1254.0.55.001 - Australian and New Zealand Standard Product Classification (ANZSPC), 2001  
Latest ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 14/06/2001  Ceased
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34100.30.05 Saccharin
27100.03 Sacks, canvas
36400.30 Sacks, plastic
27100.03 Sacks, textile
29240.00 Saddlery of any material
48300.20.30 Safety eyewear for industrial or sporting use
35400.80 Safety fuses
37100.50 Safety glass
36900.60 Safety headgear
49500.30 Safety or traffic control equipment
21600.10 Safflower oil, crude
01430.30 Safflower seed
01230.56 Sage
38400.10 Sailboards
27100.36 Sails
23990.25 Salad dressing
16120.15.30 Salamander for construction work
21100.55 Salami
83620.00 Sale of advertising space or time, on commission
72230.20 Sales of non-residential vacant land on a fee or contract basis
72230.10 Sales of residential vacant land on a fee or contract basis
34100.20.70 Salicylic acid
51290.60 Salt rights (deposits of salt into water systems)
21100.35 Salted meat (excluding pigmeat) for human consumption
16200.20 Salt, cooking
16200.30 Salt, refined, excluding cooking and table salt
16200.20 Salt, table
15310.10.10 Sand for concrete
15100.60 Sandstone monumental or building stone
15320.30.40 Sandstone, crushed and broken
15310.10.90 Sand, excluding for concrete
32100.04 Sanitary towels of paper or cellulose wadding
37200.10 Sanitary ware n.e.c., ceramic
42900.98 Sanitary ware (excluding sheet iron and steel or wire), metal
42900.84 Sanitary ware, sheet metal
94390.00 Sanitation services, other
16310.40 Sapphires
47300.40 Satellite receivers
84100.70 Satellite services
23990.30 Sauces, excluding apple and worcestershire sauce
36300.50 Sausage casings of cellulosic materials, artificial
36300.50 Sausage casings of hardened protein, artificial
21100.55 Saveloys
42900.28.80 Saw blades
54570.00 Scaffolding services
42100.40 Scaffolding, steel
39300.80 Scalings from the manufacture or further processing of iron and steel
45200.30.50.10 Scanners
44100.60 Scarifiers, cultivators, weeders, hoes and harrows (excluding hand tools)
66110.00 Scheduled air transport services of passengers
14290.45.40 Scheelite concentrate
14290.45.20 Scheelite ore
29220.10 School satchels, leather
29220.20 School satchels, non-leather
96411.90 Science museum services
37100.90 Scientific glassware
52900.50 Scientific reserves
83990.00 Scientific services n.e.c.
42900.28.60 Scissors (excluding electric)
16120.15.40 Scoria for construction work
35334.20 Scouring preparations
39300.70 Scrap, steel
39100.10 Screened dried blood for poultry feed
39100.10 Screened dried blood for stock feed
42900.28.30 Screwdriver bits for non-power operated hand tools
42900.64 Screws, metal
96320.90 Sculptors, except performing artists, other services of
36400.20 Seal rings, plastic
46500.10 Sealed beam lamp units (excluding automotive)
46500.40 Sealed beam lamps for motor vehicle, tractor and motor cycle
42900.72 Seals, of base metal
36400.20 Seals, plastic
31100.20 Seasoned timber (including kiln dried)
23990.90 Seasonings, mixed
42100.55 Seating systems for entertainment venues, metal
42100.60 Seating systems for sports venues, metal
38170.90.10 Seats and parts, complete unassembled, excluding for passenger vehicles
38170.90.10 Seats and parts, partly assembled, excluding for passenger vehicles
38170.20.20 Seats, non-domestic, complete and assembled, excluding of wood or sheet metal
04900.00 Seaweeds and other algae, fresh or dried, whether or not ground
53121.10 Secondary production buildings, other
41290.10 Sections, iron
41290.10 Sections, steel
71521.00 Securities brokerage services
85220.00 Security consultation services
85230.10 Security monitoring services
32500.30 Security printed material
85290.00 Security services, other
34620.20 Seed dressings
36900.50 Self-adhesive plastic film
36900.50 Self-adhesive plastic flat shapes n.e.c.
36900.50 Self-adhesive plastic foil
