Media Releases by Catalogue Number

54. International trade

5422.0Attention: chiefs of staff and news editors (Media Release), Jun 2002
5422.0Australia becomes a net exporter of crude petroleum (Media Release), Mar 2000
5422.0Feature article in International Merchandise Trade today (Media Release), Sep 2002
5422.0Japan's significance as a number one trading partner declines (Media Release), Mar 1999
5422.0Number of exporters grows to over 31,000 (Media Release), Dec 2002
5422.0Trade with Republic of Korea increased significantly over last 10 years - ABS (Media Release), Sep 1998
5485.0$21.2 billion generated by Australian finance and insurance foreign affiliates (Media Release), 2009-10
5494.0Globalisation of the australian economy (Media Release), 2000-01
5495.0Overseas Australian-affiliated business generates $142 billion (Media Release), 2002-03
5496.0.55.001Two-thirds of imports by foreign-owned businesses (Media Release), 2002-03