Papers by Catalogue Number

13. Year books and other multi-subject products

1349.0Information Paper: A Guide to Interpreting Time Series - Monitoring Trends, 2003
1351.0Working Paper in Econometrics and Applied Statistics No 2004/2: Mature Age Customers on Income Support: Duration, Transition and Flow Analysis Using FaCS Longitudinal Data Set , 1995 to 2000
1351.0.55.001Working Papers in Econometrics and Applied Statistics: No 2004/1 Measuring the Stock of Human Capital for Australia, Sep 2001
1351.0.55.002Research Paper: Modelling languages other than English spoken in Australia from Census data, 2000-01
1351.0.55.003Experimental Output Measures for the Australian Justice Sector, 1993-94 and 1998-99
1351.0.55.004Research Paper: Estimating Industry-Level Multifactor Productivity for the Market-Sector Industries in Australia, 2005
1351.0.55.005Research Paper: Impact of Demographic and Economic Changes on Measured Income Inequality, Sep 2005
1351.0.55.006Research Paper: Small Area Estimation of Disability in Australia, Oct 2005
1351.0.55.007Research Paper: Beyond GDP: Measures of Economic, Social and Environmental Progress, Oct 2005
1351.0.55.008Research Paper: Collaborating with Civil Society: Reflections from Australia, Oct 2005
1351.0.55.009Research Paper: Comparison of Methods for Measuring the Age of Withdrawal from the Labour Force, Nov 2005
1351.0.55.010Research Paper: Quality-adjusted Labour Inputs, Nov 2005
1351.0.55.011Research Paper: Testing the Reliability of a Measure of Aboriginal Children's Mental Health, Mar 2006
1351.0.55.012Research Paper: Review of Methodology for Estimating Taxes on Production in the Calculation of Household Final Income, Apr 2006
1351.0.55.013Research Paper: Analysis of the Regional Distribution of Relatively Disadvantaged Areas using 2001 SEIFA, Jun 2006
1351.0.55.014Research Paper: Analysing the Terms of Trade Effect on GDP and Employment in the Presence of Low Real Unit Labour Costs, Jul 2006
1351.0.55.015Research Paper: Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas: Introduction, Use and Future Directions, Sep 2006
1351.0.55.016Research Paper: Deriving Measures of Engagement in Secondary Education from the National Schools Statistics Collection, Dec 2006
1351.0.55.017Research Paper: Comparing Living Costs in Australian Capital Cities, Sep 2003
1351.0.55.018Research Paper: Methodology of Evaluating the Quality of Probabilistic Linking, Apr 2007
1351.0.55.019Research Paper: An Estimating Equation Approach to Census Coverage Adjustment, May 2007
1351.0.55.020Research Paper: Explorations of Innovation and Business Performance Using Linked Firm-Level Data, Sep 2007
1351.0.55.021Research Paper: Methodology for Synthesising Estimates of Indigenous Child Health, Aug 2007
1351.0.55.022Research Paper: Population Ageing and the Accumulation of Human Capital in Australia, 1981-2001, Sep 2007
1351.0.55.023Research Paper: Measuring Human Capital Flows for Australia: A Lifetime Labour Income Approach, Feb 2008
1351.0.55.024Research Paper: Exploring Measures of Low Social Capital, March 2009
1351.0.55.025Research Paper: A Linkage Method for the Formation of the Statistical Longitudinal Census Dataset, August 2009
1351.0.55.026Research Paper: Assessing the Likely Quality of the Statistical Longitudinal Census Dataset, August 2009
1351.0.55.027Research Paper: Assessing the Quality of Linking Migrant Settlement Records to Census Data, August 2009
1351.0.55.028Research Paper: Children's Participation in Organised Sporting Activity, Oct 2009
1351.0.55.029Research Paper: Small Area Estimation Using a Multinomial Logit Mixed Model with Category Specific Random Effects, Jan 2010
1351.0.55.030Research Paper: Linking Census Records to Death Registrations, Mar 2010
1351.0.55.031Research Paper: An Analysis of Repeat Imprisonment Trends in Australia using Prisoner Census Data from 1994 to 2007, Aug 2010
1351.0.55.032Research Paper: Measuring Economic Returns to Post-School Education in Australia, Aug 2010
1351.0.55.033Research Paper: Business Innovation and the Use of Information and Communications Technology, Mar 2011
1351.0.55.034Research Paper: Sampling-Based Clerical Review Methods in Probabilistic Linking, May 2011
1351.0.55.035Research Paper: Competition, Innovation and Productivity in Australian Businesses, Sep 2011
