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Economic Activity Survey


Annual Economy Wide Surveys
Australian Bureau of Statistics, Sydney
Telephone (02) 9268 4541


The ABS Economic Activity Survey (EAS) collects financial statement data from selected businesses, sampled from the businesses listed on the ABS Business Register. It provides financial and other data for the private sector component of the Education industry.


All business entities in the Australian economy, except for ANZSIC Division K (Finance and Insurance); and, in most industries, entities classified to SISCA Sector 3, General Government. Because the activity estimates relate only to private businesses, this exclusion particularly affects data available for ANZSIC Divisions N and O (Education; Health and Community Services). Full 'Scope and Coverage' detail is in the Explanatory Notes to the publication Australian Industry (ABS cat. no. 8155.0).

Reference Period

Financial year

Frequency of Collection


Method of collection

Data are sourced mainly from the financial statements of the sampled businesses. Directly collected data are supplemented by business income tax data, provided by businesses to the Australian Taxation Office. The combined dataset is further enhanced by other ABS direct collections, to enable state and territory dissections.


Release schedule

Results are published during the financial year following the reference financial year.


Australian Industry (ABS cat. no. 8155.0)


Data are published for Australia and the states and territories. More detailed 'industry performance' data are available only at the Australia level.

Data Service

More detailed data are available in Australian Industry (ABS cat. no. 8155.0), as the Excel 'data cube' under the 'Details' tab.

Other information

Other related publications include:

Australia and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC), 1993 (ABS cat. no. 1292.0); from reference year 2006–07, data will be classified according to ANZSIC 2006 (ABS cat. no. 1292.0).
Standard Institutional Sector Classification of Australia (SISCA), which is detailed in Standard Economic Sector Classifications of Australia (SISCA), 2002 (ABS cat. no. 1218.0).


Number estimates

  • Employment ('000 persons)
  • Operating businesses (number)

Financial estimates ($ million)
  • Wages and salaries
  • Sales and service income
  • Total income
  • Total expenses
  • Operating profit before tax
  • Production volumes

Industry performance measures (ratio)
  • Operating profit before tax to sales and service income
  • Debt ratios
  • Investment ratios
  • Labour measures

Australian System of National Accounts measures ($ million)
  • Gross fixed capital formation
  • Capital expenditure
  • Disposals of assets
  • Net capital expenditure
  • Industry value added
  • Funding from government for operational costs
  • Capital work done for own use
  • Change in inventories
  • Purchases of goods and materials
  • Other intermediate expenses
  • Industry contribution to total factor income (%)

Selected summary measures from financial statements, defined under business accounting conventions, are also published.

Historical data

Time series data are published in Australian Industry (ABS cat. no. 8155.0), as the Excel 'data cube' under the 'Details' tab.

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