1254.0.55.001 - Australian and New Zealand Standard Product Classification (ANZSPC), 2001  
Latest ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 14/06/2001  Ceased
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15320.90 Macadam
01360.50 Macadamia nuts, dried
01360.50 Macadamia nuts, fresh, whether or not shelled
44200.40 Machine-tools for working materials other than metal or wood
43900.55 Machine guards, sheet metal, (not designed for use with a particular machine)
44200.50 Machine tool accessories and parts n.e.c.
44200.30 Machine tools for wood and metal working
88239.00 Machinery and equipment manufacturing services, other
44900.10 Machinery and parts for making up or finishing paper pulp, paper or paperboard
44400.20 Machinery for kneading earth, stones, ores or other mineral substances in solid, powder or paste form
43900.15 Machinery for liquefying air or gas
44400.20 Machinery for mixing earth, stones, ores or other mineral substances in solid, powder or paste form
38700.20 Machinery sheds, complete, prefabricated metal or metal framed
44100.90 Machines for cleaning, sorting or grading eggs, fruit or other agricultural produce
44200.30 Machining centres for metal
27100.90 Made up textile articles n.e.c.
24200.10.90 Madeira
16390.50 Magnesite, crude
41600.30 Magnesium primary recovery
41600.40 Magnesium secondary recovery from purchased scrap
41600.30 Magnesium secondary recovery (excluding from purchased scrap)
85950.00 Mailing list compilation services
85950.00 Mailing services
47220.20 Main exchange switching equipment
45200.10.10 Mainframe, mini-computers
45200.10.10 Mainframe, super-computers
87120.00 Maintenance and repair services of accounting machinery
87110.00 Maintenance and repair services of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment
87141.90 Maintenance and repair services of motor vehicles, other
87120.00 Maintenance and repair services of office machinery
87159.00 Maintenance services of machinery and equipment n.e.c.
87142.00 Maintenance services of motorcycles
87290.00 Maintenance services of other goods n.e.c.
87143.00 Maintenance services of other motor vehicles n.e.c.
87149.00 Maintenance services of other transport equipment
87143.00 Maintenance services of semi-trailers
87142.00 Maintenance services of snowmobiles
87143.00 Maintenance services of trailers
01120.10 Maize (corn), excluding popcorn
23990.20 Malt extracts
24320.00 Malt, excluding extract
26200.00 Man-made textile staple fibres processed for spinning
83119.00 Management consulting services, other
83190.00 Management services, except construction project management services, other
01313.30 Mandarins, fresh
41110.20 Manganese
14290.20.30 Manganese fines
01316.48 Mangoes, fresh
42900.28.60 Manicure sets
97220.00 Manicuring services
23200.40 Manioc starch
01240.20 Manioc, fresh or chilled
38900.90 Manufactured articles n.e.c.
41600.20 Manufactured articles of antimony
41600.20 Manufactured articles of beryllium
41600.20 Manufactured articles of cadmium
41600.20 Manufactured articles of ceramic/metal items (cermets)
41600.20 Manufactured articles of cobalt
41600.20 Manufactured articles of gallium
41600.20 Manufactured articles of hafnium
41600.20 Manufactured articles of indium
41600.20 Manufactured articles of magnesium
41600.20 Manufactured articles of molybdenum
41600.20 Manufactured articles of niobium
41600.20 Manufactured articles of other non-ferrous metals n.e.c.
41600.20 Manufactured articles of rhenium
41600.20 Manufactured articles of tantalum
41600.20 Manufactured articles of thallium
41600.20 Manufactured articles of titanium
41600.20 Manufactured articles of tungsten
41600.20 Manufactured articles of wrought items
41600.20 Manufactured articles of zirconium
88150.00 Manufacturing services, coke
88190.00 Manufacturing services, except of metal products, machinery and equipment, other
88150.00 Manufacturing services, nuclear fuel
88170.00 Manufacturing services, plastic products
88150.00 Manufacturing services, refined petroleum product
88170.00 Manufacturing services, rubber
83540.00 Map making services
15100.50 Marble monumental or building stone
21600.50 Margarine
35100.90 Marine coatings
43100.10.20 Marine outboard motors
47210.10 Marine radios
71332.00 Marine, aviation, and other transport insurance services
52900.20 Maritime parks
01230.40 Marjoram
83700.30 Market research services, desk
83700.90 Market research services, other
83700.20.90 Market research services, quantitative, other