1351.0.55.036Research Paper: Socio-Economic Indexes For Areas: Getting a Handle on Individual Diversity Within Areas, Sep 2011
1351.0.55.037Research Paper: Education Performance Indicators and the Census: Accounting for 'Not Stated' Records, Dec 2011
1351.0.55.038Research Paper: Socio-Economic Indexes For Areas: Robustness, Diversity Within Larger Areas and the New Geography Standard, Mar 2012
1351.0.55.039Research Paper: Investigating the Discrepancy between Measured and Self-Reported BMI in the National Health Survey, Mar 2012
1351.0.55.040Research Paper: Investigations into Modelling Estimates of Energy Consumption Reporting Undercoverage, Mar 2013
1351.0.55.041Research Paper: Assessing the Quality of Linking School Enrolment Records to 2011 Census Data, Apr 2013
1351.0.55.042Research Paper: Business Innovation and the Use of Information and Communications Technology - An Update, May 2013
1351.0.55.043Research Paper: Assessing the Quality of Linking Migrant Settlement Records to 2011 Census Data, Aug 2013
1351.0.55.044Research Paper: Assessing the Feasibility of Linking 2011 Vocational Education and Training in Schools Data to 2011 Census Data, Dec 2013
1351.0.55.045Research Paper: Assessing the Quality of Linking School Enrolment Records to 2011 Census Data: Deterministic Linkage Methods, Dec 2013
1351.0.55.046Research Paper: Assessing the Quality of Different Data Linking Methodologies Across Time, Using Northern Territory Government School Enrolment Data, Mar 2014
1351.0.55.047Research Paper: Assessing the Quality of Different Data Linking Methodologies Across Time, Using Tasmanian Government School Enrolment Data, Mar 2014
1351.0.55.048Research Paper: Investigating Algorithms to Report on Indigenous Status Where Status Differs for Student Records Across Years, Mar 2014
1351.0.55.049Research Paper: Examining Association Between Self-Assessed Health Status and Labour Force Participation Using Pooled NHS Data, Feb 2014
1351.0.55.050Research Paper: Temporal Aggregation and Seasonal Adjustment, Jul 2014
1351.0.55.051Research Paper: Feasibility Study of Linking Migrant Settlement Records to Personal Income Tax Data, Aug 2014
1351.0.55.052Research Paper: Firm Dynamics and Productivity Growth in Australian Manufacturing and Business Services, Oct 2014
1351.0.55.053Research Paper: Assessing the Suitability of Temporary Migrants Administrative Data for Data Integration, Nov 2014
1351.0.55.054Research Paper: Big Data, Statistical Inference and Official Statistics, Mar 2015
1351.0.55.055Research Paper: Use of a Prototype Linked Employer-Employee Database to Describe Characteristics of Productive Firms, May 2015
1351.0.55.056Research Paper: A Statistical Framework for Analysing Big Data, Jun 2015
1351.0.55.057Research Paper: Constructing an Experimental Household-Level Socio-Economic Index of Disadvantage Using GSS Data, Aug 2015
1351.0.55.058Research Paper: Death Registrations to Census Linkage Project - A Linked Dataset for Analysis, Mar 2016
1351.0.55.059Research Paper: Unemployment Duration in Australia: A Longitudinal Analysis with Missing Data, May 2016
1351.0.55.060Research Paper: Personal Income Tax and Migrants Integrated Dataset (PITMID) 2011-12 Quality Assessment, Oct 2016
1351.0.55.062Research Paper: Psychosocial risk factors as they relate to coroner-referred deaths in Australia, 2017
1351.0.55.063Research Paper: Australian Business Networks, Dec 2019
1351.0.55.160Research Paper: Using State Space Models for Measuring Statistical Impacts of Survey Redesigns, A case study of the ABS Labour Force Survey, October 2017
1351.0.55.163Research Paper: Synthetic Microdata - A Possible Dissemination Tool, Oct 2018
1351.0.55.164Research Paper: Approaches to Analysing Micro-Drivers of Aggregate Productivity, March 2019
1351.0.55.165Research Paper: Firm Performance and Business Networks, Sep 2019
1351.1.55.160Exploration of state space modelling approaches for statistical impact measurement in ABS time series: The Labour Force Survey as a case study (Methodology Advisory Committee), June 2018
1352.0.55.001Research Paper: Use of State Space Models for Small Domain Trend Estimation in the Labour Force Survey, MAC Paper, 1996
1352.0.55.016Research Paper: Commonwealth Government Statistical Clearing House, MAC Paper, 1998
1352.0.55.017Research Paper: The impact of rotation patterns and composite estimation on survey outcomes, MAC Paper, 1998
