1254.0.55.001 - Australian and New Zealand Standard Product Classification (ANZSPC), 2001  
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161Chemical and fertiliser minerals

161116110Fertiliser minerals
16110.10Natural calcium phosphates, calcium aluminum phosphates, and phosphatic chalk; unground
16110.20Natural calcium phosphates, calcium aluminum phosphates, and phosphatic chalk; ground
16110.30Crude natural potassium salts, including carnallite and sylvite
16110.90Fertiliser minerals n.e.c.
161216120Other chemical minerals
16120.05Pyrites concentrate
16120.15Construction materials (decomposed rock, residues, etc) (excluding crushed and broken stone and monumental or building stone)
16120.15.10Earth and soil for construction work
16120.15.20Filling for construction work
16120.15.30Salamander for construction work
16120.15.40Scoria for construction work
16120.15.50Shale for construction work
16120.15.60Tuff for construction work
16120.15.90Other mineral construction materials
16120.20Fluorspar (mined, quarried, crushed or screened)
16120.25Ground minerals and fluorspar (excluding abrasives and dust and powders, of natural and synthetic precious or semi-precious stones)
16120.30Lithium ores (petalite, amblygonite, spodumene)
16120.35Mineral pigment (ochres, etc.)
16120.45Xenotime concentrate
16120.90Other chemical minerals n.e.c.

162Salt and pure sodium chloride

162016200Salt and pure sodium chloride
16200.10Crude salt
16200.20Refined salt (cooking and table)
16200.30Refined salt other than cooking and table salt

163Precious and semi-precious stones; pumice stone; emery; natural abrasives; other minerals

163116310Precious stones (including diamonds, but not industrial diamonds) and semi-precious stones, unworked or simply sawn or roughly shaped
16310.20Diamonds, rough, unsorted; diamonds, sorted (other than industrial diamonds), unworked or simply sawn, cleaved or bruted
16310.90Precious and semi-precious stones n.e.c.
163216320Industrial diamonds, unworked or simply sawn, cleaved or bruted
16320.00Industrial diamonds, unworked or simply sawn, cleaved or bruted
163316330Chalk and dolomite
16330.20Dolomite (not calcined)
163916390Other minerals n.e.c.
16390.05.90Asbestos, excluding chrysotile
16390.15Diatomite (diatomaceous earth)
16390.20Felspar (including cornish stone)
16390.25Garnet concentrate
16390.30Ground mica, feldspar, leucite, nepheline and nepheline syenite; ural abrasives (including ground); crushed and powdered natural steatite, talc, emery, pumice stone and other minerals n.e.c.
16390.35Pumice stone, emery, natural corundum and other natural abrasives, crude or in irregular pieces, including crushed pumice (binskies)
16390.40Talc (including steatite), not crushed or powdered
16390.50Magnesite, crude
16390.55Mica, not crushed or powdered
16390.90Other minerals n.e.c.

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