1254.0.55.001 - Australian and New Zealand Standard Product Classification (ANZSPC), 2001  
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Harmonisation between Australia and New Zealand of Division 81 Research and Development Services was not possible because of different user requirements in each country. The NZ structure in this Annex is based on the purpose of the research being undertaken, and takes its detail from the OECD Frascati Manual. The Division 81 structure in the detailed classification is based on the Research Fields Courses and Disciplines (RFCD) classification contained in the Australian Standards Research Classification (ASRC).

81 Research and Development Services - the categories listed (81000.03 81000.66) are not appropriate in NZ, because the two unofficial classifications used in New Zealand focus on purpose of the R&D rather than the scientific discipline that performs the R&D. The following R&D breakdowns sre preferred:

81000 Research and Development (R&D) Services
81000.01 Agriculture, horticulture, forestry and fisheries R&D services
81000.01.01 Sheep meat R&D services
81000.01.02 Sheep wool R&D services
81000.01.03 Sheep general R&D services
81000.01.04 Beef animals R&D services
81000.01.05 Dairy animals R&D services
81000.01.06 Other animal species (including deer, goats, pigs, poultry, and bees) R&D services
81000.01.07 Generic animal and animal production systems and products (including disease and pest protection, general animal genetics) R&D services
81000.01.08 Forage plants and forage management practices (including forage seed production and soils for pastoral purposes) R&D services
81000.01.09 Horticultural crops and management practices (including seeds and propagation methods, soils for horticultural purposes) R&D services
81000.01.10 Arable crops, ornamental, amenity, shelter, conservation and other plants R&D services
81000.01.11 Trees and plantation forestry (including propagation methods, silviculture and soils for forestry purposes) R&D services
81000.01.12 Fish harvesting and aquaculture R&D services
81000.02 Secondary Industry R&D services
81000.02.01 Meat and fish processing (including storage, packaging and products) R&D services
81000.02.02 Dairy processing (including storage, packaging and products) R&D services
81000.02.03 Fruit, crops and all non-animal food and beverage processing (including storage, packaging, products and post-harvest treatment) R&D services
81000.02.04 Fibre and skin processing and products from natural and artificial fibres R&D services
81000.02.05 Wood and paper processing R&D services
81000.02.06 Materials and industrial processes and processing (including mineral extraction but excluding energy extraction) R&D services
81000.02.07 Engineering processes, systems and products R&D services
81000.02.08 Computing and electronic, communication and instrumentation processes, systems and products (excluding software) R&D services
81000.02.09 Construction materials, systems, designs and products R&D services
81000.03 Infrastructure R&D services
81000.03.01 Commercial and trade services (including retail, wholesale, finance, insurance, utilities, tourist and other commercial services) R&D services
81000.03.02 Energy exploration, extraction, production, use and conservation R&D services
81000.03.03 Transport design, operation and maintenance (excluding transport engineering) R&D services
81000.03.04 Information and communication services (including computer software, information processing, library services, broadcasting and telecommunication services, but excluding communications hardware) R&D services
81000.03.05 Urban and rural planning information bases, processes and systems R&D services
81000.04 Social development and services R&D services
81000.04.01 History, society and language R&D services
81000.04.02 Social and personal development, relationships and well-being (including families, special interest groups and ethnic relationships; arts, recreation and leisure) R&D services
81000.04.03 Political, economic and international relationships (including law, human rights, employment) R&D services
81000.04.04 Knowledge, education and training processes (including knowledge production, management and communication) R&D services
81000.05 Environmental Protection R&D services
81000.05.01 Environmental Protection R&D services
81000.06 Assessment of the Earth and atmosphere R&D services
81000.06.01 Geological structures and resources, and solid earth processes (including generic investigation and assessment of mineral resources) R&D services
81000.06.02 Land, and native and introduced land based flora and fauna (including the ecosystems of which they are part) R&D services
81000.06.03 Marine and fresh waters, their substrate, flora and fauna (including ground and fresh water resources, marine and estuarine ecosystems) R&D services
81000.06.04 Climate and atmosphere R&D services
81000.06.05 Space (including properties, uses and technologies) R&D services
81000.06.06 Antarctica (including physical, geological and biological nature, ecosystems and climate) R&D services
81000.06.07 Fundamental research in the natural sciences, engineering, social sciences and humanities without any particular application or use in view R&D services
81000.07 Health and defence R&D services
81000.07.01 Health systems, services and products R&D services
81000.07.02 Defence systems, technologies and information bases R&D services
81000.09 Miscellaneous R&D services
81000.09.01 Miscellaneous R&D services

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