1352.0.55.018Research Paper: Testing a new questionnaire for the Australian Bureau of Statistics Labour Force Survey (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 1998
1352.0.55.019Research Paper: Modelling Detailed Business Operating Expenses from ABS Economic Collections (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 1998
1352.0.55.020Research Paper: Training of Methodologists in the ABS (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 1998
1352.0.55.024Research Paper: Design for QEWS : Exclusion of small businesses and direct movement estimation in the quarterly economy wide survey (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 1998
1352.0.55.028Research Paper: Impact of non-response bias in business surveys (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 1999
1352.0.55.029Research Paper: Weighting and Standard Error Estimation for ABS Household Surveys (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jul 1999
1352.0.55.030Research Paper: Aggregation and ABS Time Series (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jul 1999
1352.0.55.032Research Paper: Data Editing Design Principles in a CAI Environment (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jul 1999
1352.0.55.034Research Paper: Methodological Issues Associated with Using BAS Data for Improving Sample Design and Estimation for Business Surveys (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2000
1352.0.55.035Research Paper: Quality Indicators for household surveys (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2000
1352.0.55.036Research Paper: Towards Best Practice for Design of Electronic Data Capture Instruments (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2000
1352.0.55.037Research Paper: Cost and variance modelling for the 2001 redesign of the monthly Population Survey - Part A (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2001
1352.0.55.038Research Paper: Cost and variance modelling for the 2001 redesign of the monthly Population Survey - Part B (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2001
1352.0.55.039Research Paper: Use of concurrent seasonal adjustment for economic time series: the case for Retail Survey (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2001
1352.0.55.040Research Paper: Modelling crime victimisation and the propensity to report crime to police (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2001
1352.0.55.041Research Paper: Quality Measures for Systems of Economic Accounts (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2001
1352.0.55.042Research Paper: Use of ARIMA Models for Improving Revisions of X-11 Seasonal Adjustment (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2001
1352.0.55.044Research Paper: Using the Multinomial Logistic Regression Model to Construct Design-based Estimates for the Input-Output Survey via an Estimating Equation Approach (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2001
1352.0.55.045Research Paper: Measuring the stock of Human Capital for Australia: A lifetime labour income approach (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2001
1352.0.55.048Research Paper: CAI Screen Design Project (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2002
1352.0.55.049Research Paper: Using a Generalised Estimation Methodology for ABS Business Surveys (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2002
1352.0.55.050Research Paper: Reducing Volatility of Labour Force Seasonal Adjusted Estimates by correcting non-sampling survey effects (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2002
1352.0.55.051Research Paper: Winsorization for generalised regression estimation (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2002
1352.0.55.052Research Paper: ABS Analysis Program: Bounds and Focus (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2002
1352.0.55.053Research Paper: Statistical training of statistical services branch staff (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2002
1352.0.55.054Research Paper: Strategies for Synthetic Estimation in ABS Business Surveys (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2003
1352.0.55.058Research Paper: Small Area Estimation Models for Disability (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2003
1352.0.55.060Research Paper: Assessment of risk for Unit Record File disclosure - Spontaneous recognition and population modelling (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2003