36900.50 Self-adhesive plastic plates
36900.50 Self-adhesive plastic strip
36900.50 Self-adhesive plastic tape
23100.10 Self-raising flour
53129.60.10 Self contained, short term apartments
44400.60 Self propelled front end shovel loaders
32100.28 Semi-chemical wood pulp
37900.10 Semi-manufactured preparations based on carbon n.e.c.
37900.10 Semi-manufactured preparations based on graphite
41600.10 Semi-manufactures of antimony
41600.10 Semi-manufactures of beryllium
41600.10 Semi-manufactures of cadmium
41600.10 Semi-manufactures of cobalt
41600.10 Semi-manufactures of gallium
41600.10 Semi-manufactures of hafnium
41600.10 Semi-manufactures of indium
41600.10 Semi-manufactures of magnesium
41600.10 Semi-manufactures of molybdenum
41600.10 Semi-manufactures of niobium
41600.10 Semi-manufactures of other non-ferrous metals n.e.c.
36300.90 Semi-manufactures of plastic n.e.c.
41600.10 Semi-manufactures of rhenium
41600.10 Semi-manufactures of tantalum
41600.10 Semi-manufactures of thallium
41600.10 Semi-manufactures of titanium
41600.10 Semi-manufactures of tungsten
41600.10 Semi-manufactures of zirconium
38200.20 Semi-precious stones, natural, dust
38200.20 Semi-precious stones, natural, powder
38200.20 Semi-precious stones, synthetic, dust
38200.20 Semi-precious stones, synthetic, powder
34500.70 Semi-precious stones, unworked reconstructed
34500.70 Semi-precious stones, unworked, synthetic
88221.00 Semi-trailer manufacturing services
49220.30.90 Semi-trailers for the transport of goods and materials
49220.10 Semi-trailers of the caravan type, for housing or camping
48300.10.60 Sensitised and unexposed photographic plates
53112.10 Separate houses
54342.00 Septic system installation services
32200.10 Serial instalments printed and/or published by the same unit
93331.40 Service delivery development and support provided to other organisations
95110.00 Services furnished by business and employers organizations
95920.00 Services furnished by political organizations
95120.00 Services furnished by professional organizations
95200.00 Services furnished by trade unions
86110.00 Services incidental to crop production
86150.00 Services incidental to fishing
86140.00 Services incidental to forestry
86130.00 Services incidental to hunting
86140.00 Services incidental to logging
86210.00 Services incidental to mining
96610.00 Services of athletes
96310.00 Services of performing artists
99000.00 Services provided by extraterritorial organizations and bodies
95993.00 Services provided by youth associations
01430.40 Sesame seed
96320.20 Set design services
94110.00 Sewage treatment services
53200.30 Sewerage constructions
44600.20 Sewing machine needles
44800.90 Sewing machines
44600.20 Sewing machines, bases and covers
44600.20 Sewing machines, furniture
44600.20 Sewing machines, parts and accessories, n.e.c.
26400.90 Sewing thread or elastomeric yarn of artificial filament or staple fibres
26400.10 Sewing thread (excluding elastic or elastomeric) of synthetic fibres
38700.90 Shade houses
31600.20 Shakes
15320.30.45 Shale and schist, crushed and broken
16120.15.50 Shale for construction work
01230.01.50 Shallots, fresh or chilled
01230.09.35.20 Shanghai Chinese chard, fresh or chilled
41290.10 Shapes, iron
41290.10 Shapes, steel
32500.30 Share documents
39100.40 Sharps for animal feed
35323.40 Shaving preparations
35323.40 Shaving soap
38700.20 Sheds, complete, prefabricated metal or metal framed
28310.00 Sheepskin rugs
02112.10 Sheep, live
42900.94 Sheet metal products, other
41290.10 Sheet piling, iron
41290.10 Sheet piling, steel
31510.00 Sheets for plywood
37500.60 Sheets, plaster
41500.40 Sheets, rolled, drawn or extruded, aluminium
36200.30 Sheets, rubber
04900.00 Shells of molluscs, crustaceans or echinoderms and cuttle-bone
24200.10.10 Sherry
31600.20 Shingles
36400.20 Shipping containers over 5 litres for liquids
49300.20 Ships of 50 tonnes or more displacement
42900.98 Ships propellers and blades
