Papers by Catalogue Number

46. Environment

4603.0.55.001Discussion paper: Towards an Environmental Expenditure Account, Australia, August 2014
4610.0.55.004Research Paper: An Experimental Monetary Water Account for Australia, 2003-04
4616.0.55.001Research Paper: A Methodology for Estimating Regional Agricultural Water Use, Sep 2006
4632.0.55.001Discussion Paper: From Nature to the Table: Environmental-Economic Accounting for Agriculture, 2015-16
4647.0.55.001Research Paper: Developing An Alternative View of Electricity and Gas Supply Activity in Australia, 2003-04
4655.0.55.001Towards an integrated environmental-economic account for Australia, 2010
4655.0.55.002Information Paper: Towards the Australian Environmental-Economic Accounts, 2013
4661.0Using electricity data to understand COVID-19 impacts , 2020
4680.0.55.001Information Paper: An Experimental Ecosystem Account for the Great Barrier Reef Region, 2015