4902.0 - Australian Culture and Leisure Classifications, 2014 (Third Edition)  
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This edition of the ACLC is the result of a minor review of the second edition. The main aim of this review was to update the concordances of the ACLC with the revised editions of ANZSIC and the new versions of ANZSCO, and to make the required changes resulting from the adoption of the Central Product Classification (CPC) as the new overarching framework for product classifications in the ACLC. A summary of the changes is set out below.

ACLC Industry Classes were reviewed to improve their alignment with ANZSIC 2006 (Revision 2.0) while maintaining the conceptual basis of the ACLC where possible. Since ANZSIC used supply side principles for coding activities, whilst the ACLC Industry Classification is a purpose or use-based classification, achieving a one-to-one correspondence between the two classifications was not possible. Therefore, some of the ACLC classes only partially correspond to the ANZSIC 2006 (Revision 2.0) classes.

Primary Activity changes in the Industry Classification

There were seven classes where a primary activity was added or removed. In all cases these changes were minor.

The first change is to the Class 113 ‘Antiques and collectables dealing and restoration’. This class now includes the primary activity of Electronic auction.

There have been several additional primary activities added to Class 221 ‘Music performance’. These are:

      • Choirs/Choral groups;
      • Music groups;
      • Musicians (except music groups); and
      • Small ensembles/Quartets/Chamber groups.
Class 222 ‘Drama’ has an additional primary activity of Theatre productions.

Class 223 ‘Dance’ has an additional primary activity of Dancers (not dance group).

Class 225 ‘Other performing arts’ has three additional primary activities:

      • Celebrities/Media presenters;
      • Comedians; and
      • Tribute shows.
A new primary activity of Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Provision (software-based) has been included in Class 268 ‘Electronic information services’.

Class 341 ‘Sports and physical recreation goods manufacturing’ has had a minor amendment to its primary activities. The primary activity of Clothing manufacturing for use in sports and physical recreation now includes knitted fabric.

In addition to the above, there are additional exclusions/references for Class 419 ‘Other gambling activities’.

Finally, there have been minor amendments to the definition and exclusions/references for Class 431 ‘Pubs Taverns and Bars’ and amendments to the exclusions/references for Class 433 ‘Hospitality clubs'.

Changes to the Product Classification

There have been numerous changes to the ACLC Product Classification resulting from the move from the Australian and New Zealand Standard Product Classification (ANZSPC) to the Central Product Classification (CPC) Version 2. These changes are outlined in detail in the spreadsheets included in the Downloads tab, and are summarised below.

Broadly, they fall into the following categories:

Changes to the names of Groups

Group 2 ‘Services of Artists and Arts Education’ has been changed to ‘Services of Artists and Cultural Education’, to reflect the broader range of services included in this Group.

Group 3 ‘Books, Magazines, Newspapers and Other Printed Matter’ has been changed to ‘Books, Magazines, Newspapers and Other Printed Matter and Online Content’, to reflect the addition of a range of online products in this Group.

Group 5 ‘Audio and Video Media’ has been changed to ‘Audio and Video Media and Online Content’, to reflect the addition of a range of online products in this Group.

Changes to the names of Classes

This has affected a total of 19 classes. Some of these have involved relatively minor changes to wording (e.g. ‘Services of’ to ‘Services furnished by’). More significant changes include:

Class 0206 (formerly ‘Arts education services’) has become ‘Cultural education services’.

Class 0402 (formerly ‘Audio post-production services’) has become ‘Sound editing and design services’.

Class 0607 (formerly ‘Camcorders and still image and video cameras’) has become ‘Camcorders, web cameras and still image video cameras’.

Class 0803 (formerly ‘Action photography services’) has become ‘Event photography and event videography services’.

Class 0904 (formerly ‘Printed photographs’) has become ‘Printed pictures, designs and photographs’.

Class 1003 (formerly ‘Planning and design services of interior space’) has become ‘Interior design services'.

