5215.0.55.001 - Australian National Accounts: Input-Output Tables (Product Details) - Electronic Publication, 1998-99  
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 09/07/2004   
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Input-output industry classificationCorresponding ANZSIC industries
1 Agriculture; hunting and trapping
0101Sheep0122 (part)Grain-Sheep and Grain-Beef Cattle Farming
0123 (part)Sheep-Beef Cattle Farming
0124Sheep Farming
0102Grains0121Grain Growing
0122 (part)Grain-Sheep and Grain-Beef Cattle Farming
0103Beef cattle0122 (part)Grain-Sheep and Grain-Beef Cattle Farming
0123 (part)Sheep-Beef Cattle Farming
0125Beef Cattle Farming
0104Dairy cattle0130Dairy Cattle Farming
0105Pigs0151Pig Farming
0106Poultry0141,2Poultry Farming
0107Other agriculture0111Plant Nurseries
0112Cut Flower and Flower Seed Growing
0113Vegetable Growing
0114-7,9Fruit Growing
0152,3,9Other Livestock Farming
0161,2,9Other Crop Growing
0200Services to agriculture; hunting0211-3,9Services to Agriculture
and trapping0220Hunting and Trapping
2 Forestry and fishing
0300Forestry and logging0301-3Forestry and Logging
0400Commercial fishing0411-5,9Marine Fishing
3 Mining
1100Coal; oil and gas1101,2Coal Mining
1200Oil and Gas Extraction
1301Iron ores1311Iron Ore Mining
1302Non-ferrous metal ores1312-7,9Non-Ferrous Metal Ore Mining
1400Other mining1411,9Construction Material Mining.
1420Mining n.e.c.
1500Services to mining1511-4Exploration
1520Other Mining Services
4 Meat and dairy products
2101Meat and meat products2111-3Meat and Meat Product Manufacturing
2102Dairy products2121,2,9Dairy Product Manufacturing
5 Other food products
2103Fruit and vegetable products2130Fruit and Vegetable Processing
2104Oils and fats2140Oil and Fat Manufacturing
2105Flour mill products and cereal foods 2151,2Flour Mill and Cereal Food Manufacturing
2106Bakery products2161-3Bakery Product Manufacturing
2107Confectionery2172Confectionery Manufacturing
2108Other food products2171,3,4,9Other Food Manufacturing
6 Beverages and tobacco products
2109Soft drinks, cordials and syrups2181Soft Drink, Cordial and Syrup Manufacturing
2110Beer and malt2182Beer and Malt Manufacturing
2111Wine and spirits2183Wine Manufacturing
2184Spirit Manufacturing
2112Tobacco products2190Tobacco Product Manufacturing
7 Textiles
2201Textile fibres, yarns and woven fabrics2211Wool Scouring
2212Synthetic Fibre Textile Manufacturing
2213Cotton Textile Manufacturing
2214Wool Textile Manufacturing
2215Textile Finishing
2202Textile products2221-3,9Textile Product Manufacturing
2203Knitting mill products2231,2,9Knitting Mill Product Manufacturing
8 Clothing and footwear
2204Clothing2241-3,9Clothing Manufacturing
2205Footwear2250Footwear Manufacturing
2206Leather and leather products2261,2Leather and Leather Product Manufacturing
9 Wood and wood products
2301Sawmill products2311-3Log Sawmilling and Timber Dressing
2302Other wood products2321Plywood and Veneer Manufacturing
2322Fabricated Wood Manufacturing
2323Wooden Structural Component Manufacturing
2329Wood Product Manufacturing n.e.c.
10 Paper and paper products; printing and publishing
2303Pulp, paper and paperboard2331Pulp, Paper and Paperboard Manufacturing
2304Paperboard containers; paper 2332Solid Paperboard Container Manufacturing
bags and sacks2333Corrugated Paperboard Container Manufacturing
2334Paper Bag and Sack Manufacturing
2339Paper Product Manufacturing n.e.c.
