Information Paper: Sample File on Magnetic Media4324.0
      Private Health Insurance4334.0
      Cardiovascular Conditions4372.0
      Asthma and Other Respiratory Conditions4373.0
      Use of Medications4377.0
      SF36 Population Norms4399.0
      Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Results4806.0
      1995 National Nutrition Survey
      Users' Guide4801.0
      Selected Highlights4802.0
      Foods Eaten4804.0
      Nutrient Intakes and Physical Measurements4805.0
      Information Paper: Confidentialised Unit Record File4807.0
      1995 National Health Survey and National Nutrition Survey
      How Australians Measure Up4359.0
      1994 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Survey
      Detailed Findings4190.0
      Health of Indigenous Australians 4395.0
      1995 Children's Immunisation and Health Screening Survey
      Children's Health Screening4337.0
      Children's Immunisation4352.0
      1997 Survey of Mental Health and Well-being
      Profile of Adults4326.0
      Users' Guide4327.0
      Information Paper: Confidentialised Unit Record File4329.0
      1998 Health Insurance Survey
      Health Insurance Survey4335.0
      1998 Survey of Disability, Aging and Carers
      Summary of Findings4430.0
      Users' Guide4431.0
      Disability and Long Term Health Conditions4433.0
      Caring in the Community4436.0
      State surveys
      State of Health in NSW, 19954330.1
      Household Safety, NSW 19984387.1
      Falls Risk for Persons Aged 65 Years and Over, NSW 19954393.0
      Safety in the Home, VIC 19984387.2
      Safety in the Home, QLD 20014387.3
      Household Safety Devices, WA 19964387.5
      Health Issues, TAS 19954396.6
      Food Security, TAS 1996
      Australian Demographic Statistics3101.0
      Deaths 3302.0
      Causes of Death3303.0
      Firearm Deaths, 1980-19954397.0
      Causes of Infant and Child Deaths 1982-19964398.0
      Illicit Drug Use: Sources of Australian Data 20014808.0
      Information Paper: Drug-Induced Deaths - A guide to ABS Causes of Death4809.0
      Australian Standard Classification of Drugs of Concern1248.0
      Population Distribution, Indigenous Australians, 19964705.0
      The Health and Welfare of Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, 20014704.0
      Hospital statistics, Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, 1999-20004711.0
      Population Characteristics, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians, 2001 (expected to be released May 2003)4713.0
      Occasional Papers
      Mortality of Indigenous Australians, 19973315.0
      Population issues, Indigenous Australians, 19964708.0
      Cigarette Smoking among Indigenous Australians, 1994-954701.0
      Overweight and Obesity, Indigenous Australians, 19944702.0
      Self-Assessed health Status, Indigenous Australians, 19944707.0
      Australian Social Trends, 20024102.0
      Older People: A Social Report 19994109.0
      Australia's Children, 19994119.0
      Measuring Social Well-being, 20014160.0
      Measuring Australia's Progress, 20021370.0
      Private Hospitals, 2000-014390.0
      Private Health Establishments: Acute and Psychiatric Hospitals4390/1
      Private Health Establishments: Free Standing Day Hospital Facilities4390/2
      Breastfeeding in Australia, 19964394.0
      Household Expenditure Survey: Detailed Expenditure Items 1998-996535.0
      Apparent Consumption of Foodstuffs4306.0
      Participation in Sport and Physical Activities, 1999-20004177.0
      Australian Health Classifications, 19961219.0
      Chiropractic and Osteopathic Services, 1997-988550.0
      Dental services, 1997-98 8551.0
      Physiotherapy Services, 1997-98 8552.0
      Optometry and Optical Dispensing Services, 1997-988553.0
      Audiology and Audiometry Services, 1997-988553.0
      Private Medical Practitioners, 20028689.0
      Health in Australia, 19958901.0
      Australia's Health Trends, 20008902.0
      Australia's Health, 20008903.0
      Australia's Welfare, 19998905.0
      Australian Hospital Statistics, 1999-20008906.0
      National Health Information Model, 19958907.0
      Medical Labour Force, 20008908.0
      Cancer in Australia, 19978916.0
      Australia's Children: Their Health and Well-being, 19988917.0
      Health in Rural and Remote Australia, 19988919.0
      International Health: How Australia Compares, 19998920.0
      Australia's Young People: Their Health and Well-being, 19998922.0
      Health and Community Services Labour Force, 19968926.0

      Chapter 1 - Introduction

      Chapter 2 - Survey Design and Operation

      Chapter 3 - Health Status Indicators

      Chapter 4 - Health Related Actions

      Chapter 5 - Health Risk Factors

      Chapter 6 - Population Characteristics

      Chapter 7 - Data Quality and Interpretation of results

      Chapter 8 - Data Output and Dissemination
      Appendix 1 - Glossary of Terms Used

      Appendix 2 - Sample Counts and Weighted Estimates

      Appendix 3 - Classification of Long-term Medical Conditions: Based on ICD-10

      Appendix 4 - Classification of Long-term Medical Conditions: Based on ICD-9

      Appendix 5 - Classification of Long-term Medical Conditions: ICPC Based

      Appendix 6 - Classification of Type of Medication

      Appendix 7 - Classification of Country of Birth

      Appendix 8 - Classification of Language Spoken at Home
      Appendix 9 - Classification of Occupation

      Appendix 10 - Classification of Industry of Employment

      Appendix 11 - Classification of Types of Alcoholic Drinks

      Appendix 12 - Standard Errors

      Appendix 13 - Content of the 2001 National Health Survey (Indigenous)

      Appendix 14 - List of Abbreviations

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