Media Releases by Catalogue Number

44. Welfare and social services

4402.0Almost half of all children are in child care (Media Release), Jun 2002
4402.0Childhood Education and Care, Australia (Media Release), June 2011
4402.0Fall in mothers' use of flexible work arrangements (Media Release), June 2017
4402.0Grandparents are the main providers of informal care for children of working parents (Media Release), June 2014
4402.0Informal and free - most used child care (Media Release), Jun 1996
4402.0National Families Week and Mother's Day 2003: ABS facts and figures (Media Release), Jun 2002
4402.0Seven out of ten young children attend preschool or a preschool program (Media Release), June 2008 (Reissue)
4402.0Who is caring for our children? (Media Release), Jun 1999
4409.3Ageing well: Snapshot of older Queenslanders (Media Release), 2005
4429.0Four million Australians have a disability (Media Release), 2009
4429.0Most school children with a disability attend regular classes (Media Release), 2009
4430.0ABS survey shows one Australian in five has a disability (Media Release), 1998
4430.0ABS website feature shows extent of caring in Australia (Media Release), 1998
4430.0Almost 2.7 million Australians informal carers (Media Release), 2015
4430.0Disability rates in decline: state and territory data now available (Media Release), 2009
4430.0Disability, Ageing and Carers, Australia: Summary of Findings (Media Release), 2012
4430.0Disability, Ageing and Carers, Australia: Summary of Findings (Media Release), 2012
4430.0Disability, Ageing and Carers: Final Survey Results from ABS (Media Release), 2003
4430.0Mixed outcomes for people with disability (Media Release), 2018
4430.0Older Australians are becoming more active (Media Release), 2015
4430.0Percentage of Australians disabled due to physical health conditions decreased (Media Release), 2009
4430.3.40.001One in five Queenslanders has a disability - ABS (Media Release), 1998
4431.0.55.003People with disability more likely to experience physical violence (Media Release), 2016
4433.0More than 2 Million people of working age have a disability (Media Release), 1998
4433.0.55.003Parents provide majority of care to people with an intellectual disability (Media Release), 2012
4433.0.55.004Psychological disability on the increase (Media Release), 2012
4433.0.55.005Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of all ages more likely to have a disability (Media Release), 2012
4433.0.55.007More assistance needed for those with disability (Media Release), 2012
4436.0ABS: Many carers suffer financially, lose sleep (Media Release), 1998
4436.0Caring role brings some families closer together (Media Release), 2009
4436.0Time spent caring for others on the rise (Media Release), 2012
4438.0Poorer employment outcomes for Australians with disabilities (Media Release), 2009
4441.0More than 4 million Australians do voluntary work (Media Release), 2000
4441.0More than 5 million Australians do voluntary work: ABS (Media Release), 2006
4441.0Women more likely to volunteer than men (Media Release), 2010
4442.0More couple families without dependent children (Media Release), 2006-07
4442.0More mothers employed (Media Release), 2009-10
4442.0One in four children do not live with both natural parents (Media Release), Apr 1997
4443.1One in five people in NSW has a disability (Media Release), 2001
4446.0One-in-five Australians report a disability: ABS (Media Release), 2003
4446.0One in five Australians with a disability (Media Release), 2009
4448.0Who cares? 2.5 million Australians: ABS (Media Release), 2008