1352.0.55.061Research Paper: Statistical Matching of the HES and NHS (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2004
1352.0.55.062Research Paper: Issues Associated with Producing a Longitudinal Dataset of Businesses (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2004
1352.0.55.063Research Paper: Estimation for the Household Income and Expenditure Survey, (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2004
1352.0.55.065Research Paper: Methodology for Producing Synthetic Microdata for Income in Non-survey Years (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2004
1352.0.55.066Research Paper: The General Application of Significance Editing to Economic Collections (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2004
1352.0.55.067Research Paper: Exploring Hedonic Methods for Constructing a House Price Index (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2004
1352.0.55.070Research Paper: Estimation Methodologies Using Taxation Data for ABS Business Surveys (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2005
1352.0.55.071Research Paper: Synthesising Estimates of Indigenous Child Health Based on the W.A. Aboriginal Child Health Survey (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2005
1352.0.55.072Research Paper: A Review of Confidentiality Protections for Statistical Tables (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2005
1352.0.55.073Research Paper: Decomposition of Movement Estimates as a Diagnostic Tool for Repeated Business Surveys (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2005
1352.0.55.075Research Paper: Imputation in Longitudinal Surveys: The Case of HILDA (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2005
1352.0.55.076Research Paper: Exploring Methods for Creating a Longitudinal Census Dataset (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2005
1352.0.55.077Research Paper: Estimating Average Annual Hours Worked (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2006
1352.0.55.078Research Paper: Assessing the Quality of Modelled Estimates (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2006
1352.0.55.079Research Paper: Some Aspects of Turning Point Detection in Seasonally Adjusted and Trend Estimates (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2006
1352.0.55.081Research Paper: Searching for Coherence between Spatial and Temporal Measures of Price Change (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2006
1352.0.55.082Research Paper: Measuring Option Values and the Economic Benefits of Completing Secondary Education (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2006
1352.0.55.083Research Paper: Measuring and Correcting for Information Loss in Confidentialised Census Counts (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2006
1352.0.55.085Research Paper: Estimating the Cyclical Component from Annual Time Series (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2007
1352.0.55.086Research Paper: Socio-Economic Indexes for Individuals and Families (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2007
1352.0.55.087Research Paper: An Evaluation of Cube Sampling for ABS Household Surveys (Methodology Advisory Committee), June 2007
1352.0.55.092Research Paper: Imputation and Estimation for a Thematic Form Census (Methodology Advisory Committee), November 2007
1352.0.55.093Research Paper: Refining the Stratification for the Established House Price Index (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2008
1352.0.55.094Research Paper: Experimental Estimates of Adult Literacy for Local Government Areas (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2008
1352.0.55.095Research Paper: Temporal Aggregation and Seasonal Adjustment (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2008
1352.0.55.096Research Paper: Sample Design Issues for National Surveys of the Indigenous Population (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2008
1352.0.55.097Research Paper: Application of Operations Research to Improving Business Collection Efficiency (Methodology Advisory Committee), November 2008
1352.0.55.098Research Paper: Generalised Linear Models with Probabilistically Linked Data (Methodology Advisory Committee), November 2008
