2901.0 - Census Dictionary, 2001  
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 24/04/2001   
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The Mnemonic Index will assist people to use the Classifications section of the 2001 Census Dictionary by providing a ready reference of all mnemonics available from the 2001 Census, along with the name of the variable. The Index is sorted by type of variable: Person; Household/Dwelling; and Family. It also identifies whether the variable will be available from the First or Second release of census data.

Person variablesRelease
AGEP AgeFirst
ANCPAncestry     First
BPFPBirthplace of Female Parent    First
BPLPBirthplace of Individual     First
BPMPBirthplace of Male Parent     First
CDUCPCD of Usual Residence Census Night     First
CITPAustralian Citizenship    First
COMPComputer Use at Home    First
CTPP Child TypeFirst
ENGPProficiency in Spoken English     First
ENGP01Proficiency in Spoken English/Language    First
GNGPIndustry Sector    Second
HRSPHours Worked   Second
HSCPHighest Level of Schooling Completed    First
INCPIndividual Income (weekly)  First
INDPIndustry of Employment   Second
INGPIndigenous Status    First
JTWDZNPJourney to Work: Destination Zone   Second
JTWSAPJourney to Work: Study Area    Second
LANPLanguage Spoken at Home   First
LFSPLabour Force Status/Status in Employment    Second
MDCPSocial Marital Status    Second
MSTPRegistered Marital Status   First
MTWPMethod of Travel to Work    Second
NETPInternet Use    First
OCCPOccupation    Second
POCUCPPostal Area of Usual Address Census Night    Second
QALFPNon-School Qualification: Field of Study    Second
QALLPNon-School Qualification: Level of Education   Second
QALYPNon-School Qualification: Year Completed    Second
RELPReligious Affiliation    First
RLHPRelationship in Household    First
RLNPResidential Status in a Non-Private Dwelling   First
RPIPFamily/Household Reference Person Indicator   First
SEXPSex     First
SLAUCPSLA of Usual Residence Census Night   First
SLAU1PSLA of Usual Residence One Year Ago     Second
SLAU5PSLA of Usual Residence Five Years Ago   Second
STEUCPState of Usual Residence Census Night   First
STEU1PState of Usual Residence One Year Ago    Second
STEU5PState of Usual Residence Five Years Ago   Second
STUPFull/Part-Time Student StatusFirst
TYPPType of Educational Institution Attending    First
UAICPUsual Address Indicator Census Night    First
UAI1PUsual Address One Year Ago Indicator    Second
UAI5PUsual Address Five Years Ago Indicator   Second
YARPYear of Arrival in Australia   First

Household/Dwelling variables Release
BEDDNumber of Bedrooms in Private Dwellings  First
CPADCount of Persons Temporarily Absent from Household  First
DLODDwelling Location  First
DWTDDwelling Type    First
HHTDHousehold Type   First
HIDDHousehold Income Derivation Indicator    Second
HINDHousehold Income (weekly)     Second
HLRDHousing Loan Repayments (monthly) dollar values    First
HLRD01Housing Loan Repayments (monthly) ranges    First
LLDDLandlord Type    First
MCYCDNumber of Motorbikes and Scooters    First
MV1DHousehold One Year Mobility Indicator  Second
MV5DHousehold Five Year Mobility Indicator   Second
NPDDType of Non-Private Dwelling  First
RNTDRent (weekly) dollar values  First
RNTD01Rent (weekly) ranges   First
STRDDwelling Structure First
TENDTenure Type   First
VEHDNumber of Motor Vehicles   First

Family variablesRelease
CDCAFCount of Dependent Children Under 15 Temporarily Absent    First
CDSAFCount of Dependent Students (15-24) Temporarily Absent  First
CNDAFCount of Non-Dependent Children Temporarily Absent First
CPAFCount of Persons Temporarily Absent from Family   First
FIDFFamily Income Derivation Indicator    Second
FINFFamily Income (weekly)    Second
FMTFFamily Type    First
FNOFFamily Number     First
FRLFRelationship Between Families First
SPLFLocation of Spouse First

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