1001.0 - Annual Report - ABS Annual Report, 2003-04  
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Contents >> Section 6 - Appendixes >> Appendix 14 - Disclosure of Unidentified Information

The Statistics Determination (Statutory Rules 1983 No. 19) made by the Minister under section 13 of the Census and Statistics Act 1905, provides for the disclosure, with the approval in writing of the Statistician, of specified classes of information. Clause 7 of the Determination provides for the disclosure of unidentified individual statistical records in a manner that is not likely to enable the identification of the person or organisation to which they relate.

Disclosures of unidentified information under clause 7 of the Statistics Determination are shown in the following table.

Table 14.1 Statistical collections - disclosure of unidentified information, 2003-04

Survey date

Australian housing survey1994
Australian housing survey1999
Australians' employment and unemployment patterns survey1994-97
Business growth and performance survey1994-95, 1995-96, 1996-97, 1997-98 (combined)
Census 1% sample file1981
Census 1% sample file1986
Census 1% sample file1991
Census 1% sample file1996
Census 1% sample file2001
Child care arrangements survey1984
Child care survey1996
Child care survey1999
Disability, ageing and carers survey1998
Education and training survey1997
Education and work survey2001
Education, training and information technology survey2001
Forms of employment survey1998
Household expenditure survey1975-76
Household expenditure survey1984
Household expenditure survey1988-89
Household expenditure survey1993-94
Household expenditure survey (second fiscal incidence study edition)1993-94
Household expenditure survey (second fiscal incidence study edition)1998-99
Income and housing costs and amenities survey1990
Income and housing costs survey1994-95
Income and housing costs survey1995-96
Income and housing costs survey1996-97
Income and housing costs survey1997-98
Income and housing costs survey1999-2000
Income and housing costs survey2000-01
Income and housing survey1982
Income distribution survey1986
Labour mobility survey1984
Labour mobility survey1991
Labour mobility survey1994
Monthly labour force survey2001 (August-November)
National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander survey1994
National health survey1977-78
National health survey1983
National health survey1989-90
National health survey1995
National health survey2001
National health survey (Indigenous file)2001
National survey of mental health and wellbeing of adults (2nd revised)1997
Population survey monitor1997 (February-November)
Time use survey1992
Time use survey1997
Training and education survey1993
Voluntary work in Australia survey2000
Women's safety survey1996

Total number of disclosures of unidentified information under clause 7 of the Statistics Determination between 2001-02 and 2003-04 are shown in the following table.

Table 14.2 Disclosure of unidentified information, summary

Clause 7 - number of individual disclosures(a)


(a) Does not include renewals of previously released files.

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