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ABS products

Australian Social Trends, 2004 (4102.0)

Causes of Death, Australia (3303.0)

Deaths, Australia (3302.0)

Deaths from External Causes, Australia, 2004 (3320.0)

Household Expenditure Survey, Australia: Detailed Expenditure Items, 1998-99 (6535.0)

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Survey, 2002 (4714.0)

National Health Survey: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Results, Australia, 2001 (4715.0)

National Health Survey: Injuries, Australia, 2001 (4384.0)

National Health Survey: Mental Health, Australia, 2003 (4811.0)

National Health Survey: Summary of Results, Australia, 2001 (4364.0)

Occasional Paper: Long-term Health Conditions - A Guide To Time Series Comparability From The National Health Survey, Australia, 2001 (4816.0.55.001)

Private Hospitals, Australia, 2002-03 (4390.0)

The Health and Welfare of Australia's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, 2003 (4704.0)

Other publications

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