83114.00 Marketing management consulting services
01230.51.90 Marrows, fresh or chilled, other
42900.64 Masonry anchors, metal
54560.00 Masonry services
48100.25 Massage apparatus
35100.60 Mastics
42100.40 Masts, steel
38900.36 Matches
93325.40 Material assistance support services
27200.10 Mats excluding coir or sisal
27200.20 Mats, coir
27200.20 Mats, other hard fibre
27200.20 Mats, sisal
27200.10 Matting excluding coir or sisal
38150.30 Mattress supports
38150.20 Mattresses
38150.10 Mattresses of rubber
38150.10 Mattresses stuffed with rubber
27100.27 Mattresses, pneumatic, textile
23990.25 Mayonnaise
23100.30 Meal of dried leguminous vegetables
21100.05 Meals of meat or meat offal, inedible
21800.10 Meals of oil seeds (excluding mustard) or oleaginous fruits
48200.60 Measuring, checking and testing instruments, appliances and parts n.e.c.
21100.45 Meat pastes
23400.40 Meat pies
21100.10 Meat, asses, for human consumption, fresh, chilled or frozen
21100.10 Meat, bovine animals, for human consumption, fresh, chilled or frozen
21100.10 Meat, goats, for human consumption, fresh, chilled or frozen
21100.10 Meat, hinnies for human consumption, fresh, chilled or frozen
21100.10 Meat, horses, for human consumption, fresh, chilled or frozen
39100.80 Meat, horse, excluding for human consumption, fresh
39100.80 Meat, kangaroo, excluding for human consumption, fresh
21100.10 Meat, mules, for human consumption, fresh, chilled or frozen
21100.10 Meat, sheep, for human consumption, fresh, chilled or frozen
21100.10 Meat, swine, for human consumption, fresh, chilled or frozen
49500.30 Mechanical and electromechanical signalling
44400.60 Mechanical shovels with a 360 degree revolving superstructure
32100.28 Mechanical wood pulp
48100.25 Mechano-therapy apparatus
93199.10 Medical analysis services
88234.00 Medical precision instrument manufacturing services
93122.00 Medical services, specialised
93199.10 Medical testing services
01315.90 Melons n.e.c., fresh
95999.00 Membership organizations n.e.c., other services provided
71511.00 Mergers services
84100.20.20 Messaging services
44300.00 Metal-rolling mills
88219.00 Metal working services, other
27900.15 Metallised yarn
33100.20 Metallurgical coke
14290.20.10 Metallurgical grade manganese ore (greater than 48% manganese content)
83550.00 Meteorological services
34100.20.10 Methanoic (formic) acid
34100.10.10.10 Methanol
37900.90 Mica articles
16390.30 Mica, ground
16390.55 Mica, not crushed or powdered
37900.90 Mica, worked
47300.10 Microphones
47400.20 Microphones, loudspeakers, amplifiers, etc., parts
48200.30 Microscopes (excluding optical) and diffraction apparatus
48200.30 Microscopes (excluding optical) and diffraction apparatus parts
44800.08 Microwave ovens, domestic, electric
91240.00 Military defence services
23990.20 Milk based food preparations
23990.20 Milk based mixes
42900.48.30 Milk cans of a capacity not exceeding 300 litres, sheet metal
22900.95 Milk, concentrated or sweetened
22110.90 Milk, liquid, n.e.c.
02900.05 Milk, raw
39100.10 Milled dried blood for poultry feed
39100.10 Milled dried blood for stock feed
01190.30 Millet for grain
37900.90 Millstones for grinding
37900.90 Millstones for milling
37900.90 Millstones for pulping
16390.90 Mined minerals n.e.c.
16120.15.90 Mineral construction materials, excluding earth, soil, filling, salamander, scoria, shale and tuff
53200.55.40 Mineral industry constructions, other
16120.35 Mineral pigment
44400.50 Mineral substances kneading machinery and parts
44400.50 Mineral substances mixing machinery and parts
44400.50 Mineral substances screening machinery and parts
44400.50 Mineral substances separating machinery and parts
44400.50 Mineral substances sorting machinery and parts
44400.50 Mineral substances washing machinery and parts
24410.00 Mineral waters, artificial, not sweetened nor flavoured
24410.00 Mineral waters, natural, not sweetened nor flavoured
24490.20 Mineral waters, sweetened or flavoured, bottled
24490.30 Mineral waters, sweetened or flavoured, canned
33500.20 Mineral waxes n.e.c.
37900.40 Mineral wool
37900.40 Mineral wool products
16390.30 Minerals, crushed and powdered n.e.c.
44400.98 Mining or drilling machinery and parts n.e.c.
51290.40 Mining rights
01230.41.90 Mint (excluding peppermint and spearmint), fresh or chilled, other
37100.40.90 Mirrors n.e.c.
37100.40.10 Mirrors, rear-view, for vehicles
34500.90 Miscellaneous basic chemical products n.e.c.
64240.00 Miscellaneous local delivery services