28200.42 Shirts, girls'
28200.42 Shirts, women's
28200.24 Shirts, woven, boys, (with collars)
28200.24 Shirts, woven, men, (with collars)
31900.90 Shoe lasts, wooden
31900.90 Shoe trees, wooden
31700.10 Shooks not assembled into articles
38600.00 Shooting galleries
53129.60.90 Short term accommodation n.e.c.
93325.65 Short term family/household placement
28200.30 Shorts, boys
28200.48 Shorts, girls
28200.30 Shorts, men
28200.48 Shorts, women's
44780.10 Shotguns and parts thereof
44400.60 Shovel loaders with a 360 degree revolving superstructure
42100.90 Shower screens, aluminium
42100.90 Shutters, aluminium
49910.00 Sidecars
42900.40 Sign-plates (excluding electric), metal
35400.30 Signalling flares
01900.20 Silage
15310.20.20 Silica for flux
15310.20.30 Silica for foundries
15310.20.10 Silica for glass
15310.20.90 Silica, excluding for glass, flux or foundries
41110.20 Silicon
35100.60 Silicon sealants
15400.50 Sillimanite
14242.40 Silver-gold concentrate
14242.20 Silver-gold ore
14290.15.20 Silver-lead ore
01230.57.90 Silver beet, fresh or chilled, other
14242.30 Silver concentrate
41300.10 Silver drawn semi-finished products
41300.10 Silver extruded semi-finished products
14242.10 Silver ore
41300.50 Silver primary recovery
41300.10 Silver rolled semi-finished products
41300.50 Silver secondary recovery except from purchased scrap
41300.40 Silver secondary recovery from purchased scrap
38200.10 Silverware
45200.20.20 Similar portable computers n.e.c.
44780.10 Similar weapons n.e.c. and parts thereof (excluding ammunition)
28200.09 Singlets
37200.10 Sinks, ceramic
37500.40 Sinks, concrete
42900.28.70 Sintered metal plates, sticks and tips
54320.00 Site formation and clearance services
22900.30 Skim milk (excluding liquid skim milk)
42900.28.50 Skimmers (excluding solid silver or gold), metal
35323.40 Skin creams
35323.40 Skin lotions
35323.90 Skin powder n.e.c.
35323.40 Skin powders
28200.48 Skirts, girls
28200.48 Skirts, women's
28200.48 Slacks, girls
28200.48 Slacks, women's
39300.80 Slag from the manufacture or further processing of iron and steel
27100.33 Sleeping bags
28200.15 Sleepwear, woven
41500.30 Sleeves, aluminium
41500.30 Sleeves, copper or copper alloy
41500.30 Sleeves, nickel or nickel alloy
42900.28.10 Slicers, hand operated, domestic, metal
48300.10.40 Slide projectors
28200.18 Sloppy joes, crocheted
28200.18 Sloppy joes, knitted
49400.20.90 Small boats under 5 tonnes displacement (excluding inflatables), other
21100.55 Smallgoods
87141.10 Smash repair services
21100.35 Smoked meat (excluding pigmeat) for human consumption
38900.72 Smoking accessory parts
38900.72 Smoking pipes
01230.05.30 Snakebean (long bean), fresh or chilled
38400.05 Snow-ski equipment
38400.05 Snow-skis
44400.90 Snow ploughs
94310.00 Snow removal services
01230.47.20 Snowpea, fresh or chilled
35322.10 Soaking preparations
35321.00 Soap
35321.00 Soap based products
96411.90 Social history museum services
93331.10 Social planning and policy development services
91113.00 Social planning public services
28200.66 Socks
38170.10.10 Sofabeds
38170.10.10 Sofas, domestic, complete and assembled
38400.20 Softball mitts
83160.00 Software and/or systems maintenance services
83142.90 Software consultancy services n.e.c.
31230.20 Softwood in chips
31230.20 Softwood in particles
34620.30 Soil fumigants
44800.32 Soil heating apparatus, domestic, electric
47100.90 Solar cells
44800.60 Solar collectors for water heating purposes
44800.60 Solar hot water systems and parts
44800.60 Solar systems with conventional backup energy sources
29700.70 Soles of rubber
29700.70 Soles of rubber composition
44800.64 Solid fuel portable barbecues
32100.64 Solid paperboard bags
32100.64 Solid paperboard containers
32100.64 Solid paperboard sacks
21800.10 Solid residues, excluding oil cake, from the extraction of vegetable fats
47400.20 Sound and video recording and reproducing apparatus, parts
45200.60.40 Sound cards
