1292.0 - Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC), 1993  
ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 31/05/1993   
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Contents >> Chapter 3. The detailed classification >> Division C - Manufacturing >> 272. Basic Non-Ferrous Metal Manufacturing

2721 Alumina Production

This Class consists of units mainly engaged in refining bauxite to form alumina.

Primary Activities
Alumina mfg; Bauxite refining; Calcined alumina mfg

2722 Aluminium Smelting

This Class consists of units mainly engaged in smelting alumina to produce aluminium, in the recovery of aluminium from scrap, or in alloying aluminium from primary aluminium smelted at the same units.

Primary Activities
Aluminium alloys mfg (from primary aluminium smelted at the same unit); Aluminium from scrap recovery; Aluminium smelting (from alumina); Electrolytic aluminium mfg

2723 Copper, Silver, Lead and Zinc Smelting, Refining

This Class consists of units mainly engaged in primary smelting or refining of copper, silver, lead or zinc, or in the recovery of these metals from waste or scrap. This Class also includes by-production of sulphuric acid in conjunction with the smelting of these metals.

Exclusions / References
Units mainly engaged in mining but not smelting of ores of copper, silver, lead and zinc are included in either Class 1313 Copper Ore Mining or Class 1317 Silver-Lead-Zinc Ore Mining as appropriate.

Primary Activities
Blister copper mfg; Copper smelting, refining; Copper, silver, lead or zinc from scrap or waste materials recovering; Electrolytic copper mfg; Electrolytic zinc mfg; Lead smelting or refining; Silver smelting, refining; Silver-lead bullion mfg; Spelter mfg; Wirebars, copper, mfg; Zinc smelting or refining

2729 Basic Non-Ferrous Metal Manufacturing n.e.c.

This Class consists of units mainly engaged in primary smelting, secondary smelting and refining of non-ferrous metals n.e.c., or in the recovery of such metals from drosses, ashes, scrap or other waste materials. This Class also includes units mainly engaged in manufacturing metal powders or flakes, of molybdenum, tantalum or tungsten (except from scrap).

Exclusions / References
Units mainly engaged in

      (a) production of unrefined gold bullion as part of an integrated mining unit are included in Class 1314 Gold Ore Mining;

      (b) manufacturing of metallic compounds n.e.c. not in association with smelting are included in Class 2535 Inorganic Industrial Chemical Mfg n.e.c.; and

      (c) manufacturing welding and foundry fluxes are in Class 2549 Chemical Product Manufacturing n.e.c.

Primary Activities
Antimony, refined, mfg; Bismuth smelting or refining; Bronze mfg; Can de-tinning; Gold refining; Molybdenum metal powders or flakes mfg; Nickel oxide production in association with nickel smelting; Nickel smelting or refining; Non-ferrous alloys mfg n.e.c.; Non-ferrous metals n.e.c. from waste materials recovering; Non-ferrous metals n.e.c. refining; Rare earth metals smelting; Silicon smelting; Solder mfg; Tantalum metal powders mfg; Tin smelting; Titanium smelting; Welding rods mfg

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