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71. Agriculture statistics - general

7103.0.80.002ABS looking for comments on its next Ag Census (Media Release), 2010-11
7105.0.55.003Have your say – improve Australia’s agricultural statistics (Media Release), 2013-14
7111.0ABS releases first estimates from 2005-06 Agricultural Census (Media Release), 2005-06
7111.0Agricultural production rebounds after drought (Media Release), 2003-04
7111.0Crops and livestock make good recoveries in 2011 (Media Release), 2010-11
7111.0Drought hits wheat production and sheep numbers (Media Release), 2002-03
7111.0Drought impacts crops; sheep & lambs at lowest level since 1924 (Media Release), 2006-07
7111.0Large wheat crop highlight of the 1996-97 season (Media Release), 1996-97
7111.0Livestock numbers up but crops production was down - first figures from 2001 Agricultural Census (Media Release), 2000-01
7111.0Major crops down in 1997-98 - ABS (Media Release), 1997-98
7111.0Principal Agricultural Commodities, Australia, Preliminary (Media Release), 2012-13
7111.0Principal Agricultural Commodities, Australia, Preliminary (Media Release), 2008-09
7111.0Principal Agricultural Commodities, Australia, Preliminary (Media Release), 2013-14
7111.0Principal Agricultural Commodities, Australia, Preliminary (Media Release), 2011-12
7111.0Record wheat and canola crops: ABS (Media Release), 1999-2000
7111.0Rice, sheep and lamb numbers drop to lowest levels since 1920s: ABS (Media Release), 2007-08
7111.0Sheep and meat cattle numbers up in 2004–05, but winter crops down (Media Release), 2004-05
7111.0Sheep flock sizes at lowest levels in 100 years (Media Release), 2009-10
7111.0Summer rainfall leads to a bumper sorghum crop (Media Release), 2014-15
7111.0Wheat production up, beef herds down - ABS (Media Release), 1998-99
7111.0.55.001ABS provides a picture of changes to farm business management practices (Media Release), 2001-02
7111.0.55.002Apple production steady, while pear production falls in 2001-02 (Media Release), 2001-02
7111.0.55.003Large grain crops - Highlight of the 2001-2002 season (Media Release), 2001-02
7113.0Agriculture Australia shows the state of rural industry today (Media Release), 1997-98
7113.0Gross value of agricultural production up to $30.2 billion (Media Release), 1999-2000
7113.0Gross value of agricultural production $28.8 billion (Media Release), 1998-99
7113.0Results of the latest Agricultural Census on new CD product (Media Release), 1996-97
7121.0Agricultural Commodities, Australia (Media Release), 2010-11
7121.0Australia's grain production up (Media Release), 1998-99
7121.0Australia’s sheep flock falls to lowest level since 1905 (Media Release), 2018-19
7121.0Barley and Wheat Leading Farm Sector Recovery: ABS (Media Release), 2003-04
7121.0Broadacre crop production up, livestock numbers down (Media Release), 2009-10
7121.0Broadacre production down, livestock numbers steady: ABS (Media Release), 2004-05
7121.0Bumper crop production for 2016-17 (Media Release), 2016-17
7121.0Canola breaks records in 2012-13 (Media Release), 2012-2013
7121.0Drought drops sheep numbers to lowest since 1924, crops fall by half: ABS (Media Release), 2006-07
7121.0Drought hits agriculture hard in 2002-03 (Media Release), 2002-03
7121.0Impact on agriculture as drought lingers: ABS (Media Release), 2007-08
7121.0Increased livestock disposals drive up agriculture’s gross value (Media Release), 2013-14
7121.0Mixed results for agricultural production in 2015-16 (Media Release), 2015-16
7121.0Mixed season for Australian agriculture in 2017-18 (Media Release), 2017-18
7121.0Production of Australian wine grapes reaches record levels (Media Release), 1997-98
7121.0Record cotton production in 2011-12 (Media Release), 2011-12
7121.0Record wheat, canola and grape crops: ABS (Media Release), 1999-2000
7121.0Sheep and lamb numbers fall to their lowest levels since 1905 (Media Release), 2008-09
7121.0Sheep numbers at lowest level since 1948: ABS (Media Release), 2001-02
7121.0Value of Australian farm production rises to $54 billion (Media Release), 2014-15
7122.0.55.001Wheat grain stocks estimated at 7 million tonnes: ABS (Media Release), June 2009
7127.099% of farm businesses in Australia are Australian owned (Media Release), 2015-16
7127.0Agricultural businesses almost entirely Australian owned. (Media Release), December 2010
7127.0Foreign ownership up but farms still mostly Australian (Media Release), Jun 2013
7128.0Data shows Burdekin is Australia’s sugarcane capital (Media Release), 2019-20
7129.0New partnership producing better data for farmers (Media Release), 2020