Class 1005 (formerly ‘Planning and creating services of advertising’) has become ‘Full service advertising’.

Class 2201 (formerly ‘Camping and caravanning site services’) has become ‘Camp site services’.

Class 2302 (formerly ‘Objective lenses for cameras or projectors’) has become ‘Objective lenses for cameras, projectors or photographic enlargers or reducers’.

Class 2401 (formerly 'Leasing or rental services of televisions, radios, video cassette recorders and related equipment and accessories') has become 'Leasing or rental services concerning televisions, radios, video cassette recorders and related equipment and accessories for home entertainment'.

Class 2507 (formerly ‘Funeral directing and undertaking services’) has become ‘Undertaking services’.

Addition of New Classes

A total of 14 new classes have been created, based on a review of the CPC classifications:

Class 0309 Online books;

Class 0310 Online general reference books;

Class 0311 Online newspapers and periodicals;

Class 0312 Other online content n.e.c.;

Class 0418 Radio and television broadcast originals;

Class 0419 Radio and television channel programs;

Class 0504 Musical audio downloads and streamed audio content;

Class 0505 Films and other video downloads and streamed video content;

Class 0610 Sound and video recording apparatus for professional use;

Class 0910 Original works of authors, composers and other artists except performing artists, painters and sculptors;

Class 0911 Motion picture, videotape, television and radio program originals;

Class 0912 Sound recording originals;

Class 1911 Online games; and

Class 2509 Cultural and recreational associations (other than sports or games).

Changes to Inclusions and Exclusions

There have been numerous changes to the list of Inclusions or Exclusions in some classes (affecting a total of 74 classes). In some cases this has involved just a minor change to wording; in other cases new inclusions and/or exclusions have been introduced. A listing of these changes is included in the spreadsheet in the Downloads tab of this publication.

Changes to the Occupation Classification

The ACLC Occupation Classification has been adapted to accommodate changes resulting from Revision 1 (2009) and Version 1.2 (2013) of the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO). The major adaptation has been the inclusion of three new occupation codes:

    272414 Archaeologist;

    451814 Body artist; and

    451816 Religious assistant.

In addition, there have been numerous instances where Occupation Specialisations have been either added or removed:

    141111 Café or restaurant manager
    Removed: Mess supervisor; Steward (Navy)

    211199 Actors, dancers and other entertainers n.e.c.
    Removed: Performance artist
    Added: Circus trainer; Extra (film or television)

    211211 Composer
    Removed: Orchestrator

    211299 Music professionals n.e.c.
    Removed: Ethnomusicologist
    Added: Musicologist

    211499 Visual arts and crafts professionals n.e.c.
    Removed: Computer artist; Craft loom operator (craftsperson); Ephemeral artist; Hand spinner (craftsperson); Jewellery/precious metal artist; Laser artist; Leather craftsperson; New media artist; Print maker
    Added: Quilter

    212114 Television presenter
    Removed: All Alternative Titles and Specialisations

    212212 Book or script editor
    Removed: Dramaturge

    212399 Film, television, radio and stage directors n.e.c.
    Added: Audio director

    212499 Journalists and other writers n.e.c.
    Removed: Essayist
    Added: Photo journalist

    232311 Fashion designer
    Removed: Leisurewear designer

    234314 Park ranger
    Added: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land and sea ranger (Aus)

    272499 Social professionals n.e.c.
    Removed: Archaeologist; Ethnographer; Prehistorian

    451399 Funeral workers n.e.c.
    Removed: Chapel or memorial attendant

    452299 Outdoor adventure guides n.e.c.
    Added: Skydiving instructor

In addition, the following changes were made to Occupation names and Alternative titles:

    392111 ‘Binder and finisher’ becomes ‘Print finisher’

    393111 ‘Canvas goods maker’ becomes ‘Canvas goods fabricator’, with ‘Canvas goods maker’ as Alternative Title

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