1254.0.55.001 - Australian and New Zealand Standard Product Classification (ANZSPC), 2001  
Latest ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 14/06/2001  Ceased
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15100.40.10 Oamaru monumental or building stone
01160.20 Oats for grain
48300.20.10 Objective lenses
48300.10.20 Objective lenses for cameras or projectors
93321.30 Occasional child care services
16120.35 Ochres
45100.90 Office and accounting machinery parts and accessories n.e.c.
42900.94 Office articles
42900.52.20 Office equipment other than office furniture, sheet metal
88231.00 Office machinery manufacturing services
45100.40 Office machinery n.e.c.
42900.52.10 Office or desk equipment other than office furniture, base metal (excluding sheet metal), other
45100.20 Office type sheet fed printing machinery, accessories and parts
53122.30 Offices
32100.12 Offset plates of paper
21800.10 Oil-cake from the extraction of vegetable fats or oils
43900.50 Oil filters for internal combustion engines
53200.55.10 Oil industry constructions
01490.20 Oil poppies
01490.90 Oil seeds and oleaginous fruits n.e.c.
22900.90 Oils derived from milk
21600.60 Oils, animal, processed
21600.60 Oils, animal, refined
21600.60 Oils, vegetable, processed
21600.60 Oils, vegetable, refined
01230.43 Okra, fresh or chilled
34200.40 Oleum
01316.56 Olives, fresh or chilled
84200.90 On-line access services, other
84300.90 On-line information provision services, other
85100.20 On hired staff placement services except apprentice or trainee placements services
53114.10 One storey apartment not attached to a house
53114.10 One storey flat not attached to a house
53113.10 One storey row or terrace houses
53113.10 One storey semi-detached houses
53113.10 One storey townhouses
53114.10 One storey unit not attached to a house
01230.01.40 Onions, brown, chilled
01230.01.40 Onions, brown, fresh
01230.01.40 Onions, white, chilled
01230.01.40 Onions, white, fresh
35100.50 Opacifiers for ceramics
35100.50 Opacifiers for enamelling
35100.50 Opacifiers for glass
16310.30 Opals
96910.10 Operation services of preserved railways
48100.30 Ophthalmic instruments and appliances
93191.70 Optical dispensing services
48300.20.20 Optical fibres for purposes other than computing or telephony
48300.20.10 Optical filters
37100.90 Optical glassware
88234.00 Optical instrument manufacturing services
48300.20.90 Optical instruments parts and accessories, other
48300.20.90 Optical instruments, other
93191.60 Optometry services (excluding optical dispensing)
93123.20 Oral surgery services
01313.40 Oranges, fresh
01500.20.90 Orchard trees excluding apples and pears
01230.44 Oregano
34100.50 Organic chemicals n.e.c.
34100.30.55 Organic derivatives of hydrazine
34100.30.55 Organic derivatives of hydroxylamine
34100.40 Organo-inorganic compounds
38900.42 Original engravings,
38900.42 Original lithographs
38900.42 Original prints
38900.45 Original sculptures and statuary, in any material
37200.20 Ornamental articles n.e.c., ceramic
37100.90 Ornamental glass
37500.40 Ornamental goods, concrete
42900.36 Ornaments n.e.c., metal (other than precious)
93123.90 Orthodontic services
93191.20 Osteopathic services
02129.60 Ostriches, live
38170.10.10 Ottomans
53200.45.90 Outdoor recreation facilities other than buildings, other
53200.45.90 Outdoor sports facilities other than buildings, other
93110.30 Outpatient hospital services
93325.70 Outreach services
35322.20 Oven cleaners
44800.12 Ovens, domestic gas, solid fuel, oil or spirit fired
44800.08 Ovens, domestic, electric
91113.00 Over-all economic public services
28200.30 Overalls, boys
28200.48 Overalls, girls
28200.30 Overalls, men
28200.72 Overalls, plastic
28200.72 Overalls, rubber
28200.72 Overalls, waterproof
28200.48 Overalls, women's
34200.50 Oxygen
34100.30.25 Oxygen- function amino compounds
04200.10 Oysters, live, fresh or chilled
48100.25 Ozone therapy apparatus

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