Papers by Catalogue Number

52. National accounts

5204.0.55.003Information Paper: Implementing New Estimates of Hours Worked into the Australian National Accounts, 2006
5204.0.55.005Information paper: Product changes to Australian System of National Accounts following revisions to international standards, 2009
5204.0.55.008Information Paper: The Non-Observed Economy and Australia's GDP, 2012
5204.0.55.009Information Paper: Australian National Accounts, Distribution of Household Income, Consumption and Wealth, 2009-10
5204.0.55.010Information paper: Introduction of Mining Natural Resources into Australia’s Productivity Measures, 2012-13
5204.0.55.012Information Paper: Changes to the 2016-17 release of the Australian System of National Accounts, 2016-17
5204.0.55.013Information paper: Changes to selected series in the annual and quarterly Australian National Accounts, 2016-17
5204.0.55.014Information Paper: Australian National Accounts, Supply Use Tables, 2018
5206.0.55.001Information Paper: Changes to Spreadsheets for the Quarterly Australian National Accounts, Mar 2006
5206.0.55.002Information paper: Product changes to National Income, Expenditure and Product following revisions to international standards, 2009
5206.0.55.004Information Paper: Quarterly Current Price Gross Value Added by Industry , 2016
5206.0.55.005Information paper: Upcoming changes to spreadsheet series IDs in National Income, Expenditure and Product, Jul 2016
5206.0.55.006Information paper: New key tables for the presentation of the quarterly national accounts, 2020
5216.0.55.002Information Paper: Quality Dimensions of the Australian National Accounts, 2007
5220.0.55.001Information Paper: Changes to spreadsheets for the Annual State Accounts, 2004-2005
5220.0.55.002Information paper: Gross State Product using the Production approach GSP(P), 2007
5220.0.55.003Information Paper: Changes to Publication and Spreadsheet Tables for the Annual State Accounts, 2007
5220.0.55.004Information paper: Product changes to State Accounts following revisions to international standards, 2009
5224.0Alternative Measures of Income and Saving, Sep 2003
5230.0Information Paper: Australian National Accounts: Input-Output Tables on Floppy Disk, 1989-90
5232.0.55.002Information Paper: Changes to Products Associated with Assets and Liabilities of Australian Securitisers, Mar 2005
5232.0.55.004Information paper: Product changes to the Financial Accounts: Finance and Wealth, 2014
5232.0.55.005Information paper: Product changes to the Australian National Accounts: Finance and Wealth , 2019
5245.0Discussion Paper: Introduction of Revised International Statistical Standards In ABS, 1994
5246.0Information Paper: Australian National Accounts: Introduction to Input-Output Multipliers, 1989-90
5248.0Information Paper: Australian National Accounts, Introduction of Chain Volume and Price Indexes, Sep 1997
5249.0.55.004Information Paper: Tourism Satellite Account: Introduction of Experimental Chain Volume Estimates, 2012-13
5251.0Information Paper: Implementation of Revised International Standards in the Australian National Accounts, 1997
5253.0Information Paper: Upgraded Australian National Accounts, 1998
5254.0Information Paper: Upgraded Australian National Accounts: Financial Accounts, Jun 1998
5260.0.55.001Information paper: Experimental Estimates of Industry Multifactor Productivity, 2007
5260.0.55.003Information Paper: Experimental Estimates of Industry Level KLEMS Multifactor Productivity, 2015
5261.0Economic measurement during COVID-19: Selected issues in the Economic Accounts, May 2020
5271.0.55.001Discussion Paper: Cultural and Creative Activity Satellite Accounts, Australia, 2013
5271.0.55.002Information Paper: Cultural and Creative Activity Satellite Accounts, Australia, 2013