Papers by Catalogue Number

85 - 86. Service industries

8501.0.55.002Information Paper: Changes to the Retail Trade Series, Jul 2004
8501.0.55.004Information Paper: Changes to Spreadsheets for Retail Trade, Australia, May 2006
8501.0.55.005Information paper: Changes to the Dissemination of Retail Trade Statistics, January 2009
8501.0.55.006Information Paper: ANZSIC 2006 Implementation in Retail Trade Statistics, July 2009, July 2009
8501.0.55.007Information Paper: Measurement of Online Retail Trade in Macroeconomic Statistics, 2013
8508.0Information Paper: Seasonal Influences on Retail Trade, 1998
8511.0Introduction of Improved Monthly Retail Trade Statistics, 1994 Information Paper
8514.0Information Paper: Introduction of Concurrent Seasonal Adjustment into the Retail Trade Series, 1999
8569.0Discussion Paper - Review of ABS Annual Service Industries Survey Program, 2005