1254.0.55.001 - Australian and New Zealand Standard Product Classification (ANZSPC), 2001  
Latest ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 14/06/2001  Ceased
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281Knitted or crocheted fabrics

281128110Knitted or crocheted pile and terry fabrics
28110.00Knitted or crocheted pile and terry fabrics
281928190Other knitted or crocheted fabrics
28190.00Other knitted or crocheted fabric

282Wearing apparel, except fur apparel

282028200Wearing apparel, except fur apparel
28200.03Baby napkins of textile fabrics
28200.06Foundation garments (including brassieres, corsets and girdles)
28200.09Underwear (including spencers and singlets)
28200.12Knitted sleepwear and infants clothing
28200.15Woven sleepwear and infants clothing
28200.18Knitted or crocheted pullovers, jumpers, sweaters, cardigans, sweat shirts and sloppy joes
28200.21Men's and boys' knitted shirts (with collars)
28200.24Men's and boys' woven shirts (with collars)
28200.27Men's and boys' T-shirts and tank tops
28200.30Men's and boys' trousers (excluding suit or uniform trousers), shorts, jeans, overalls, dustcoats and industrial work shirts
28200.33Men's and boys' suits or uniforms (including trousers for suits and uniforms), coats, blazers and jackets
28200.36Men's and boys' dressing gowns, robes and other outer nightwear
28200.39Men's and boys' coats, jackets and suits, other than knitted
28200.42Women's and girls' shirts and blouses
28200.45Women's and girls' T-shirts and tank tops
28200.48Women's and girls' dresses, skirts, slacks, shorts, tunics, uniforms, jeans, overalls, leotards, coats, jackets, capes, suits and ensembles
28200.51Women's and girls' dressing gowns, robes and other outer nightwear
28200.54Knitted sweatsuits, tracksuits, jogging suits, leisure suits and jumpsuits
28200.57Swimwear for men and boys
28200.60Swimwear for women and girls
28200.63Belts of textile fabrics for clothing
28200.66Hosiery (including pantyhose, stockings, tights and socks)
28200.69Hats and other headgear
28200.72Waterproof, plastic or rubber trousers, overalls, coats and jackets
28200.75Plastic (unsupported film) clothing other than waterproof
28200.90Clothing (including leather) and clothing accessories n.e.c.

283Tanned or dressed furskins and artificial fur; articles thereof (except headgear)

283128310Tanned or dressed skins, with hair or wool retained
28310.00Tanned or dressed skins, with hair or wool retained
283428340Furskin articles; including artificial fur (excluding headgear)
28340.10Artificial furskin articles (excluding headgear)
28340.90Other furskin articles n.e.c.

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