1254.0.55.001 - Australian and New Zealand Standard Product Classification (ANZSPC), 2001  
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Contents >> Chapter 3: The detailed classification >> Section 4: Metal Products, Machinery and Equipment >> Division 45: Office, Accounting and Computing Machinery



451Office and accounting machinery, and parts and accessories thereof

451045100Office and accounting machinery, and parts and accessories thereof
45100.10Electronic calculating and other electronic machines incorporating a calculating device (including cash registers, postage-franking and ticket issuing machines) and parts
45100.20Office type sheet fed printing machinery, accessories and parts
45100.30Photocopying machines and parts
45100.40Typewriters, word processors, addressing machines, EFTPOS machines, coin counting machines and other office machinery
45100.90Office and accounting machinery parts and accessories n.e.c.

452Computing hardware, other data processing machinery and parts and accessories thereof

452045200Computing hardware, other data processing machinery and parts and accessories thereof
45200.10Multiple-user computers
45200.10.10Mainframe, mini- and super- computers
45200.10.20Computer file servers
45200.10.90Other multiple-user computer hardware
45200.20Personal computers
45200.20.10Desktop computers (PCs)
45200.20.20Laptops, notebooks and similar portable computers
45200.20.90Other personal computers
45200.30Computer peripheral devices
45200.30.10Computer monitors
45200.30.20Computer keyboards
45200.30.30Computer mice, joysticks and other pointing devices
45200.30.40Printers and plotters
45200.30.40.10Laser printers
45200.30.40.20Dot matrix printers
45200.30.40.30Ink jet and bubble jet printers
45200.30.40.50Ink cartridges and the like for printers
45200.30.40.90Other printers and drawing devices
45200.30.50Scanners, digitisers, bar-code readers and the like
45200.30.50.30Bar-code readers
45200.30.50.40Digital cameras
45200.30.50.90Electronic devices capable of optical recognition n.e.c.
45200.30.60Floppy disk drives; DVD and CD ROM drives, CD ROM burners
45200.30.60.10Floppy disk drives
45200.30.60.20DVD drives
45200.30.60.30CD ROM drives
45200.30.60.40CD ROM burners
45200.30.60.90Other disk drives
45200.40Computer networking and communication hardware (excluding modems)
45200.40.10Switching equipment
45200.40.20Computer speakers and microphones
45200.40.90Other computer networking and communication hardware (excluding modems)
45200.50Computer and communication cabling
45200.50.10Coaxial cable for computers/communications
45200.50.20Twisted pair cable for computers/communications
45200.50.30Fibre optic cable for computers/communications
45200.50.90Other computer cabling for computers/communications
45200.60Computer components
45200.60.10RAM chips
45200.60.20ROM chips
45200.60.40Sound cards
45200.60.50Graphics cards
45200.60.60Mother boards
45200.60.70Hard drives
45200.60.90Computer components n.e.c.
45200.70Other electronic devices with internet capability
45200.90Computer hardware n.e.c.; computer and peripheral parts; and other data processing machinery n.e.c.

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