1254.0.55.001 - Australian and New Zealand Standard Product Classification (ANZSPC), 2001  
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 14/06/2001  Ceased
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29 In Australia, information about this classification and its related products, or about statistics of goods and services, may be obtained by contacting the Client Services Section of the Australian Bureau of Statistics by:

PHONE 1300 135 070
EMAIL client.services@abs.gov.au
FAX 1300 135 211
POST Client Services, ABS, GPO Box 796, Sydney NSW 2001
WEBSITE: www.abs.gov.au

30 In New Zealand, contact the Information Consultancy Group of Statistics New Zealand at:

70 Symonds Street
Postal Address: Private Bag 92003
Phone: 09 3584588
Fax: 09 3790859
Aorangi House
Postal Address: PO Box 2922
Phone: 04 4954600
Fax: 04 4729135
401 Madras St
Postal Address: Private Bag 4741
Phone: 03 3748700
Fax: 03 3748723

Website: www.stats.govt.nz


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14 ANZSPC 297 'Footwear, with outer soles and uppers of rubber or plastics, or with uppers of leather or textile materials (including protective, sport and miscellaneous special footwear) (excluding skating boots, asbestos and orthopaedic footwear); Parts of footwear' was created, consisting of CPCs 293 Footwear, with outer soles and uppers of rubber or plastics, or with uppers of leather or textile materials, other than sports footwear, footwear incorporating a protective metal toe-cap and miscellaneous special footwear)', 294 'Sports footwear, except skating boots', 295 'Other footwear, except asbestos footwear, orthopaedic footwear and skating boots' and 296 'Parts for footwear; removable in-soles, heel cushions and similar articles; gaiters, leggings and similar articles, and parts thereof'';

ANZSPC 328 'Newspapers, journals and periodicals' was created, consisting of CPCs 323 'Newspapers, journals and periodicals, appearing at least four times a week' and 324 ' Newspapers, journals and periodicals, appearing less than four times a week';

ANZSPC 623 'Mail order retail trade services' redefined as 'Non store retail trade services' incorporating CPC 624 'Other non-store retail trade services'.

ANZSPC 681 'Postal and courier services' renumbered to 680.

15 ANZSPC 733 'Licensing the right to use intangible assets' added in anticipation of this group being included the next version of the CPC as the result of research currently being concluded.

ANZSPC Divisions 86 to 89 replace CPC Version 1.0 Divisions 86 and 87, reflecting the structure of the next version of the CPC, thus:
CPC Div 86 Production services, on a fee or contract basis
CPC Div 87 Maintenance and repair services
ANZSPC Div 86 Services incidental to agriculture
ANZSPC Div 87 Maintenance, repair and installation (except construction) services
- installation services added to maintenance and repair services
ANZSPC Div 88 Manufacturing services on physical inputs owned by others
ANZSPC Div 89 Other manufacturing services

16 ANZSPC Group162 Salt and pure sodium chloride does not contain the CPC reference to Sea Water. ANZSPC Division 18 has been changed to Natural Water to align with the CPC Group heading. ANZSPC Division 25 and Group 250 have been changed to Cigarettes, cigars, cheroots and tobacco. ANZSPC Group 355 has been changed to Textured, high tenacity, single, synthetic yarn (including elastomeric) or textured yarns of artificial fibres (excluding sewing thread and multiple or cabled yarn); synthetic or man-made filament tow and staple fibres, not carded or combed.

17 ABS Catalogue No. 1297.0, 1998

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