47300.30.30 Sound recording apparatus, whether or not incorporating a sound reproducing device
96100.70 Sound recording services
47300.30.20 Sound reproducing apparatus not incorporating a sound recording device, other
23990.50 Soup
22900.60 Sour cream
21600.10 Soya bean, crude
01410.00 Soybeans
44800.24 Space heaters, domestic, gas
44800.32 Space heating apparatus, domestic, electric
49600.90 Spacecraft and parts thereof, other
46900.10 Spark plugs for motor vehicle, tractor or motor cycle
24200.30 Sparkling wine (excluding carbonated wine and spritzig types)
01230.58 Spearmint
92900.10 Special education services including remedial teaching
26800.90 Special fabrics n.e.c.
95992.90 Special group advocacy services, other
44900.90 Special purpose machinery and parts n.e.c.
29220.10 Spectacle cases, leather
29220.20 Spectacle cases, non-leather
48300.20.40 Spectacle lenses
48300.20.50 Spectacles frames, mountings and parts
28200.09 Spencers
01620.00 Spices, whether or not processed
42900.60 Spiked cramps, metal
42900.60 Spikes, metal
01230.57.90 Spinach, fresh or chilled, other
24100.20.90 Spirits n.e.c.
24100.20.90 Spirituous beverages n.e.c.
03190.10 Split poles
16120.30 Spodumene
36200.50 Sponge rubber
01230.39 Sponge/Smooth luffa, fresh or chilled
42900.28.50 Spoons (excluding solid silver or gold), metal
49400.90 Sporting boats, other
38400.90 Sporting equipment and accessories n.e.c.
96520.90 Sports and physical recreation facility operation services, other
96620.90 Sports and recreation, support services related to, other
38400.40 Sports balls
96510.00 Sports event organization services
96510.00 Sports event promotion services
29700.40 Sports footwear
38400.20 Sports gloves, other
96590.00 Sports services, other
01230.01.60 Spring onion, fresh or chilled
42900.16 Springs, copper
42900.16 Springs, copper leaves
42900.16 Springs, iron
42900.16 Springs, iron leaves
42900.16 Springs, steel
42900.16 Springs, steel leaves
01230.59 Sprouts, fresh or chilled
01230.51.40 Squash, fresh or chilled
01230.60 St John's-wort
42100.60 Stages, structural metal
42100.60 Staging systems for entertainment venues, metal
42100.60 Staging systems for sports venues, metal
42100.20 Stairs of iron
42100.20 Stairs of steel
03190.10 Stakes of wood, pointed but not sawn lengthwise
89220.00 Stamping services, metal
32500.30 Stamps
42100.55 Stands, structural metal
35500.00 Staple fibres, man-made (synthetic)
42900.60 Staples, metal
23200.90 Starch products n.e.c.
23200.40 Starches n.e.c.
46900.10 Starting and ignition equipment for motor vehicle, tractor or motor cycle
85250.20 Static control services
46100.50 Static converters
32600.00 Stationery n.e.c.
91113.00 Statistical public services
37200.20 Statuettes, ceramic
42900.36 Statuettes, metal (other than precious)
93325.60 Statutory protection and placement support services
17300.00 Steam
69220.00 Steam and hot water distribution services through mains
86340.00 Steam and hot water distribution services through mains (on a fee or contract basis)
42300.00 Steam generators, super heated
42300.00 Steam generators, super heated, parts n.e.c.
43900.90 Steam or sand blasting machines
43100.20 Steam turbines and other vapour engines
43200.20 Steam, gas and water fittings other than domestic, cast iron
43200.20 Steam, gas and water fittings other than domestic, cast steel
43200.70 Steam, gas and water fittings other than domestic, steel (excluding cast steel)
16390.30 Steatite, natural, crushed and powdered
42900.04.10 Steel expanded metal
41120.10 Steel pieces roughly shaped by forging
41120.20 Steel primary forms
41120.20 Steel semi-finished products
42900.98 Steel wool
35200.20 Sterilised gut surgical sutures
47300.30.40 Still image video cameras
49220.30.90 Stock crates
28200.66 Stockings
01316.90 Stone fruit n.e.c., fresh
15400.55 Stoneware clay
15320.30.90 Stone, crushed and broken, excluding grinding pebbles, dacite, rhyodacite, rhyolite, toscanite, diorite, dolomite, granite, hornfels limestone, quartzite, sandstone, schale or schist
