Commonwealth Child Safe Framework Statement of Compliance

Our commitment to the Commonwealth Child Safe Framework

The ABS is committed to promoting and maintaining a culture that provides a safe environment for children and young people. The ABS has implemented the Commonwealth Child Safe Framework (CCSF), including:

  • developing an internal CCSF Policy which establishes child safe practices across the ABS and details the responsibilities and obligations of ABS staff and contractors when interacting with children and young people
  • undertaking annual risk assessments to evaluate the risk of harm to children and young people, and putting in place strategies to manage those risks
  • appointing child safe officers in key areas to support and advise officers and children on child safe issues.

ABS' interaction with children

The ABS has established practices and processes to help protect children in all ABS activities which involve, result in, or relate to, contact with children. These activities include:

  • collection of data from children via surveys and the Census of Population and Housing
  • children applying for positions at the ABS
  • outbound or inbound communication and social media interactions with children
  • any third parties working with children on behalf of the ABS
  • children visiting any ABS offices or attending ABS events.

Annual Risk Assessment

Since 2020, the ABS has undertaken annual risk assessments to ensure child-safe practices are embedded into the organisation. The assessment identifies activities where contact with children and young people is likely to occur, evaluates the risk of harm and describes the controls put in place to manage the identified risks.  Examples of the controls used by the ABS include:

  • reference and Police checks
  • access control for personal records and survey data ensuring only staff with a valid business need can access the information
  • specific child safety training
  • clear complaints and disclosure procedures.

The ABS is compliant with the CCSF and will continue to adopt better practice as published by the National Office for Child Safety.

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