97990.00 Miscellaneous services n.e.c.
38400.20 Mittens of leather or composition leather, specially designed for use in sports
36200.20.20 Mittens, rubber
38400.20 Mitts of leather or composition leather, specially designed for use in sports
36200.20.20 Mitts, rubber
35400.70 Mixed alkylbenzenes n.e.c.
35400.70 Mixed alkylnaphthalenes n.e.c.
34610.90 Mixed fertilisers
23100.80 Mixes for preparation of bakers wares
33600.00 Mixtures containing radioactive elements, isotopes or compounds
21400.30 Mixtures of vegetable and fruit juices
84100.20.10 Mobile access and/or connection services
84100.20.20 Mobile calls and/or airtime usage
85250.10 Mobile patrol services
47210.90 Mobile phones
84100.20.90 Mobile services, other
23200.10 Modified starches, including dextrins
23500.10 Molasses
21200.30 Molluscs, frozen
04200.91 Molluscs, live, fresh or chilled, other
21200.30 Molluscs, prepared
14290.25.10 Molybdenite concentrate
14290.25.20 Molybdenum concentrate
41600.30 Molybdenum primary recovery
41600.40 Molybdenum secondary recovery from purchased scrap
41600.30 Molybdenum secondary recovery (excluding from purchased scrap)
13000.20 Monazite concentrate
43900.40 Money-changing vending machines
15100.90 Monumental or building stone, excluding basalt, dolerite, granite, limestone or sandstone
15100.40.90 Monumental stone, limestone, other
37600.00 Monumental stone, worked
37500.40 Monuments, concrete
51290.50 Mooring rights
38900.39 Mops
35400.70 Mordants n.e.c.
53129.60.20 Motels
45200.60.60 Mother boards
96100.50.10 Motion picture projection services
96100.10.10 Motion picture/feature film production services
49910.00 Motor scooters
33300.10 Motor spirit
48200.40 Motor vehicle and tractor petrol gauges, ammeters, voltmeters and similar instruments
43900.05.10 Motor vehicle and truck air conditioners
49210.20 Motor vehicle and truck bodies (coachwork)
46200.20 Motor vehicle apparatus for making, breaking, protecting and making connections to and in electrical circuits (including switches, relays, fuses, plugs, terminals, terminal strips, lamp sockets and holders) (excluding wiring)
43100.30 Motor vehicle connecting rods
27100.27 Motor vehicle covers, textile
43300.30 Motor vehicle cranks, crankshafts, camshafts, bearing housings gears, gearing and flywheels
43100.30 Motor vehicle cylinder blocks
43900.45 Motor vehicle gaskets
49129.10 Motor vehicle gearbox assemblies
71331.00 Motor vehicle insurance services
82100.45.10 Motor vehicle legal services
88221.00 Motor vehicle manufacturing services
46300.60 Motor vehicle or motor cycle wiring harnesses
49129.90 Motor vehicle parts and accessories n.e.c.
43100.30 Motor vehicle pistons and rings
49129.10 Motor vehicle transmission assemblies
43100.30 Motor vehicle valves and manifolds
49110.40 Motor vehicles with 10 or more persons capacity n.e.c., complete
49110.30 Motor vehicles with less than 10 persons capacity n.e.c., complete
49110.10 Motor vehicles, complete, unassembled, other
49231.90 Motor vehicles, parts and accessories for bodies of, other
49110.10 Motor vehicles, unassembled , complete
46400.90 Motorcycle batteries
49910.00 Motorcycles
44710.00 Motorised tanks and other armoured fighting vehicles and parts
44900.20 Mould bases
44900.20 Moulding boxes and patterns
37500.60 Mouldings, plaster
42900.56 Moulds and dies, metal
44900.20 Moulds for glass
44900.20 Moulds for metal (other than ingot moulds) or metal carbides
44900.20 Moulds for mineral materials
44900.20 Moulds for rubber or plastics
48300.20.10 Mounted optical elements n.e.c.
42900.32 Mountings n.e.c., other, metal
44400.90 Moving, grading, levelling, scraping, excavating, compacting or extracting construction machinery n.e.c.
44100.70 Mowers for lawns, parks or sports-grounds
02113.20 Mules, live
45200.10.90 Multiple-user computer hardware, other
01900.40.20 Mung beans, fresh or chilled
44740.00 Munitions
24200.10.90 Muscat
96411.90 Museum services, other
01230.42 Mushrooms, fresh or chilled
96200.10.10 Music production and presentation services (excluding festival services)
38300.90 Musical instrument accessories
38300.90 Musical instrument parts
38300.90 Musical instruments, other
38300.40 Musical instruments, the sound of which is produced, or must be amplified, electrically
32200.30 Music, in manuscript or printed and/or published by the same unit
23990.25 Mustard
01230.09.45 Mustard green (mustard cabbage), fresh or chilled
01430.20 Mustard seed

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