48400.10 Stop watches
42900.72 Stoppers, of base metal
36400.20 Stoppers, plastic
67290.00 Storage or warehousing services, other
67220.00 Storage services, bulk liquid or gas
24310.10 Stout, bottled
24310.30 Stout, bulk
24310.20 Stout, canned
35322.20 Stove cleaners
44800.12 Stoves, domestic gas, solid fuel, oil or spirit fired
44800.08 Stoves, domestic, electric
88130.00 Straw and plaiting material manufacturing services
31900.90 Straw articles
44100.50 Straw or fodder balers
01312.45 Strawberries, fresh
38300.20 Stringed musical instruments, other
46300.20 Strip for uses other than computing/communications
36200.30 Strips, rubber
41500.40 Strip, rolled, drawn or extruded, aluminium
37500.40 Structural components for building, artificial stone, prefabricated
37500.40 Structural components for building, concrete, prefabricated
37500.40 Structural components for civil engineering, artificial stone, prefabricated
37500.40 Structural components for civil engineering, concrete, prefabricated
54550.00 Structural steel erection services
42900.60 Studs, metal
27100.21 Stuffed mattress protectors (excluding those of or stuffed with rubber)
01810.00 Sugar beet
01820.00 Sugar cane
01230.47.20 Sugar pea, fresh or chilled
44500.90 Sugar processing machinery and parts
23200.90 Sugar products n.e.c.
39100.50 Sugar waste (bagasse)
23500.30 Sugar, brown
23500.90 Sugar, excluding icing sugar, molasses, treacle, raw sugar, refined sugar in solid form
23200.20 Sugar, liquid refined
23500.20 Sugar, raw
23500.30 Sugar, refined, in solid form
29220.10 Suitcases, leather
29220.20 Suitcases, non-leather
28200.33 Suits (including trousers for suits and uniforms), boys
28200.33 Suits (including trousers for suits and uniforms), men
28200.48 Suits, girls
28200.39 Suits, other than knitted, men
28200.48 Suits, women's
34610.20 Sulphonitric acids
34200.40 Sulphuric acid
34500.50 Sulphur, refined
01322.00 Sun dried fruit
21600.10 Sunflower oil, crude
01430.50 Sunflower seed
48300.20.50 Sunglasses frames, mountings and parts
35323.10 Sunscreen
34610.60 Superphosphate
93325.35 Support in the home, other
85990.90 Support services n.e.c.
93325.50 Supported employment services for persons with disabilities
67400.00 Supporting services for railway transport
35310.00 Surface active agents n.e.c.
38400.10 Surfboards
48100.35 Surgical, medical, dental and veterinary equipment and appliances n.e.c. (excluding gas masks, hearing aids and mechano-therapy equipment)
48100.35 Surgical, medical, dental and veterinary sterilizers
48200.60 Surveying instruments, appliances and parts
83520.00 Surveying services, subsurface
83530.00 Surveying services, surface
38700.90 Survival huts
01230.57.40 Swamp cabbage, fresh or chilled
28200.18 Sweat shirts, crocheted
28200.18 Sweat shirts, knitted
28200.18 Sweaters, crocheted
28200.18 Sweaters, knitted
01230.66.10 Swedes, fresh or chilled
94310.00 Sweeping services
01230.61 Sweet corn, fresh or chilled
01230.62 Sweet potato leaves, fresh or chilled
01240.10 Sweet potato, fresh or chilled
24490.90 Sweetened or flavoured bulk postmix concentrates for mineral and aerated waters
24490.90 Sweetened or flavoured bulk premix concentrates for mineral and aerated waters
44800.60 Swimming pool heaters
38400.60 Swimming pools
28200.57 Swimwear for men and boys
28200.60 Swimwear for women and girls
38600.00 Swings
45200.40.10 Switching equipment
44780.90 Swords and similar weapons and parts thereof
34800.00 Synthetic rubber and mixtures thereof with natural rubber gums, in plates
34800.00 Synthetic rubber and mixtures thereof with natural rubber gums, in primary forms
34800.00 Synthetic rubber and mixtures thereof with natural rubber gums, in sheets
34800.00 Synthetic rubber and mixtures thereof with natural rubber gums, in strips
23990.05 Syrups

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