1352.0.55.099Research Paper: Reviewing the ABS' Hedonic Regression Model for Desktop Computers (Methodology Advisory Committee), November 2008
1352.0.55.102Research Paper: Estimating Population Totals by Combining Household Surveys (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2009
1352.0.55.104Research Paper: The Use of Scores to Detect and Prioritise Anomalous Estimates (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2009
1352.0.55.106Research Paper: Small Area Estimation with Simulated Samples from the Population Census (Methodology Advisory Committee), November 2009
1352.0.55.108Research Paper: Sample Design Frameworks for ABS Household Surveys (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2010
1352.0.55.110Research Paper: Analysis of Micro-Data: Controlling the Risk of Disclosure (Methodology Advisory Committee), June 2010
1352.0.55.113Research Paper: Empirical Models for Survey Cost, Response Rate and Bias Using Paradata (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2010
1352.0.55.116Research Paper: Appropriate Use of Box-Cox Transforms for Seasonal Adjustment (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2011
1352.0.55.120Research Paper: Using the EM Algorithm to Estimate the Parameters of the Fellegi-Sunter Model for Data Linking (Methodology Advisory Committee), Feb 2012
1352.0.55.121Research Paper: Constructing Error Bands for Mortality Rates using Simulation (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2011
1352.0.55.124Research Paper: Automated ARIMA Model Selection for Aiding Filter-Based Seasonal Adjustment (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2012
1352.0.55.128Research Paper: Propensity Score Matching: An Application using the ABS Business Characteristics Survey (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2012
1352.0.55.132Research Paper: Robust Modelling of Design Effects for Household Survey Design (Methodology Advisory Committee), Jun 2013
1352.0.55.135Research Paper: Building on SEIFA: Finer Levels of Socio-Economic Summary Measures (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2013
1352.0.55.136Research Paper: Response Modelling for the 2016 Census Enumeration Model (Methodology Advisory Committee), Sep 2014
1352.0.55.139Research Paper: Discrete Choice Panel Data Modelling Using the ABS Business Longitudinal Database (Methodology Advisory Committee), Nov 2013
1352.0.55.140Research Paper: Exploring Methods to Estimate the Intercensal Population of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians (Methodology Advisory Committee), Sep 2014
1352.0.55.142Research Paper: Modelling the Short-Term Dynamics of Unemployment Using the ABS Longitudinal Labour Force Survey File (Methodology Advisory Committee), Sep 2014
1352.0.55.144Research Paper: Methodological Approaches for Utilising Satellite Imagery to Estimate Official Crop Area Statistics (Methodology Advisory Committee), Sep 2014
1352.0.55.151Research Paper: A New Analytical Platform to Explore Linked Data (Methodology Advisory Committee), June 2015
1352.0.55.157Research Paper: Quadratic Optimisation for Table Balancing in Official Statistics (Methodology Advisory Committee), June 2016
1357.0Information Paper: Improvements to ABS Economic Statistics, 1997
1358.0Information Paper: ABS Statistics and The New Tax System, 2000
1362.0Information Paper: Regional Research in Australia - the Statistical Dimension: an Information Development Plan for Rural and Regional Statistics, 2005
1364.0.15.003Modellers' Database, June quarter 2020
1369.0Occasional Paper: Australian Business Register --- A Snapshot, Oct 2000
1370.0.00.003Information Paper: Measures of Australia's Progress Proposed Statistical Indicators, 2013
1372.0Information Paper: Improvements in ABS Economic Statistics [Arising from The New Tax System], 2002
1375.0Discussion Paper: Measuring a Knowledge-based Economy and Society - An Australian Framework, Aug 2002
1378.0Information Paper: Measuring Social Capital - An Australian Framework and Indicators, 2004
1381.0Research Paper: A Review of Regional Development Australia Committee Regional Plans, 2013
1381.0.55.001Research Paper: A Review of Selected Regional Industrial Diversity Indexes, 2011
1385.0Information Paper: Emergency Management Information Development Plan, 2006
1394.0Measuring the impacts of COVID-19, Mar-May 2020
1399.0Discussion paper: ABS Pricing Policy Review Outcomes - Public Consultation, 2006