Media Releases by Catalogue Number

84. Mining

8401.0Mining industry - continued growth in 1995-96 (Media Release), 1995-96
8401.0Profit up in mining, electricity and gas industries - ABS (Media Release), 1998-99
8401.0Turnover in mining up, electricity and gas down (Media Release), 1996-97
8401.0Turnover up in mining, electricity and gas industries (Media Release), 1997-98
8412.0ABS report charts decline in exploration expenditure (Media Release), Dec 1998
8412.0Expenditure on mineral and petroleum exploration continues to fall (Media Release), Mar 1999
8412.0Expenditure On Mineral And Petroleum Exploration Falls (Media Release), Sep 2001
8412.0Exploration expenditure at lowest levels since 1993-94 - ABS (Media Release), Jun 1999
8412.0Exploration expenditure continues to decline (Media Release), Dec 1999
8412.0Exploration expenditure decline continues - ABS (Media Release), Sep 1998
8412.0Exploration expenditure declines (Media Release), Mar 2002
8412.0Exploration expenditure slumps to seven year low (Media Release), Mar 2000
8412.0Exploration expenditure still in decline (Media Release), Sep 1999
8412.0Mineral and Petroleum expenditure for June quarter (Media Release), Jun 2002
8412.0Mineral exploration expenditure at two year high (Media Release), Jun 2001
8412.0Mineral exploration expenditure continues to fall (Media Release), Mar 1998
8412.0Mineral exploration expenditure levelled off (Media Release), Jun 2000
8412.0Overseas mineral exploration expenditure up in 1995-96 (Media Release), Sep 1996
8412.0Overseas mineral exploration expenditure up in 1996-97 (Media Release), Sep 1997
8412.0Petroleum and mineral exploration expenditure increases (Media Release), Dec 2000
8412.0Petroleum exploration expenditure continues to increase (Media Release), Mar 2001
8412.0Petroleum exploration expenditure increases (Media Release), Sep 2000
8412.0Petroleum exploration up, mineral exploration steady (Media Release), Dec 2001
8412.0Private Mineral Exploration, December Quarter 1997 - ABS (Media Release), Dec 1997
8412.0$3.1m spent on land access for mineral exploration in 2001-02 (Media Release), Mar 2003
8414.0ABS snapshot shows mining profits down (Media Release), 1998-99
8414.0Profits up 6% for the mining sector in 1996-97 - ABS (Media Release), 1996-97
8415.0Drop in sales erodes coal miners' profits (Media Release), 2012-13
8415.0Increased sales, increased profits in mining industry (Media Release), 1999-2000
8415.0Oil, Gas Profits Up; Coal, Metals Down (Media Release), 1999-2000
8415.0Profits up 6% for the mining industry in 1997 98 - ABS (Media Release), 1997-98
8416.0New ABS Directory of Mining Statistics (Media Release), 1999