7105.0 - ABS Agriculture Statistics Collection Strategy - 2008-09 and beyond, 2008-09  
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 17/12/2008   
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Need definedData items requiredFrequencyGeographic
ANZSIC level/
PriorityCurrent best source

Developing and monitoring industry development policy Value of agriculture productionAnnuallySLAClassHighVACP (a)

Livestock numbers and salesAnnuallySLAClassHighAS/AC (b)

Numbers of farmsAnnuallySLAClassHighAS/AC (b)

Area and production of cropsAnnuallySLAClassHighAS/AC (c)

Area and production of pastureAnnuallySLAClassHighAS/AC (d)

Managers characteristicsAnnuallySLAClassHighAS/AC (d)

Management behaviourAnnuallySLAClassHighAS/AC (d)

Participation in commonwealth training programsAnnuallySLAClassHighAS/AC (d)

Emerging commoditiesAnnuallySLAClassHighNot available

Early estimates of value of commodities producedAnnuallySLAClassHighQLD DPI & F

Income/receiptsAnnuallySLAClassHighABARE Farm Surveys (f)

ExpensesAnnuallySLAClassHighABARE Farm Surveys (f)

ProfitsAnnuallySLAClassHighABARE Farm Surveys (f)

Capital inventoryAnnuallySLAClassHighABARE Farm Surveys (f)

Net return on assetsAnnuallySLAClassHighABARE Farm Surveys (f)

EmploymentAnnuallySLAClassHighABARE Farm Surveys (f)

Integrated commodity and
financial data
AnnuallySLAClassHighABARE Farm Surveys (f)

Key performance measures:
Strategic planning
Capacity for change
Financial self reliance
Market competitiveness
Natural resource management
IrregularStateClassHighDAFF (Solutions Survey, 1998, 2000 & 2002 – Not published)

Business demographic data:
By employment
By turnover
By profit
By industry
IrregularStateClassHighEAS - experimental data, 2002-03

Demographic profile of farmers linked to commodity, farm management and land use dataAnnuallySLAClassHighABARE Farm surveys (f)

Developing and monitoring of NRM and water policiesDemographic profile of farmers linked to commodity, farm management and land use dataAnnuallyGeocoded areasClassHighABARE Farm Surveys (f)

Natural resource management practicesBiennialGeocoded areasClassHighABS NRM Surveys

Land clearingAnnuallyGeocoded areasClassHighNot available

Land management practicesAnnuallyGeocoded areasClassHighAS/AC (d)

Tree and shrub plantingsAnnuallyGeocoded areasClassHighAS/AC (b)

Area and production of crops and pasturesAnnuallyGeocoded areasClassHighAS/AC (c)

Water useAnnuallyGeocoded areasClassHighABS Water Survey - Agriculture

Water tradingAnnuallyGeocoded areasClassHighABS Water Survey - Agriculture

Area affected by salinityFive yearlyGeocoded areasClassHighLM&SS (g)

Salinity management strategiesFive yearlyGeocoded areasClassHighLM&SS (g)

Barriers to changeFive yearlyGeocoded areasClassHighLM&SS (g)

Water usage by industryFive yearlyStateClassHighABS Water Account

Important social and economic factors shaping landholder decision makingIrregularRiver catchmentsn.a.HighBRS Landholders Surveys (Not published)

Status of land, water and vegetation resourcesFive yearlyStateClassHighNLWRA

Making and monitoring of market access and bio-security, and greenhouse policiesLivestock slaughterings and meat productionMonthlyStateCommodityHighLivestock slaughtered survey

Merchandise exportsMonthlyPort/StateCommodityHighIMES (h)

Tariff rates, quota levelsQuarterlyCountryCommodityHighOECD & WTO

Veterinary chemical useAnnuallyStateClassMediumNot available

Herbicide/Pesticide useAnnuallyStateClassMediumNot available

Uptake of innovative farm management practices and use of ITAnnuallyStateClassMediumAS/CS (d)

Participation in Cwlth training programsAnnuallySLAClassMediumAS/CS (d)

