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Method of Travel to Work (MTWP)

This variable records up to three methods, or means, of travel to work on the day of the Census, for each person aged 15 years and over who was employed during the week before the Census. The data are used in Place of Work (POWP) analysis, and transport planning. It should be noted that it refers to method on the day of the Census, not usual method used.

The question on method of travel (Question 45) allows for multiple answers in all categories except walked only, worked at home, and did not go to work; for example, a journey to work by car as the driver, by ferry and then bus, would be recorded as such, i.e. all three modes would be coded.

The response options for MTWP were expanded for the 2001 Census. The 1996 method of travel ferry/tram was split in two, and the option of truck was added. Tram includes light rail.

Statistics gathered from this question give an indication of the way people travelled to work on Census day, however, some issues in practical application of the statistics should be noted when they are used in conjunction with Place of Work (POWP) data.

The following points should be particularly noted:

    • Method of travel to work and journey to work travel involve different time periods. Statistics on method of travel relate to 8 August 2006, while journey to work and other labour force statistics relate to the main job held last week, meaning the week before the Census. For example, a person may have been working in the centre of Sydney on 8 August 2006 and have travelled there by train but, in the week before the Census, may have been working in an outer suburb of Sydney and travelled there by car.
    • A person who had a job last week may have been unemployed, retired, or on leave on 8 August 2006 and therefore did not go to work on that day. On the other hand, a person may have been unemployed last week but have a designated method of travel to work on 8 August 2006 because he/she had since become employed. However, MTWP would be not applicable in the second instance, as it is only applicable to employed persons based on labour force status in the week before the Census.

See also Information Consultancy, Place of Work (POWP), Working population.

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