Peak bodies and community groups support the 2001 Census, Aug 2001

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August 2, 2001
Embargoed: 11:30 AM (AEST)
Peak bodies and community groups support the 2001 Census

These include:


‘Good decision-making depends on good data. The census provides one of the most important sources of information we have on the Australian community, giving us a better understanding of how we are developing as a nation. It provides a detailed picture of Australia that becomes the framework for other statistical collections that use the census as a starting point. The census, by helping us know where we are, helps us to create the kind of future we want to share’.

Mark Paterson, Chief Executive of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI)

‘Without a precise snapshot of the Australian population, it’s impossible to forecast our future requirements including basics like housing, schools and shops. When you’re filling out your census form, think about the difference it will make to have a true and accurate picture of our needs.’

Judy Tyers, Executive Director, Business Council of Australia


‘Many young people today will work in careers that haven’t been invented yet. As a society, we have an obligation to make sure we have the capacity to respond to the training needs of the future, and to provide educational options that will benefit both individuals and the nation. It’s only through studies such as the census that we can get a handle on what these needs are going to be.’

Margaret Fanning, Executive Director, TAFE Directors Association

‘Without a reliable source of data such as the census, the higher education sector is less able to forecast trends in education and research requirements. We need information on the characteristics of our population to make sure that there are sufficient university places and choice of courses to meet individual and national needs now and in the future.’

John Mullarvey, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Vice-Chancellors’ Committee


‘It’s important to have an accurate record of our culture and our social history, but even more critical to have information that will help us ensure we can plan for future infrastructure needs. Census data provides all of this and more. It is the most vital record of information on Australians.

Major General Peter Phillips, National President, RSL

‘It’s important for all community groups to allocate resources efficiently, and a clear picture of where services are required most means we can plan and undertake activities effectively. The census is a critical source of such information that gives us a true snapshot of where we can make a difference to Australians.’

John Powell, Executive Officer, Lions Australia

‘Organisations such as the Salvation Army rely on accurate statistical and demographic information to pinpoint what services are required and where they are needed most. We need to ensure that our resources can be targeted to best meet the needs of all Australians, whether they live in our cities or regional remote areas.’

Commissioner Brian Morgan, Territorial Commissioner of the Australian Eastern Territory, Salvation Army


‘Census information is vital to local government and a key factor in planning activities in cities as well as rural, regional and remote areas. It’s most important that we think about the information we provide as part of the census - accuracy is vital to the integrity of the survey and its ability to deliver sound information on which planners in both the public and private sectors can rely.’

Ian Chalmers, Chief Executive, Australian Local Government Association


‘It’s essential that we plan for services to assist seniors, particularly as our population is getting older. Statistics, such as those provided by the census, enable the government to pinpoint what services are needed most and where they should be located.’

Sheila Rimmer AM, President, Council on the Ageing (Australia)

‘The census benefits everyone in our community, but carers particularly can benefit from increased services and supports that can result from such statistical surveys. Privacy and confidentiality are absolute - census information is not cross referenced with other government authorities and the Bureau of Statistics guarantees that it is not sold to market researchers.’

Irene Gibbons, Chief Executive Officer, Carers Association of Australia


‘The Australian census is really vital to social research. It’s important when people complete their form on 7 August to think about how as an individual you are helping to benefit all Australians, and how the information you provide now, will make a difference to our future.’

Archbishop Peter Carnley, Anglican Primate

‘Church groups, welfare and charitable organisations rely on census statistics to complete their work. Whether we are planning homes for the aged, childcare facilities or the location of new schools, it is essential that we have access to accurate and reliable data that gives us a true picture of community needs.’

Archbishop Francis Carroll, President, Australian Catholic Bishops Conference

'Australians can benefit from participating in the Census. ‘The information it provides helps us plan for the needs of our community, now and in the future.’

Archbishop Stylianos, Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia.

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