1292.0 - Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC), 1993  
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 31/05/1993   
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Contents >> Chapter 3. The detailed classification >> Division C - Manufacturing >> 275. Sheet Metal Product Manufacturing

2751 Metal Container Manufacturing

This Class consists of units mainly engaged in manufacturing metal cans, canisters, drums, collapsible tubes or metal containers n.e.c. This Class also includes units mainly engaged in reconditioning metal drums.

Exclusions / References
Units mainly engaged in

      (a) manufacturing vats or storage tanks of sheet metal are included in Class 2759 Sheet Metal Products Mfg n.e.c.; and

      (b) manufacturing boiler and plate work are in Class 2769 Fabricated Metal Product Mfg n.e.c.

Primary Activities
Aerosol containers mfg; Barrels, metal, mfg; Canisters, metal, mfg; Cans, metal, mfg; Casks, metal, mfg; Collapsible tubes, metal, mfg; Containers, metal, mfg; Drum reconditioning; Drums, metal, mfg; Gas cylinders mfg; Kegs, metal, mfg; Metal vats mfg n.e.c.; Packers cans, metal, mfg.

2759 Sheet Metal Product Manufacturing n.e.c.

This Class consists of units mainly engaged in fabricating sheet metal products n.e.c. such as pressed or spun metal hollow ware, air ducts, guttering or bottle closures.

Exclusions / References
Units mainly engaged in

      (a) minting and pressing of coins, medals and badges are in Class 2941 Jewellery and Silverware Mfg; and

      (b) installing air conditioning duct work are included in Class 4233 Air Conditioning and Heating Services.

Primary Activities
Bottle closures, metal, mfg; Buckets, metal, mfg; Chutes, sheet metal, mfg; Conduit tubing, sheet metal, mfg; Coppersmithing (except boiler making); Cornices, sheet metal, mfg; Crown seals, metal, mfg; Downpipe, sheet metal, mfg; Duct work, air conditioning, mfg; Ducts, sheet metal, mfg; Eyelets, metal, mfg; Funnels, sheet metal, mfg; Garbage cans, metal, mfg; Guttering, sheet metal, mfg; Hollow ware, pressed or spun metal, mfg; Hoppers, sheet metal, mfg; Machine guards, sheet metal, mfg; Metal stampings mfg n.e.c.; Milk or cream cans, metal, mfg (except packers cans); Motor vehicle number plates mfg; Sanitary ware, iron or steel, mfg; Sheet metal products mfg n.e.c.; Stainless steel pressed hollow ware mfg; Stove pipes, sheet metal, mfg; Tags, sheet metal, mfg; Tanks, sheet metal, mfg; Tiles, sheet metal, mfg; Tool boxes, sheet metal, mfg; Vacuum flask covers, metal, mfg; Vats, galvanised sheet metal, mfg; Ventilators, sheet metal, mfg

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