2401Printing and services to printing2411-3Printing and Services to Printing
2402Publishing; recorded media and2421-3Publishing
publishing2430Recorded Media Manufacturing and Publishing
11 Petroleum and coal products
2501Petroleum and coal products2510Petroleum Refining
2520Petroleum and Coal Product Manufacturing n.e.c
12 Chemicals
2502Basic chemicals2531Fertiliser Manufacturing
2532Industrial Gas Manufacturing
2533Synthetic Resin Manufacturing
2534Organic Industrial Chemical Manufacturing n.e.c.
2535Inorganic Industrial Chemical Manufacturing n.e.c.
2503Paints2542Paint Manufacturing
2504Medicinal and pharmaceutical products; pesticides2543Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Product Manufacturing
2544Pesticide Manufacturing
2505Soap and detergents2545Soap and Other Detergent Manufacturing
2506Cosmetic and toiletry preparations2546Cosmetic and Toiletry Preparation Manufacturing
2507Other chemical products2541Explosive Manufacturing
2547Ink Manufacturing
2549Chemical Product Manufacturing n.e.c.
13 Rubber and plastic products
2508Rubber products2551,9Rubber Product Manufacturing
2509Plastic products2561-6Plastic Product Manufacturing
14 Non-metallic mineral products
2601Glass and glass products2610Glass and Glass Product Manufacturing
2602Ceramic products2621-3,9Ceramic Product Manufacturing
2603Cement, lime and concrete slurry2631Cement and Lime Manufacturing
2633Concrete Slurry Manufacturing
2604Plaster and other concrete products2632Plaster Product Manufacturing
2634Concrete Pipe and Box Culvert Manufacturing
2635Concrete Product Manufacturing n.e.c.
2605Other non-metallic mineral products2640Non-Metallic Mineral Product Manufacturing n.e.c.
15 Basic metals and products
2701Iron and steel2711-3Iron and Steel Manufacturing
2702Basic non-ferrous metals and products2721-3,9Basic Non-Ferrous Metal Manufacturing
2731-3Non-Ferrous Basic Metal Product Manufacturing
16 Fabricated metal products
2703Structural metal products2741,2,9Structural Metal Product Manufacturing
2704Sheet metal products2751,9Sheet Metal Product Manufacturing
2705Fabricated metal products2761-5,9Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
17 Transport equipment
2801Motor vehicles and parts; other2811-3,9Motor Vehicle and Part Manufacturing
transport equipment2829Transport Equipment Manufacturing n.e.c.
2802Ships and boats2821Shipbuilding
2803Railway equipment2823Railway Equipment Manufacturing
2804Aircraft2824Aircraft Manufacturing
18 Other machinery and equipment
2805Photographic and scientific equipment2831,2,9Photographic and Scientific Equipment Manufacturing
2806Electronic equipment2841,2,9Electronic Equipment Manufacturing
2807Household appliances2851Household Appliance Manufacturing
2808Other electrical equipment2852Electric Cable and Wire Manufacturing
2853Battery Manufacturing
2854Electric Light and Sign Manufacturing
2859Electrical Equipment Manufacturing n.e.c.
2809Agricultural, mining and construction 2861Agricultural Machinery Manufacturing
machinery; lifting and material handling equipment 2862Mining and Construction Machinery Manufacturing
2865Lifting and Material Handling Equipment Manufacturing
2810Other machinery and equipment2863Food Processing Machinery Manufacturing
2864Machine Tool and Part Manufacturing
2866Pump and Compressor Manufacturing
2867Commercial Space Heating and Cooling Equipment Manufacturing
2869Industrial Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing n.e.c.
19 Miscellaneous manufacturing
2901Prefabricated buildings2911,9Prefabricated Building Manufacturing
2902Furniture2921-3,9Furniture Manufacturing
2903Other manufacturing2941,2,9Other Manufacturing

20 Electricity, gas and water
3601Electricity supply3610Electricity Supply
3602Gas supply3620Gas Supply
3701Water supply; sewerage and drainage services3701,2Water Supply, Sewerage and Drainage Services
21 Construction
4101Residential building construction4111House Construction
4112Residential Building Construction n.e.c.