Costs, income, profitabilityAnnuallySLAClassMediumABARE Farm surveys (f)

Tillage practicesAnnuallyStateClassHighAS/AC (d)

Numbers of livestockAnnuallyStateCommodityHighAS/AC (b)

Greenhouse gas emissionsAnnuallyNationalClassHighAGO

Land values by land use patternsFive yearlySLAn.a.MediumNot available

Interstate trade in agricultural commoditiesAnnuallyStateClassHighNot available

Linking of commodity data with financial dataAnnuallySLAClassHighABARE Farm Surveys (f)

Global tradeCommodity productionAnnuallyRegionCommodityHighAS/AC (c)

Numbers of livestockAnnuallyRegionCommodityHighAS/AC (b)

Lambing ratiosAnnuallyRegionCommodityHighAS/AC (b)

Lambing intentionsAnnuallyRegionCommodityHighAS/AC (b)

Grain held on holdingAnnuallyRegionCommodityHighABARE Farm surveys (f)

Tariff rates and quotasAnnuallyRegionCommodityHighOECD, WTO

Livestock slaughterings and meat productionAnnuallyRegionCommodityHighABS Livestock slaughtered survey

Apple and pear production by varietyAnnuallyRegionCommodityHighABS Apples & Pears Collection

Grape production by varietyAnnuallyRegionCommodityHighABS Viticulture Collection

Live animal exportsQuarterlyRegionCommodityHighAQIS

Feedlot productionQuarterlyRegionCommodityHighMLA Feedlot survey

Volume and price of livestock
DailyRegionalCommodityHighLivestock Market Reports (NLRS)

Stocks of grainQuarterlyRegionCommodityHighABS Stocks of Grains Survey (j)

Merchandise exportsMonthlyPort/StateCommodityHighIMES (h)

Wool productionQuarterlyRegionCommodityHighABS Wool Receivals and Purchases Collection

Investment strategiesIncome AnnuallySLAClass MediumABARE Farm Surveys (f)

ExpensesAnnuallySLAClassMediumABARE Farm Surveys (f)

ProfitAnnuallySLAClassMediumABARE Farm Surveys (f)

Net return on assetsAnnuallySLAClass MediumABARE Farm Surveys (f)

Macro statisticsCommodity productionQuarterlyStateClassHighAS/AC (c)

Grain held on holdingQuarterlyStateClassHighAS/AC (c)

Hay/silage held on holdingQuarterlyStateClassHighABARE Farm Surveys (f)

Interstate tradeQuarterlyStateClassHighNot available

Value of commodities producedQuarterlyStateClassHighVACP (a)

IncomeQuarterlyStateClassHighEAS - experimental data, (i)

ExpensesQuarterlyStateClassHighEAS - experimental data, (i)

Value addedQuarterlyStateClassHighEAS - experimental data, (i)

Profit/COSQuarterlyStateClassHighEAS - experimental data, (i)

Net return on assetsQuarterlyStateClassHighEAS - experimental data, (i)

n.a. not applicable

(a) Value of Agricultural Commodities Produced. Data available for principal commodities at SLA level in census years and SD in survey years.
(b) ABS Agriculture Survey/Census. Annual data available at SLA, aggregated MB level in census years and SD/NRM in survey years.
(c) ABS Agriculture Survey/Census. Annual data available for principal commodities at SLA, aggregated MB or SA1 level in census years and SD/NRM in survey years.
(d) ABS Agriculture Survey/Census. Data available on an irregular basis.
(e) Prospects for QLD Industries (QLD DPI & F). Data available for QLD at the State level for principal commodities.
(f) Data available for broadacre and dairy industries only. Available at the ABARE region level. In addition, ABARE undertake user funded surveys of specific industries on an irregular basis on behalf of clients. Some of this additional data is published.
(g) ABS Land Management and Salinity Survey 2002. Data available at SD level.
(h) ABS International Merchandise Export Statistics.
(i) ABS Economic Activity Survey, 2002-03, experimental data. Data may be available on an annual basis. Additional experimental work being undertaken.
(j) ABS Stocks of Grain Survey has collected data over various periods of time.