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The Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) describes all occupations in the Australian and New Zealand labour markets.

It is used to describe data for governments, industry, and businesses to inform and shape educational pathways, skilled migration programs and workforce strategies that equip Australians with skills to get jobs and stay employed.

For more information on ANZSCO please read How ANZSCO works.

Updating ANZSCO

The ABS is undertaking a comprehensive review of the classification to reflect the contemporary labour market and better meet stakeholders’ needs.  The updated classification will be released in December 2024, in time for use by Census 2026.

While ANZSCO has previously had some minor updates, it largely describes the original 2006 version, which was based on the 2001 labour market.

Updates to the classification will be reflected progressively in official labour market statistics from August 2026, including Labour Force time series to improve visibility of new and emerging occupations.

A whole-of-government occupation coding capability will be delivered and made available to industry and the private sector to enable data producers to apply ANZSCO consistently and increase comparability and coherence of labour market data and advice.

How to participate

Public consultation rounds will be held across 2023 and 2024 with each round targeting selected occupations grouped by focus area. The ABS will be inviting submissions on these focus areas through the ABS Consultation Hub.  

Consultation rounds will remain open for a minimum of 12 weeks to provide users of the classification an extended timeframe to submit feedback on their area(s) of interest.

The public consultation schedule provides indicative timeframes for when stakeholder feedback will be sought for each focus area throughout 2023-2024.

A final consultation round in 2024 will allow users an opportunity to provide feedback on the complete set of proposed changes prior to the ABS finalising the classification update for release by December 2024.

Consultation schedule

Stakeholder feedback will be sought for each focus area with additional information on occupations within scope to be provided prior to consultation. The following public consultation schedule provides indicative dates for when feedback will be sought for each focus area throughout 2023-2024.

Consultation Round 1 (1 Feb - 28 Apr 2023)
Occupation Focus Areas
Accounting servicesAdministrative services
Aged care and disability servicesChildcare services
Computer system design and related servicesEducation and training
Financial and insurance servicesLibrary and other information services
Management and related consulting servicesMarket research and advertising services
Scientific research servicesStatistical services
Welfare and social assistance services 
Consultation Round 2 (15 Jun - 6 Sept 2023)
Occupation Focus Areas
Air and space transportAllied health
Architectural, engineering and technical servicesConstruction
Electricity, gas, water and waste servicesManufacturing
Medical, nursing and other health care servicesMining
Property operators and real estateRepair and maintenance
Spatial, surveying and mapping servicesTelecommunications
Tourism services 
Consultation Round 3 (1 Nov 2023 - 27 Feb 2024)
Occupation Focus Areas
Accommodation and food servicesAgriculture, forestry and fishing
Arts and recreationDefence
Legal servicesPersonal and other services
Postal, courier, pick-up and delivery servicesPrint and internet publishing
Public administrationPublic order, safety and regulatory services
Rail transportRetail trade
Road transportSports activities
Television, stage and broadcastingWarehousing
Water transport 

Consultation Round 4

This final round of public consultation scheduled for 3 June - 23 August 2024 (12 weeks) will provide users an opportunity to provide feedback on the complete set of proposed changes prior to the ABS finalising the update of ANZSCO for release by December 2024.

Who can participate

Feedback is sought from:

  • government, all levels;
  • non-governmental organisations;
  • businesses, and industry associations;
  • academic and research institutions;
  • career planning specialists; and
  • any other interested party or person.

Treatment of feedback

The ABS will assess the submissions received from each consultation round and any confirmed changes will be included in the updated classification for release by December 2024.  

If required, the ABS may contact providers to ask additional questions or for clarification.


For information on confidentiality of submissions and personal information please read Privacy - Australian Bureau of Statistics - Consultation Hub.


Please email with any questions on the ANZSCO consultation process or for further information.

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