4210-59 (part)Construction Trade Services
4102Other construction4113Non-Residential Building Construction
4121,2Non-Building Construction
4210-59 (part)Construction Trade Services
22 Wholesale trade
4501Wholesale trade4511-4799 (part)Wholesale Trade (other than Repairs)
23 Retail trade
5101Retail trade5110-5329 (part)Retail Trade (other than Repairs)
24 Repairs
5401Mechanical repairs4611 (part)Farm and Construction Machinery Wholesaling
5311 (part)Car Retailing
5321 (part)Automotive Fuel Retailing
5322Automotive Electrical Services
5323Smash Repairing
5329Automotive Repair and Services n.e.c.
5402Other repairs4511-4799 (part)Wholesale Trade (Repairs nec)
5261Household Equipment Repair Services (Electrical)
5269Household Equipment Repair Services n.e.c.
5110-5329 (part)Retail Trade (Repairs nec)
25 Accommodation, cafes and restaurants
5701Accommodation, cafes and restaurants5710Accommodation
5720Pubs, Taverns and Bars
5730Cafes and Restaurants
5740Clubs (Hospitality)
26 Transport and storage
6101Road transport6110Road Freight Transport
6121-3Road Passenger Transport
6201Rail, pipeline and other transport6200Rail Transport
6501,9Other Transport
6301Water transport6301-3Water Transport
6401Air and space transport6401-3Air and Space Transport
6601Services to transport; storage6611,9Services to Road Transport
6621-3,9Services to Water Transport
6630Services to Air Transport
6641-4,9Other Services to Transport
27 Communication services
7101Communication services7111,2Postal and Courier Services
7120Telecommunication Services
28 Finance and insurance
7301Banking7310Central Bank
7302Non-bank finance7322Building Societies
7323Credit Unions
7324Money Market Dealers
7329Deposit Taking Financiers n.e.c.
7330Other Financiers
7340Financial Asset Investors
7401Insurance7411,2Life Insurance and Superannuation Funds
7421,2Other Insurance
7501Services to finance, investment and7511,9Services to Finance and Investment
insurance7520Services to Insurance
29 Ownership of dwellings
7701Ownership of dwellings7711Residential Property Operators
30 Property and business services
7702Other property services7712Commercial Property Operators and Developers
7720Real Estate Agents
7730Non-Financial Asset Investors
7741-3Machinery and Equipment Hiring and Leasing
7801Scientific research, technical and7810Scientific Research
computer services7821-3,9Technical Services
7831-4Computer Services
7802Legal, accounting, marketing and7841,2Legal and Accounting Services
business management services7851-5Marketing and Business Management Services
7803Other business services7861-7,9Other Business Services
31 Government administration and defence
8101Government administration8111-3Government Administration
8130Foreign Government Representation
32 Education
8401Education8410Preschool Education
8421-4School Education
8431,2Post School Education
8440Other Education
33 Health and community services
8601Health services8611-3Hospitals and Nursing Homes
8621-3Medical and Dental Services
8631-6,9Other Health Services
8640Veterinary Services
8701Community services8710Child Care Services
8721,2,9Community Care Services
34 Cultural and recreational services
9101Motion picture, radio and television9111-3Film and Video Services
services9121,2Radio and Television Services
9201Libraries, museums and the arts9210Libraries
9231,9Parks and Gardens
9251,2,9Services to the Arts
9301Sport, gambling and recreational9311,2,9Sport
services9321,2,9Gambling Services
9330Other Recreation Services
35 Personal and other services
9501Personal services9511,9Personal and Household Goods Hiring
9521-6,9Other Personal Services
9700Private Households Employing Staff
9601Other services9610Religious Organisations
9621,2,9Interest Groups
9631-4Public Order and Safety Services