Papers by Catalogue Number

20. Census statistical products and services

2004.0Census of Population and Housing: Place of Enumeration Profile, 2011 Third Release
2007.0Census of Population and Housing: Consultation on Topics, 2021
2008.0Census of Population and Housing: Nature and Content, Australia, 2016
2009.0Information Paper: 2006 Census of Population and Housing, ABS Views on Census Output Strategy, 2006
2011.0Information Paper: Census of Population and Housing -- Proposed Products and Services, 2016
2011.0.55.001Information Paper: Census of Population and Housing - Products and Services, 2016
2039.0Information Paper: An Introduction to Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA), 2006
2060.0Discussion Paper: Enhancing the Population Census: Developing a Longitudinal View, 2006
2061.0.55.001Census of Population and Housing: Country of Birth QuickStats, Australia, 2016
2062.0Census Data Enhancement project: An update, 2011
2069.0.30.001Census of Population and Housing: General Community Profile DataPack, Australia, 2016
2069.0.30.004Census of Population and Housing: Place of Enumeration Profile DataPack, Australia, 2016
2069.0.30.007Census of Population and Housing: Estimated Resident Population DataPack, 2011
2069.0.30.008Basic, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples and Time Series Census DVD DataPacks , 2011 Third Release
2069.0.30.009Place of Enumeration, Expanded and Working Population Census DVD DataPacks, 2011 Third Release
2069.0.30.010Estimated Resident Population Census DVD DataPack, 2011
2072.0Census of Population and Housing: TableBuilder Basic, Australia, 2016
2080.5Information Paper: Australian Census Longitudinal Dataset, Methodology and Quality Assessment, 2006-2016