Media Releases by Release Date

July, 2008

29/07/2008 Older workers are healthier, especially in capital cities: ABS (Media Release), 2004-05 (cat no. 4837.0.55.001)
28/07/2008 ABS updates information for regions across Australia (Media Release), 2002-2006 (cat no. 1379.0.55.001)
23/07/2008 Broadband, complementary health therapies and mortgages all on the up: ABS (Media Release), 2008 (cat no. 4102.0)
22/07/2008 News, light entertainment and sport dominate television production: ABS (Media Release), 2006-07 (cat no. 8679.0)
16/07/2008 Australian Social Trends – to be released in one week (Media Release)
16/07/2008 Western Australian Statistical Indicators, Jun 2008 (cat no. 1367.5)
11/07/2008 Australian students lead the way in 2008 CensusAtSchool project (Media Release)
09/07/2008 Australian Social Trends 2008 - First Media Alert (Media Release)
09/07/2008 NatStats08 Conference features leading social and environment policy advisors