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Contents >> ACT Museums, Art Galleries, and Libraries - Jul 2005

This article presents results for the ACT from two Australian Bureau of Statistics surveys conducted for the 2003-04 financial year - Museums, Australia (cat. no. 8560.0) and Public Libraries, Australia (cat. no. 8561.0).

The museums survey was the fourth such survey. It considers those organisations across Australia that were engaged in the operation of museums and art galleries. Previous surveys were conducted in 1999-2000, 1997-98, and 1996-97.

The library survey covered public libraries throughout Australia. This was the third time the survey has been conducted (it was previously conducted in 1999-2000 and 1996-97). The commentary following relates to ACT local government public libraries, and excludes data relating to national and state libraries and archives located within the ACT.


At 30 June 2004, there were 23 museum and art gallery locations operating within the ACT, holding over 1 million museum objects and artworks. During 2003-04 they conducted 100 special exhibitions.


Canberra's museums and galleries combined had more visits than those of most other States and Territories. There were over 3.4 million admissions to ACT museums and art galleries during 2003-04, which represented 11% of the total admissions to Australian museums and art galleries. Only Victoria and New South Wales had more admissions.

Admissions by State(a)
Graph - Admissions to museums by state(a)

Paid and Free Admissions

Some 84% of all admissions to ACT museums and art galleries were free during 2003-04, the highest of all states and territories. South Australia was next, with 78% of all admissions free.
Paid and Free Admissions by State(a)
Graph - Paid and free admissions by state(a)


There were 993 people employed in ACT museums and art galleries at 30 June 2004, which accounted for 13% of all museum and art gallery employment in Australia. The ACT was the third largest employer of all states and territories, behind New South Wales (2,542) and Victoria (2,011). During the month of June 2004 there were also 611 volunteers working in ACT museums and art galleries. The ACT was the only state or territory in which the number of paid employees exceeded the number of volunteers.


At 30 June 2004, there were 11 public library locations (including 2 mobile libraries) in the ACT. Together they held over half a million books and other library materials. These libraries were visited by more than 1.8 million people during 2003-04, who made over 2.4 million loans. On average there were 7 Internet workstations per ACT library location at 30 June 2004, more than in any other state or territory.

Visits and Loans

The 1.8 million visits to ACT libraries represented about 5.5 visits per head of population, higher than the national average. In contrast, the number of loans per head of resident population was lower for the ACT than for Australia. Total loans to the public from ACT libraries for 2003-04 were 2.4 million in number, of which 1.8 million were for books (75%). The graph below compares ACT visits to, and loans from, libraries with other states and territories per head of resident population.
Library Visits and Loans, States and territories(a)

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