Media Releases by Catalogue Number

46. Environment

4602.0.55.001Laptops lead while top loaders lag (Media Release), Mar 2011
4602.0.55.001One in five households now use solar energy (Media Release), Mar 2014
4602.0.55.002Diesel on the move (Media Release), Mar 2012
4602.0.55.002Environmental Issues: Waste Management and Transport Use (Media Release), Mar 2009
4602.0.55.003Environmental Issues: Water use and Conservation (Media Release), Mar 2013
4602.0.55.003More Australians using rainwater tanks (Media Release), Mar 2010
4602.0.55.005New statistics to inform on Australia's waste (Media Release), 2016-17
4602.0.55.005Waste Account, Australia, Experimental Estimates (Media Release), 2013
4602.0.55.006Waste management worth $10.4 billion (Media Release), 2010-11
4602.2More inner city Melburnians used public transport than outer Melburnians (Media Release), October 2011
4602.2More Victorian households have rainwater tanks (Media Release), October 2011
4602.2VIC high income households own more environmental products: ABS (Media Release), Oct 2009
4602.3High income households in Queensland more likely to have flat screen televisions: ABS (Media Release), Oct 2009
4604.0ABS Energy program links monetary and physical data (Media Release), 2010-11
4604.0Australia becomes more energy efficient (Media Release), 2014-15
4604.0Australian energy production dominated by exports (Media Release), 2009-10
4604.0Energy Account, Australia (Media Release), 2011-12
4604.0Energy Account, Australia (Media Release), 2010-11
4604.0Energy value increasing, households more efficient (Media Release), 2016-17
4604.0Household consumption of electricity decreasing as expenditure on electricity rises (Media Release), 2011-12
4604.0Households' energy bills rival manufacturing industries' (Media Release), 2013-14
4604.0Increased energy use, increased energy efficiency (Media Release), 2015-16
4604.0Natural Gas Powers On (Media Release), 2017-18
4604.0Snapshot of Australia's energy supply and use (Media Release), 2006-07
4604.0Supply and use of energy increases (Media Release), 2008-09
4609.0.55.001Land Account: Great Barrier Reef Region, Experimental Estimates (Media Release), 2011
4609.0.55.001Land value increases for our Great Barrier Reef (Media Release), 2014
4609.0.55.002ABS releases state land account for the first time (Media Release), 2012
4609.0.55.003Land Account: Queensland, Experimental Estimates (Media Release), 2013
4609.0.55.003Residential land in Queensland valued at $518.7 billion (Media Release), 2011 - 2016
4610.02017-18: Less Rain, More Water (Media Release), 2017-18
4610.0Australia's water use highest in years (Media Release), 2012-13
4610.0Australian's water consumption decreases yet prices rise (Media Release), 2010-11
4610.0Australians paying more for less water (Media Release), 2013-14
4610.0Eastern States are biggest water consumers (Media Release), 2016-17
4610.0Household water use increases 3% (Media Release), 2015-16
4610.0Water Account, Australia (Media Release), 2014-15
4610.0Water Account, Australia (Media Release), 2011–12
4610.0Water account, Australia (Media Release), 2009-10
4610.0Water consumption down, water prices up (Media Release), 2008-09
4610.0.55.008Experimental Estimates of the Gross Value of Irrigated Agricultural Production, 2000-01 - 2007-08
4610.0.55.008Irrigation of cotton and rice increase significantly in 2010-11 (Media Release), 2010-11
4610.0.55.008Irrigation still vital for Agricultural Production (Media Release), 2000-01 to 2009-10
4610.0.55.008Value of irrigated production in 2011-12 at 10 year high (Media Release), 2011-12
4610.0.55.010Water in Canberra cleaner, and there’s more of it (Media Release), 2013-14 to 2016-17
4613.0Australia's Environment: Issues and Trends (Media Release), Jan 2010
4618.0A third more water used on Australian farms (Media Release), 2012-13
4618.0Agricultural water use rises, but remains at low levels (Media Release), 2009-10
4618.0Agricultural water use rises, but remains at low levels (Media Release), 2008-09
4618.0Good rainfall means more water available for the agricultural sector (Media Release), 2011-12
4618.0Increased agricultural water use in 2016-17 (Media Release), 2016-17
4618.0Increased agricultural water use in 2017-18 (Media Release), 2017-18
4618.0Irrigated land in Australia increases to 5 year high (Media Release), 2010-11
4618.0Regional conditions influence agricultural water use (Media Release), 2015-16
4618.0Water use on Australian farms drops as dams dry up (Media Release), 2014-15
4618.0Water use on Australian farms remains at high levels (Media Release), 2013-14
4618.0Water used for irrigation falls 26% in 2018-19 (Media Release), 2018-19
4619.0ABS survey examines protection of the Great Barrier Reef (Media Release), 2008-09
4619.0.55.001Size makes a difference for farmers in Great Barrier Reef catchment (Media Release), 2008-09
4626.0.55.001Australians less concerned and more optimistic about the environment (Media Release), 2011-12
4627.08.4 million hectares for farmland conservation (Media Release), 2011-12
4627.0Decrease in the number of agricultural businesses applying nitrogen based fertiliser (Media Release), 2013-14
4627.0Increase in use of soil enhancers on Australian farms (Media Release), 2014-15
4627.0Land Management and Farming in Australia (Media Release), 2009-10
4627.0More farmers keeping their stubble (Media Release), 2012-13
4627.0Time of change in land management practices for Australian agricultural businesses: ABS (Media Release), 2007-08
4628.0.55.001Completing the Picture - Environmental Accounting in Practice (Media Release), May 2012
4630.070 million hectares of land re-vegetated (Media Release), 2011-12
4631.0Renewable energy jobs surge on the back of solar (Media Release), 2017-18
4631.0Renewable energy jobs up by a third (Media Release), 2016-17
4655.0Australia's natural capital reaches $4,826 billion (Media Release), 2014
4655.0Australia's natural capital reaches $5,838 billion (Media Release), 2016
4655.0Australia's natural capital reaches $6,138 billion (Media Release), 2017
4655.0Australia's natural capital valued at $6,413 billion (Media Release), 2018
4656.5WA households accumulate high energy consuming appliances: ABS (Media Release), October 2009
4660.0Energy, Water and Environment Management (Media Release), 2008-09
4670.0Households spend $99 per week on energy (Media Release), 2012
4670.0SA leads the way with renewable electricity (Media Release), 2012