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Survey of Income and Housing (SIH) is released as a Confidentialised Unit Record File (CURF), Tablebuilder product and as a Detailed Microdata File in the DataLab.

Microdata files are released in accordance with the conditions specified in section 15 of the Census and Statistics (Information Release and Access) Determination 2018, the Census and Statistics Act 1905. This ensures that confidentiality is maintained whilst enabling micro level data to be released. More information on the confidentiality practices associated with microdata can be found at:

For information on the institutional environment of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), including the legislative obligations of the ABS, financing and governance arrangements, and mechanisms for scrutiny of ABS operations, please see ABS Institutional Environment.


The SIH collects detailed information on income, wealth, housing, characteristics of individuals, income units and households from a sample of private dwellings throughout Australia.

Income and wealth data are used by economic and social analysts and policy makers to:
  • understand the distribution of economic resources among private households in Australia
  • identify households most at risk of experiencing economic hardship
  • understand the effects of taxation and welfare payments on people and families

Housing data are used for:
  • housing affordability studies
  • analysis of housing conditions and occupancy, including levels of home ownership and housing utilisation
  • tracking changes in housing costs by tenure type over time


The SIH is conducted every two years. The 2017–18 SIH collected information over the period July 2017 to June 2018. SIH was last conducted in 2015–16 which was combined with the Household Expenditure Survey (HES).

The results from SIH 2017–18 were released on 12 July 2019, just over one year from the end of data collection. The next cycle of SIH is currently being conducted for the 2019–20 financial year. The next combined SIH and HES will be conducted in the 2021–22 financial year.


The microdata contains unit record level data from the SIH. Key findings from the surveys are available from:
Users are reminded that the microdata, as with the published estimates, are sample data. Users are advised to:
  • use the sample weights to ensure estimates represent the population correctly
  • produce and use Relative Standard Errors (RSE's) when interpreting the precision of estimates
  • take note of the survey scope which covers residents of Private Dwellings in all areas except Very Remote Areas of Australia

Steps are taken to confidentialise the data made available on the microdata files in a way that maximises the usefulness of the content while maintaining the confidentiality of respondents selected in the survey. As a result, it may not be possible to exactly reconcile all the statistics produced from the microdata with other published statistics. Further information about the steps taken to confidentialise the SIH microdata is available through How The ABS Keeps Your Information Confidential.


Each cycle of the SIH collects comparable information to allow for analysis of changes over time.

For more information on the changes to SIH over time, please refer to the Historical Information section in the Survey of Income and Housing, User Guide, Australia, 2017–18.

The Basic CURF data item list can be found on the 'downloads' tab. This data item list includes variable comparisons with previous SIH CURFs, lists of new items, items no longer included, and a list of items which have had minor changes (e.g. changes to data item labels or categories).

Further information about the steps taken to confidentialise the microdata is available through the Responsible Use of ABS Microdata, User Guide.


The information within this product should be referred to when using the microdata. It contains information including survey methodology, file structure, using the CURF and using the DataLab, conditions of use and the data item lists.

Further information can be found in the Survey of Income and Housing, User Guide, Australia, 2017–18.


Microdata products are available to approved users. Users wishing to access SIH microdata should familiarise themselves with information available via the Microdata Entry Page.

The SIH 2017–18 microdata can be accessed using a Basic CURF, detailed microdata via DataLab and TableBuilder.

CURF Access Modes and Levels of Detail contains general information on different types of CURF access. A full list of available microdata can be viewed via Available Microdata. The SIH Basic CURF can be accessed on MicrodataDownload. If questions remain please phone microdata access on 1300 135 070.

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